Jhagjhit Dhariwal
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

Relona 17, 3660 BBY

Physical Description





172 cm (5'7")


175 lbs (79.38kg)

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic


The Republic of Free People

  • Republic Military


Skills and Abilities
  • Galactic Basic Standard
  • Naboo Language
Other Skills

Various fields in Engineering


Jhagjhit Dhariwal is the second child of Taj Dhariwal and Adish Singh to five children, with an older sister pursuing a political career, and two younger brothers and one younger sister. He dreams of making a difference with small things in assisting the Republic of Free People in maintaining peace in the galaxy.


Early LifeEdit

Jhagjhit was the second son of a middle-class family in Naboo (parents: Taj Dhariwal and Adish Singh). His older sister pursued a career path in politics while he displayed interest in engineering and the science of programming.

His parents were supportive of him all throughout his childhood, and made sure he recieved the best education in his pursuits of study. However, Jhagjhit felt that remaining in Naboo would not have helped improve his abilities, therofore he travelled to Corellia to receive education in engineering.

Jhagjhit recieved monetary support from his parents, however he had difficulties meeting ends and he would often find himself temporarily working in various establishments to pay for his tuition and living conditions. His grades began to slip, but he managed to make sure that he would not fail despite his seemingly average performance in his studies. Jhagjhit interned in a private transport manufacturing company before he graduated with a diploma in engineering.

He then worked for the CEC for a few years. During a test run for one of the company's prototype transports, hostile forces attacked the ship under Jhagjhit's care. The crew barely managed to escape and the transport sustained heavy damages, and lost twnety out of eighty men. This event made Jhagjhit realise that his abilities in engineering would better be suited in assisting the Republic itself in ensuring that such event would never happen again under his care.

Jhagjhit quit his job as an engineer from the CEC and joined the Republic's Military, hoping to assist from the sidelines.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jhagjhit is cheerful and outgoing. He's hardworking and generous, giving money to street children, even on the times he would feel that he needs it more. Jhagjhit is very protective of children, due to his own experiences in taking care of his younger siblings and occasional cousins from the Dhariwal's and Singh's extended family. 

Due to his stress in his studies while in Corellia, Jhagjhit developed a habit of using death sticks. There were times that had foregone meals in favour of a death stick when he's lacking funds to buy food.

Jhagjhit is confrontational and stubborn, and he is very vocal about the things he believes in. He doesn't care if he insults or offends someone when speaking his mind, especially when he believes he is in the right. 

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Due to his education in Corellia and experience in CEC, Jhagjhit is skilled in engineering and the science of Hypermerch. He also had experience in dealing with droids during his internship, when the company he worked for had a shortage of employees.

He also recieved some training in how to handle a blaster before joining the Republic Military. It then sparked his interest in upgrading and building weaponries, where it peaked his interest in building and upgrading armour.

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