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Je'ka Cuyot
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3635 (cloned)

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185 lbs.

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Chronological and Political Information

True Empire


Je'ka Cuyot is a Mandalorian mercenary, specializing in sniping. He was born thirty-one years ago, on the Cuyot farm outside the capital city of Keldabe on Mandalore. His mother died giving birth to his brother two years later, and as a result, Je'ka's childhood memories are only of his father. He had a younger brother, but they were never close.

Tracyn Cuyot was a battle medic; he held a degree in neurobiology from a prestigious university on Taris. At age eight, Je'ka began following his father into battle, carrying his medical equipment so both of Tracyn's hands were free for his rifle. At ten, the young Je'ka began learning how to use a sniper rifle; at thirteen, he passed his verd'goten, the rite of passage, with flying colors. At fifteen, he met the love of his life: Briika Vevut, the blacksmith's daughter. They married at sixteen and lived happily together for eight years. Je'ka always wanted children, but Briika maintained that they weren't ready. Eight years into their marriage, they agreed that it was time, but the next week, they took a job on a nameless Outer Rim planet.

They were contracted to serve as fire support for the local militia in a small planetary war; the assignment was expected to be easy. Out of nowhere, in the middle of the battle, a Jedi appeared and began to lead the other side; he used the Force to bring down a gun-speeder on Briika. Je'ka rushed down from the ridge he had been firing from, the battle forgotten. The speeder had landed on Briika's legs; he dragged her out. Tragically, she died seconds later.

Blaming himself and the Jedi, Je'ka embarked on a quest for vengeance. Tracking the Jedi who killed Briika took him a full year; eventually catching up to the Jedi on Dantooine, the Mandalorian slew his apprentice and chased him down. Eventually closing with the Jedi, who by now was wounded and exhausted, Je'ka slashed his throat with Briika's vibroblade.

After that, Je'ka descended into the lowest time of his life; he hunted down as many Jedi as possible. When not doing that, he spent his time drinking in tapcafs and working as a contract killer and mercenary.

After five long years of this squalid existence, he was contracted to act as a bodyguard for a Sith; the Sith was slain in battle, and the remainder of Je'ka's contract was moved to the Sith Empire. He went through their Academy, accidently killing another recruit during that time, and was then assigned to the elite Nightmare Squadron of the Legion. 

After the Rakata invasion, Je'ka joined the Imperial Navy, and shortly after the battle over Bandomeer, was killed by a Jedi strike team. Nearly a year later, he was cloned by the order of Darth Tyberius.

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