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Kaj Dai'lin
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Kaj bearing his full Mandalorian armor
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Early LifeEdit

Born on Ordo he was the second son of three; Elias, Kaj and Tobias. While not at war his father would farm in their small village. A young Kaj grew up accustomed to the ways of the Mandalorians, his father teaching him and his brothers how to fight before they could even walk. At the age of 7 he discovered his talent for the force, his father greatly discouraged the use but the small boy would secretly practice against his father's word. Soon the call for war reached Ordo and his father departed, accompanied by his eldest son Tobias to join the front. After the leave of his father, his training was continued by his uncle. Unable to join the war his uncle helped him achieve balance between himself and his feelings. During his training he became close with a young boy named Dex Beevin. The two quickly nurtured a friendship while under the training of Kaj's uncle. Testing Kaj and Dex on martial arts, weaponry, tactics and conditioning, his uncle formed them into the perfect soldiers. Over the years of his training he would notice he had unnatural constitution and accuracy. Other attributes were soon to follow.

The Dxun TrialsEdit

Dxun mist

The Dxun jungle

Better than many you can t by Delta2094

Kaj on Corellia

Teenage YearsEdit

" A fine ge'verd you have become, time to prove your worth burcy'a."

-His Father, commenting before Kaj departed Ordo

Follwoing the events on Dxun, Kaj and Dex had now completed their rite of passage. The two were told they would have the opportunity to match themselves against the Jedi at the war's front. They continued their training through harsher terrains until they finally received the order to move out.

War Against the RebublicEdit

The Black EmpireEdit

After the aftermath following the destruction of the Mandalorian Blockade, Kaj was recruited in the Black Empire Academy. Arriving on Corellia his training began immediately under the instruction of Broninkai and Sazuba Aldron, through rough duels and exercises the young Mandalorian was aided in developing his force prowess. Over the next several days he continued to train and attempted to befriend several other recruits; one being Dorfex-Bos, they kept a friendly truce instead of an open friendship but that would change after they graduated.

Soon came the final test of his time in the Academy, Kaj and several other students were tasked with a voyage to Dxun. They were to venture the forest and retrieve an object of importance from the moon, given a list of bunkers spread throughout the large forest and the return coordinates. They were to get the objects and arrive at the coordinates within several days, no matter the cost or you would be left to rot. Several hours past during the trek, and he was soon ambushed my a Zakkeg and thrown into the river wounded. The man meditated for several hours trying to recoup for the rest of the journey, finding a bunker he killed the guards and searched the small bunker. Finding several engineering blueprints he returned to the coordinates he was given. Handing the pack of blueprints to Sazuba he took a seat, and awaited the others on the transport.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Kaj's arsenal consists of weapons of all kinds, as he has trained, fought with and is quite capable at firing nearly all conventions of weapons with great accuracy. The weapons he has obtained mean much to him, especially those fabricated for him. His usual weaponry pertains to his dual DC-17 hand blaster pistols aquired through the black market, Twin scmitars made of beskar, the two blades are commonly found placed in an X on Kaj's back. Each has a personalized hilt and blade forged on Mandalore. They were each given a name, Je'karta meaning vengeful and Naast meaning destroyer. One of Kaj's most favored weapons, a Verpine sniper rifle he named Kandosii, meaning ruthless in Mando'a. This sniper rifle was specialized based on the Verpine's shatter gun design. The weapon is silent yet lethal. The weapon also has the ability to fire an amazing array of slugthrower ammunition, if necessary.

Nearly at all times, Kaj wears his personalized beskar'gam, made from nearly indestructible Mandalorian iron. This largely modified armour is specialized with a wrist rocket, small jet back, hidden curved blades under his wrists and several other hidden items including a small flamthrower and a jetpack. In addition his helmet is based off of the original Mandalorian crusader helm, this personalized version has the latest HUD technology capable to access his ship and armour with blink of an eye.