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Name: Ka'gero

Age: Eight

Species: Sith Pureblood

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: White with no irises

Description: Bandages wrapped around the middle of her feet and hands. Bare arms that would show bruises, her right eye has a scar running down from the top almost at her forehead down to just reaching her cheek. Wears a weather beaten grey sleeveless hoodie, and black trousers. Tends to keep the hood up to cover her face in shadow, and to keep her semi-pet safe.

Biography: Abandoned by her family on Nar Shaddaa due to her being born blind and deemed unfit for survival she grew up with a group of fellow outcast children. As she got older, she had to earn her keep somehow in the group despite her blindness. For some reason, the womp rats never stole the gangs food or attacked them whenever Ka'gero was around... Since she couldn't see, she was given the job of hearing look-out for the gang... until one day a job went wrong. She found herself running away from some men who wanted to capture the little blind girl and sell her on auction.

She knew the streets from memory until she bumped into something... or someone. The men chasing her stopped and chuckled. One of them said something about a two for one catch, confusing little Ka'gero. The person she had bumped into said in a soft voice for her to cover her ears. The small child did so, but even through her fingers she could hear the screams of the men as they were killed. Ka'gero began to cry as the stranger held her close, stroking a hand through her messy unclean hair. "It's alright, it's alright... they won't hurt you anymore... what's your name sweetie?" the strange woman asked in a gentle voice.

"I don't know... the others... called me... Ka'gero though..." the blind sith said stammeringly through her tears. "I'm T'lanna Harran... now... how about... we get you something warm in that belly of yours hmm?" the woman said with a small laugh. "W...what?"

"Well, can't have you wasting away can we? Sister's got to look out for each other."

"Si...sister?" the little child said, staring up at the woman with her blind eyes. A small spark of something rose in that girl that day... but it would take another couple of years before it could bloom.

For two years Ka'gero and her new sister played and lived together, moving from place to place sometimes. Sometimes she stayed with her adopted uncles Zoren and Narus, who always managed to keep her happy, even when the two men argued.

Until she wandered off into the spaceports one day and stumbled into a ship headed for Tatooine. Now she's lost on a strange world, with nobody to turn to, depending on the kindness of slave girls at a local cantina, and dodging slavers, with the strange assistance of stray akk dogs and womp rats.



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