Karin Karnok
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Jedi Temple at Vornu

Place of Birth


Date of Birth


Physical Description





67 Inches/170 Centimeters


107 Pounds/48 Kilograms

Hair Color

Black w/ Lavender Highlights

Eye Color




Skin Color

Pale White

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic Era


Jedi Order

Known Masters

Del Shesk (Deceased)

Family Information

Jeice Karnok


Celia Karnok

Elder Siblings

Lady Samhain (Formerly Chen Karnok)

Twin Siblings


Younger Siblings






Relationship Information


Romantic Interests



Saelon Vyrosk


Saelon Vyrosk

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles



The Force


Galactic Basic, Olys Corellisi(Old Corellian), Galactic Basic Sign Language

Other Skills


Favorite Music



Gardening, Meditation, Playing Music, Free-Running


Death, Killing, Violence, Ignorance

Miscellaneous Information

Shoto Lightsaber


Birth & Early ChildhoodEdit

Karin Karnok was born in 3654 on Corellia and was the second daughter born to Jeice and Celia Karnok. The moment was one of great happiness and celebration for the whole Karnok blood line until the midwife announced that the girl would never be able to speak.

Her early formation as a toddler was uneventful save for learning Sign Language out of necessity. It was apparent by this point that Karin would be permanently mute and those around her would have difficulty understanding the young girl unless they too could understand Sign Language.


""Understand them my child, you are different than they and it is natural to fear that which one does not undersatnd. But you are perfect to me, and I love you with all my heart.""
―Jeice Karnok

School proved to be a difficult time for Karin as her disability only made her the target of the other children's teasing. Without the proper education in Sign Language she was left unable to speak to her classmates. Incapable of relating her feelings, it was not uncommon for the young girl to be seen alone in the library reading in the silence with only her thoughts for company.

Karin was a much happier young girl at home, growing incredibly close to her older sister Chen Karnok. The two siblings spent almost all of their time together playing in the warmth of the Corellian summers and the snow of Corellian winters. They were nearly inseparable, and when the day came that Chen was taken away from the family it left her in a state of desolation that only she could feel.

Withdrawn from the world around her Karin sought comfort in the small things she had left of her sister, especially Chen's stuffed Corellian Sand Panther. It was at this time, under great emotional distress she even refused to communicate through the Sing Language she relied on. Her parents were at a loss on how to bring what was now their only girl out of her shell.

Three weeks following the kidnapping Karin signed her first communications since the kidnapping. Cryptic as it was "Somebody is coming" was an ominous note with which to begin the day. Only moments after the message a knock came at their front door, which her parents ignored initially fearing it was the same group that took their other daughter. The voice that called to them was very different though. Fearful of the worst her mother answered the door to a robed figure; the man was a Jedi Knight drawn to the house by Karin.

As A Youngling and PadawanEdit

""Through the Force all things are possible. Find an ally in the Light Side and you will never be alone again.""
―Jedi Master Del Shesk

Swimming in the new waters of the Force, Karin was initially reticent to open up and share with her superiors the turmoils that plagued her. Deep regret that she was unable to speak out against the kidnapping kept her from sleeping at night and loneliness kept her unfocused in her meditative training. Del Shesk was troubled with how closed off the young girl was.

Music became one of her greatest joys and the fervor with which she took to learning the Mandolin was matched only by how relaxed she became during her practice. Unconventional as it was Del Shesk proposed to the young girl that she should pursue the Mandolin as a way to help her express that which she could not truly speak. Karin was delighted to take the instrument as a gift from her master.

It seemed that the music had been more than helpful. Karin found that meditation and focus came easier after she was able to decompress her mind through experiencing the near-spiritual power music had on the human soul. There was no true power in the sound but the healing was on a more personal level; Del Shesk was pleased to see she was progressing normally through training now.

As her training moved forward Karin showed an aptitude in channeling the Force into enhancing her movement, learning from her master how to exceed normal physical constraints in both speed and jumping capabilities. Noting this she began to face training that would test these abilities and her other growing powers in the Force.

It was a pleasing thing for Master Shesk to see his Padawan growing and embracing the Force and his teachings. In her kind and generous he saw the continuation of the Jedi and the Code. Her love for all living things and willingness to forgo violence was an affirmation that the Light Side was the greatest ally any Jedi could possibly have.

The day came that her time as a Padawan came to an end which marked her as the final student Master Del Shesk would train in his life. Elderly he had finally reached the terminal point of his life and surrounded by his former students and Karin he passed and became one with the Force after a very long life. Stoic on the outside but broken hearted Karin mourned the loss in solitude, choosing to keep the burden to herself. She traveled into a forest nearby the Jedi Temple on Tython and with her she took her Mandolin and a data-pad.

Del Shesk's memorial service came, and after a week of meditative contemplation in the Force, Karin returned to the Temple. As his final student it came to her to deliver the eulogy despite the limitation on her communications. With a somber face she stepped to the small dias upon which the funeral pyre awaited the torch that would mark the final farewell. The Mandolin in her hands Karin began to play a piece she composed on her solitary trek into the woodlands. Her fellow Jedi were moved by the piece, the celebratory tones being backed by mournful refrains; it was the single greatest expression of her mental state to date. Karin bowed and stepped away to take the torch in hand lighting the pyre signaling the conclusion of the celebration of Master Del Shesk's life.

The final gift Karin's master had for her were the components to a single short bladed light-saber, something that he felt truly complimented her strengths while being easy on her diminutive frame. Shesk's padawan before her had assembled the pieces to the weapon himself as the departed master passed before she would have been taught to create and care for these symbolic weapons. In the handle was a thin filigree inlay of electrum that reflected her love of nature and the zest with which she embraced her fellow men and women within the Order. It was the ultimate expression for the caring that a master feels for their Padawan; Karin accepted the hilt with a single tear streaming down her cheek before she walked away from the entire funeral procession to face her sorrow by steeping herself in the Light Side. Karin had graduated and was finally a Jedi Consular as the green blade she looked upon signified.




In Chronological Order

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