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Arkanus Serren

"Strength and Power are fiction others invent to compensate for perceived inadequacies."


A dangerous former detective with minor force abilities, Karter operates as one of Puris Axioms most ruthless agents, willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to bring an end to the Sith Empire. Both effective and brutal at his job, Karter is an anomaly in the the puritanical structure of the puris enclave, and is often the first to suggest a cold blooded option to end a situation...a fact that many Jedi frown on.

Early LifeEdit

Very little of Karter's past has been revealed as of yet: What is known is that he was once a veteren detective of one of Corellia's municipal police departments. Beyond that, as to what he was doing before he was a detective, whether he has family or not, nothing is known, and he seems reticent to discuss the issue. It is known, however, that he worked as an assassin for Corellia's government on a number of 'Black' assignments. The extent of his actions in this capacity however are currently unknown. It is known however that during this time he was greatly feared by a number of crimelords. This all changed after he was framed for murder and forced to go on the run, changing his name to "Karter" a name he got from an advertisement brochure for architects.

The Belerophon IncidentEdit

During his time on the run, he hid out on an out of the way colony world that was composed of an abandoned city that had recently been reinhabited by an influx of colonists looking to escape the war. Karter found himself on this colony. There WAS a group of Jedi there, but they acted strange in comparison to their main counterparts. Karter, unable to resist the uncomfortable suspicion in his heart, took a job as a dockworker at their fortress to investigate.

It turned out that he was dealing with a rogue faction of Jedi, known as the SOC, or strategic observation corps. They were on the planet to perform illegal experiments on captured Sith and Dark Jedi, trying to mentally reprogram them into being Jedi. Before Karter could inform the Jedi Order proper of the atrocities going on with the SOC, one of the prisoners, a fallen Jedi Master named Kalis, who was suffering from a rare immuno deficiency syndrome that required him to constantly drain the life from others in order to stay alive, broke out an instigated a riot inside the old fortress the SOC used as a prison. The riots and bloodshed spread into the streets and for two weeks, Belerophon was cut off from all contact for two weeks and descended into anarchy. Jedi, Sith, and Civilian brutally killing eachother in the streets. Karter was forced to gradually overcome every threat Belerophon presented to him, getting extremely good at killing Darksiders as a result. During that time he ran into a suicidal Jedi woman, a Togrutan named Brison Yi, who served as an informal mentor, teaching him the basics of telekinesis. They fought their way back to the Fortress, along with other civilian and Jedi survivors, only to encounter a being that had been hidden in the Fortress that entire time: A sith named Darth Sangraal. Kalis had allowed himself to be captured along with a number of mercenaries so that he might instigate her revival, hoping she could rid him of the disease that ravaged his body.

The pair defeated Kalis, but fought the Sith Lady to a bloody standstill, with nearly the entirety of survivors dying in the fight. Sangraal mortally wounded Yi, but Yi would cheat death in a sense by passing her memories onto the Sith in an attempt to redeem her.

Stunned by the loss of Yi, a now aimless Karter was advised by surviving Jedi to seek out the Vornu Enclave. Having nowhere else to go, and trying to forget the final horror that had transpired between Yi and the Shapeshifting Sith, Karter journeyed to Vornu.

Arrival on VornuEdit

Karter introduced himself to a now missing Isabelle Rieva, then Grandmaster of Vornu's Enclave, as a former detective looking to ply his services to their cause. After being welcomed he immediately prepared himself for assignment.

No "I" in TeamEdit

His first major assignment (And only assignment with Rieva) came when he ventured with her, a Droid and then Warrant Officer Tislovik to rescue a number of hostages one of which was a personal friend to Rieva. It turned out to be a trap laid by a former Sith enemy of Rieva, and while Karter managed to kill the Sith's apprentice, the Sith took his revenge by killing one of the hostages, a fact that Karter never forgave himself for, and suspected it was one of the reasons he was soon transfered to the Tutelage of Ellina Kast, at the time the Enclave's battlemaster.

Muse SquadronEdit

After a very short time under kasts guidance he applied for a position in Muse Squadron under the leadership of his future master, Arkanus Serren. He was accepted and his first major assignment involved him blowing up a hidden Sith Temple on Vornu...which he did with extreme prejudice. It was during this assignment that he would encounter Sangraal again--but this time having taken the memories, personality, and appearance of the long dead Brison Yi, believing herself to truly be her after her own memories were overwritten by Yi. Reluctantly, he allowed her to accompany him, helping him complete and survive his mission in the temple. Apprenticeship With "Brison" back in the Order at this point, he felt he was ready to be instructed and sought out Master Serren for tutelage. After apparantly some hesitance on Serren's part, he accepted Karter for training. His study under him immediately commenced a few days later, doing poorly in a Lightsaber drill in which he ended up injuring his ankle badly. Trial of Endurance The second major time he and Serren were actually forced to work together was during an incident in Vornu's Great Plains, a hot an arid environment. It was the hottest day of the year, and both he and Serren woke up in a crash with no memory of how they ended up there. Invesitgating the wreckage of two ships and encountering a crooked police team and a number of hired mercs by a known terrorist called the Almsgiver, Karter was able to piece together the events of sixteen hours previous. He and Serren and been invesitgating five disappearances, one of whom was a Jedi they would later find in the wreckage. As more of the case came to light and they were chased down by mercenaries, Karter determined the Jedi they had found alive was a murderer, and after defeating the Almsgiver placed the Jedi  under arrest as well. A missing Jedi Karter and his new master would eventually find themselves on tattoine, searching for Serren's missing adopted sister, Xaja. It was here he would meet padawan Niya Venorryn, and both, due to their natural dispositions ended up having a frosty attitude to one another. After Karter interrogated Xaja's biological brother, a captain of a band of smugglers, Karter and Serren departed.

