Name: Jer'ana'kolar

Age: 25

Height: 5'7"

Eye colour: Red

Skin Colour: Blue

Race: Chiss

Biography: Jer'ana'kolar never wanted for money. She was born into a noble family on Dromund Kaas and lived the life of the usual socialites and attended the best private schools that money could afford. She learned all forms of martial arts during her life so she could defend herself from the ruffians of the galaxy. She recieved top marks in all her classes and went on to work for Imperial Intelligence as one of their information retrieval specialists.

Least, that's her cover.

In reality she is one of their highly trained assassins, code named "Shadow's Glee" for her work in the field. She doesn't just kill her targets. Before hand she torments them if permitted to by her superiors. Terror, fear, dread, she employs these tools to make the mission, the hunt, the final kill that much more thrilling. And she loves her thrills. From her days in private school she developed an addiction to spice. Now she can't go a single day without her fix, sometimes making her own batches rather than go and find a dealer. Her narcotics addiction has led to some... mental instability on occasion where she takes on an almost entirely differing personality. It is this side of her that takes such glee and delight in tormenting her targets. When she is herself she is more cold and calculating, getting the job done.

On the one hand you have the Imperial Intelligence officer who enjoys going to balls and socialising with the upper classes. On the other side of the coin, you have an almost psychotic killer.

She holds absolute loyalty to the Sith, no matter which side of her comes out to the fore. 



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