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Janasen Istasia
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

154 ABY

Physical Description





1.72 meters



Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color

Blue Hazel



Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information



Velm System


Queen of the Velm System

Known Masters

Queen Eliasse

Family Information

Fredric Istasia


Jillian Istasia (formerly Eliasse)


Hadrian Aldamar


Ixsander Istasia


Queen Eliasse


Myrcella Romaniski

Relationship Information
Romantic Interests

Vlamre U'toni


The Royal Guard, Handmaidens


Ariah Natan

"She isn't just the Queen of Velmor. She is its keeper, its mother, and when need be...its champion."
― Phoebus Salvo, defending his queen.

Janasen Istasia was a Human female who reigned as the Queen of the Velm System for several years. She was born to Fredric and Jillian Istasia in 154 ABY on the planet of Velmor. Her father was apart of House Istasia, an influential and wealthy family that lived in Den Velmor. Her mother was apart of the Royal Family and was the niece of Queen Eliasse. In 161 ABY, the Istasias left Velmor for Coruscant. They lived on the urban planet for years, using Fredric's money and famous name to enter high society. Janasen lived a glamorous life among Coruscant's finest.

Janasen attended the University of Coruscant in 172 through 175 ABY. During this time, Istasia's mother died from a incurable disease, a disease that had taken the life of many Royal family members. Her death suddenly made Janasen next in line for the Velmorian throne. Upon her graduation, she was greeted by a Velmorian officer, named Phoebus Salvo. Salvo was one of Eliasse's Royal Guards, tasked with finding and retrieving Janasen. She agreed to accompany Salvo back to Velmor. During this time, Phoebus and Janasen entered a brief relationship.

Upon her arrival, she was greeted by Queen Eliasse, a woman she vaguely remembered from her childhood. Eliasse told Istasia that she desired to step down and hand the crown down to her. She accepted, becoming Queen of Velmor in 175 BBY. She ended her fling with Phoebus and became severely dedicated to her homeworld. She, along with her council, began making strides towards creating a powerful empire.

During her reign, Istasia was known for being a compassionate and dedicated ruler. She managed to orchestrate various business deals and treaties. She also made it blatantly obvious that her people came first and her ambitions came second.


Birth and Early LifeEdit

"I can't believe I'm holding the future Queen of Velmor in my arms"
― Fredric said, while cradling his newborn daughter.

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The Falling OutEdit

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A Young Adult on CoruscantEdit

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The Velmorian EnvoyEdit

"Queen Eliasse, your great aunt, has sent me here to retrieve you. She requires your presence on Velmor."
― .

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Return to VelmorEdit

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Becoming the QueenEdit

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Accepting the DutyEdit

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Queen of VelmorEdit

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Physical DescriptionEdit

Personalty and TraitsEdit



Vlamre U'toniEdit

"To be quiet direct and blunt, I’m in love with you. There is no other way I can express what I feel towards you without embodying it within the confines of those words. As crazy and virtually impossible as it is, it’s true"
―Istasia confessing her love to U'toni [[src]]

Janasen met Vlamre during her coronation. She thought he was handsome, but composed herself, having seen many good-looking men throughout her life. He was nice though, and Istasia never forget his initial kindness to the ignorant girl. Throughout the years, she came to respect and look forward to his advice on matters. She valued his guidance above all others. Vlamre helped her grow into her role as the queen. He protected her interests and was a true friend not only to her, but to her people. They developed a special working relationship, that Istasia began to twist into something else.

After three years of working together, the queen began to realize that she had feelings for the Saarai'Kaar. She kept these feelings a secret, knowing nothing good would come from this. She admired him from affair and would sometimes imagine a life where she could openly confess her feelings for him. However, as two more years passed, Janasen realized her dream would be impossible. She vowed she would never speak of it, but she could not control her heart. Her feelings had continued to blossom into love.

Finally, after landing a business deal, Janasen confessed all to the Jenassari leader. To her surprise, he declared that the feeling was mutual. They shared a moment of bliss, before something happened to Vlamre that caused him to leave. They didn't speak or see each other again for two weeks, before being reunited by business. She kept her emotions in check during the meeting, but afterward she called him to her chamber, giving in once more. Istasia planned to take Vlamre her secret hideaway.

During their getaway, Istasia revealed that Governor Aldamar had proposed to her. Vlamre told her she should marry him for the good of Velmor. Janasen was hurt that he would not keep her to himself, but consented and declared she would marry the governor. Before they returned to Den Velmor they spent one night together.

Hadrian AldamarEdit

"I want you to consider my proposal Istasia. Not only because our union would be a political advantage, but because I know that I treat you like the woman you are."
―Governor Aldamar told Istasia.

Hadrian Aldamar was one of Velmor's most revered governors and a member of one Velmor's finest houses. He had it all: good lucks, wealth, proper breeding, and a charismatic voice. His political party controlled the majority of the Assembly and his family owned a lot of real estate on Velmor. Hadrian, whose family had been friends with the Istasias for years, used to play with Janasen as a child. The pair would pretend to be soldiers in the militia or Istasia would play the damsel and Hadrian the valiant warrior. They were inseparable, which made their parting difficult for both parties. Hadrian swore he loved her.


Hadrian Aldamar

When Janasen returned to Velmor and was crowned, Hadrian stayed away from her, afraid she would not remember him. When they finally crossed paths at an Assembly Meeting they tried to pick up were they left off, but kept their distance. They both stood for different things. Hadrian's party wanted to dissolve the monarchy, while Istasia was the monarchy. They had a strained relationship for many years until around 179 ABY, when Hadrian's party backed away from their radical ideals. The governor visited Istasia frequently and their friendship was finally renewed. Istasia felt warmly about her old friend and respected his fierce dedication to changing Velmor for the better. She often found herself siding with him on many issues and him the same.

In 180 ABY, after Istasia attended a council meeting, Hadrian requested an audience with her. Dressed in his finest Velmorian clothing, with the symbol of House Aldamar on his cloak, he proposed to the queen. Janasen was shocked by this proposal and had nothing to say. She knew that the marriage would be beneficial to them both and that she could one day love him. However, despite this, she could not reply either yes or no. Istasia's heart belong to Vlamre but her duty was with Hadrian. She did not reply immediately and he was more than happy to wait. He told her to take her time, that he would always be waiting for her. He told her, he had always been waiting for her.

Fredric IstasiaEdit

Jillian IstasiaEdit

Phoebus SalvoEdit

Queen EliasseEdit

Ariah NatanEdit


Behind the Scenes/Author's NotesEdit

"Um...what should my character's first name be?"
―Shay while pondering the name of the Velmor


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