Trial of InsightEdit

A while after the incident in which both master and student had nearly died, Arkanus himself was targeted by former victims looking to settle a score. Karter discovered his master had once been a Sith, and had killed more than fifty Jedi during the sacking as revenge for perceived betrayals. a number of survivors banded together to track him down and make him pay after he crippled them, upgrading themselves to deadly cyborgs. They first took their revenge by killing almost every one of the people Arkanus had redeemed and brought back to the Jedi Order. During that time, Karter was repulsed by his masters lack of remorse and contemplated killing Arkanus himself, a position Brison Yi indirectly advocated. However, after a near death experience, in which a vision (Possibly) of Sangraal questioned his own ethics, Karter buried his contempt and forced it back down...he himself had been an assassin at one point. Helping a poisoned Arkanus defeat the mandalorian Jedi Master Cye Korynthus, as well as four of twelve cyborgs (The other eight are still unaccounted for), Karter continued in his tutelage. Corporate Troubles Karter eventually found himself working with Niya again, and the assignment started off with them both still having bad memories of their previous work assignment. This time they were investigating a number of murders that occured with a lightsaber on Coruscant. After a rocky start, with them sniping at each other, the pair learned to work together and both even developed an appreciation for the others methods in the lawless Crusader's quarter. While they failed to catch the killer, they did succeed in retrieving the weapon. Surprise Sniping Karter and Brison were teamed for their second major assignment together as a Jedi named Octavian assembled a significant number of military personnel to help counter the armies of a Force Abomination known as Nobunaga from conquering Hapes. Karter and a team of snipers positioned on a hill overlooking the palace courtyard, laid waste to Nobunaga's perimeter defense, Brison single handedly eliminating at least two platoons on her own. After both putting their lives on the line, both managed to save a number of soldiers trapped behind enemy lines, calling in fighter support to save them just in time.

A Dark SecretEdit

Ocatvian eventually discovered Brison was a changeling. And while Karter didn not tell him who she originally was, he swore him to secrecy, at the same time deciding to kill his brother Hyperion to prevent him from coming into contact with Dantius and learning the secret. Since Hyperion was a psychopath and had already established himself as a threat to the Public, Karter figured no one would care. He would even go so far as to ally with a mysterious female persuer, at least temporarily, to prevent Dantius from reaching Hyperion first.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Karter, from his very first appearance, was cold blooded in his disposition.  He does not suffer fools and has little if any sense of humor. He is also incredibly ruthless, and will complete his mission no matter the difficulty. He prefers to keep to himself, making it hard for him to develope friendships. When speaking he almost always adopts a formal tone, and NEVER addresses superiors by their first name. When addressing peers, he will almost always refer to them by "Mister" or "Miss".

The one soft spot in the emotional armor he set up around himself is Brison: She is one of the few people Karter can be said to to truly care for, but the ghastly manner of her "ressurection" has left him conflicted and confused about his feelings toward her.

Niya and he have developed a small amount of respect towards one another but it remains to be seen whether this can become a friendship, however, he HAS offered his assistance in the future, so in the very least he is willing to work with her again.

He has built a sort of tentative understanding with his master but otherwise keeps him at arms length: More so after learning his secret.

He is different from many other Jedi in his willingness to deal with the Sith threat on a more permanent basis. he will almost always advocate harsh imprisonment and will oftentimes shoot to kill in the field, making no attempt to reason with them in any capacity. He has no love for the enemy, and will not make deals with them.

Lastly, he is also extremely paranoid about jedi entering his mind, keeping his mental shielding up at all times to prevent the truth about  Brison from coming out. He has even learned to keep the shielding up in his sleep.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Karter, unlike other jedi, prefers to use blasters. He is an expert marksman with a rifle and is trained in the use of explosives and intelligence gathering. Another ability is that he is a trained and often menacing interrogator, and is also trained to resist interrogation and torture.

His most impressive skill is that of a detective, and he is capable of recreating a crime scene in his head from a few scant clues, as well as deducing the idenity of a murderer: It was this ability that made him a feared detective on Corellia, with a reputation for getting especially heinous criminals the death penalty.

He is also strategic, and prefers to operate in the shadows.

His force ability seems to be leaning towards powers that allow for concealment: He is able to hide his mind from other Force users, so he cannot be scanned telepathically. Used correctly this can be very dangerous, as it is significantly more difficult to tell whether or not he's lying about something. A big enough lie from him can create a number of problems for his enemies. Also, he is capable of sending distracting images and sounds into a person's head. His lightsaber skill is not impressive however and he is significantly lacking when it comes to Ataru.


Karter's character takes a number of influences from noir films and detective shows. The trenchcoat he wore in his first appearance was a nod to the character Columbo. His taciturn manner is also partially inspired by Hugo Weaving's character Agent Smith from the Matrix film series and, more recently, Adam Jensen, from Deus Ex.

Karter as a character has a great deal of non canon adventure under his belt, possibly more than other characters on the Axiom website. The Thread "Classified" broke community records as one of the longest RP's in the site's history, something the Admins Skull Kid himself confirmed.

Lastly, his avatar is that of veteren actor Martin Landau, who played the Spy Rollin Hand on the Mission Impossible TV series.

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