Kalea Xans is the younger sister of Kasen Xans and is an Imperial Sniper.


She is an attractive young woman with a slender yet toned build with long curly black hair and icy blue eyes. She is 180cm (5'11"). Kalea wears a modified Imperial Sniper uniform. 


Kalea Xans is the half-sister of Kasen Xans, sharing the same father but different mothers. Her mother was a slave in the Xans household and the only person that treated her like family was Kasen.

She and Kasen have a very close relationship despite the fact that Kasen is Sith and has betrayed people before...even her own family but Kalea seems to be immune to her sister's Sith tendencies and Kasen has been seen threatening and killing anyone who threatens her younger sister. Kalea is just as protective of her older sister and even though she isn't that strong in the Force, she has killed Sith that threatened her sister's life.

When she got older, Kalea joined the Viatate Military as a sniper, she has 20 confirmed kills despite the fact that she is a woman.


Kalea is commonly displays a cold and impassive demeanor, a character trait that she breaks only on rare occasions such as her interactions with Kasen. Towards Kasen, she is very affectionate and protective. She often knows more about the current situation than her sister and is easily able to manipulate others into doing what she sees best.

She is shown to be just as bloodthirsty and violent as Kasen. In a fight she displays a complete confidence in her own skill and power, regarding her opponents calmly and often taunting them in mid battle.

Equipment and WeaponsEdit

She carries sniper rifle.  

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