Ka'rta's Armor
Axiom Information
Biographical information
Current Residence

No permanent residence.


Nar Shaddaa


Elona/5/3657 BBY

Physical description





1.8 Meters

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color



No Cybernetics

Chronological and political information

Old Republic Era





Ka'rta (means heart or soul in Mandalorian) grew up on Nar Shaddaa like most other children...without a childhood or a future. Her mother was a prostitute and her father was her mother's drunk pimp. Life was simple and terrible for Ka'rta, stay out of sight and out of mind or get whipped by her father's belt for whatever reason he came up with to do so. However at the age of five a Hutt hired a Mandalorian mercenary to kill Ka'rta's father so that the Hutt could expand his own foray into the sex trade business on that part of Nar Shaddaa. The mercenary was named Yuri Vandam and the call of credits drove him to kill both of Ka'rta's parents when he threw a grenade in their room of the apartment they lived in.

However upon his attempt to exit the apartment Yuri found Ka'rta on the verge of death by the door of the apartment. She had tried to flee when the grenade woke her but due to an earlier beating and long term undernourishment Ka'rta was forced to drag herself away on the floor. It was at this moment that both of these people's lives changed as Yuri found a heart and helped the girl back to health, once she was fit and certain to survive Yuri adopted her and named her Ka'rta after the heart and soul that she gave him before he took her under his wing and taught her the ways of the Mandalorians. By the age of 13 Ka'rta was fully trained in the ways of the Mandalorian and she worked with her adoptive father as they roamed the Galaxy for the next bounty or job. But when Ka'rta was 19 Yuri became sick and died shortly thereafter. So Ka'rta followed the trail of credits around the Galaxy and quickly earned a name for herself as a skilled lone wolf assassin, the little girl that had been a victim had become a feared and respected predator who was set on securing her place in an uncertain and violent Galaxy.


Ka'rta has a soft spot for children who have no future ahead of them, much like she once was as a child, and is known to give credits to help them put a little food in their stomachs. However, despite being seemingly nice to others Ka'rta is not one to make friends easily if only because a future bounty or job could have her killing or otherwise hurting those she meets, and should you cross her you will most probably be seeing her soon if you gain a bounty on your head. Ka'rta dislikes anything that has to do with the Hutts and as a rule of thumb does not work for them despite the amount of credits they can push her way, seeing them as unreliable employers just as likely to put a collar and leash around her neck as to pay her. Finally despite being beautiful Ka'rta doesn't use her physical appearance as an asset, instead prefering to use her skills on her jobs and bounties.

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