Kethum Syl
Kethum Syl
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Nar Shaddaa

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

159 ABY

Physical Description
  • Miraluka
  • Human





190 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Blue

Skin Color


  • Right Arm
Chronological and Political Information




  • Sith
  • Bounty Hunter
Known Masters
  • Sulem Syl
Family Information

Sulem Syl


Kryss Syl

Relationship Information
Skills and Abilities
  • Basic
Favorite Food
  • Nerf Steak
  • Credits
  • Hunting
  • Power
  • Honorable combat
  • Miraluka
  • Jedi
  • Weakness
Miscellaneous Information

Ancestor's Vibrosword

Theme Song

Kethum Syl was born a Force Sensitive to the Miralukan Dark Jedi Sulem Syl and the Human Jedi Kryss Sideralis in the year 159 ABY on Coruscant. Due to being half Miralukan his father's family disregarded him as impure. During his early years his mother and father showered him with compliments which would further boost his ego into adulthood. Due to the amount of moving he encountered as he grew up he lacked a sense of home, much to his mother's displeasure. The only place he learned to call home was Tatooine where he trained and studied for 3 years.

At the age of 18 Kethum moved back to Coruscant only to be sold out by his father's family and forced to live on Corellia while his father faced his crimes against the Jedi Order. Escaping from Corellia he gravely injured his caretaker and made his way to Nar Shaddaa to become a bounty hunter and to follow leads on his father.


Early LifeEdit

Kethum as a child showed a strong connection to the Force due to his Miralukan heritage, being blessed with a curse as he would later deem it in life. While he never was truly trained in the ways of the Force he developed an unorthodox relationship with his parents, balancing between both the dark and light sides of the Force. His father manipulated the Force to extend his own life, seeking to be immortal by draining the essences from other Force beings.

Kethum began to train under his father early on in age, being trained to use vibro weapons at the age 7 and manipulate the Force in basic forms such as Telekinesis and Force Throw. While he excelled with manipulating the Force, he was much more proficient with weapons using his natural agility to beat his own father at the age of 12.

During his youth he lived on a variety of planets including Corellia, Tatooine and Coruscant as well as the moon Nar Shaddaa. The average length he stayed on a planet was roughly 1 year Galatic Standard, excluding Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa later on in life.

Tatooine LifeEdit

Kethum began to experience more violent training under his father once they settled down on Tatooine, teaching him to show no openings and to keep on a quick offense. His mother began to train him in using the Force to assist other citizens on Tatooine, providing him with black Jedi robes and a pendant which held an aqua colored synth-crystal. Distance between him and his mother began to happen due to the constant search for work to assist his family and training under his father. The training would eventually lead up to the truth.

Kethum while sparring his father in a chasm was Force Pushed into the chasms wall causing a mini avalanche of rocks and sands. While dodging most rocks his right arm got pinned between two boulders, crushing the bone and tendons. His father severed off the arm entirely and cauterized the wound with Force Shock to stop the bleeding leaving Kethum shocked allowing a cybernetic operation to be conducted before he gained full consciousness. Finally awoken he questioned his father on what his real past was. Revealing the truth to his son he provided him with his Ancestor's vibrosword and asked the cybertech to teach his son how to repair, maintain and replace cybernetics hoping the experience and gift would provide some sort of redemption.

Kethum more eager to learn of the Force approached his father with a way to manipulate the Force to assist him in fighting, much to his father's original plan. While in the care of his mother he was questioned as she sensed a darkness dwelling deep within him and his sudden lash outs at the locals.

Memory Erased and Nar ShaddaaEdit

After living on Tatooine for 3 years Kethum and his family returned to Coruscant, hopeful of returning to their home and returning to a normal life. Getting off the shuttle they were provided with they were met by Sulem's family. Unbeknownst to him his family had sold him out as a traitor and was forcing an exile on his son, while his wife was allowed to leave without consequence. Kethum's family then used the Force ability Memory Rub to remove chunks of his past, including his father's name, his place of origin and the events that took place once back on Coruscant.

Being sent away to Corellia with under the watchful eye of his father's brother, someone who loathed Kethum for his gift of eye sight and Force sight. Kethum felt the darkness within his caretaker and struck down the Miralukan and stole the armor he wore, leaving him dead in the apartment provided for both of them. Eagerness set into Kethum's mind as he explored the galaxy and finally settled down on Nar Shaddaa, taking up bounties as a way of living.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit


Kethum stands at 6'0" with a tone build. Due to his heritage he has his eyes but they are a pale blue, complimenting his pale complexion. His face has a few scars, the most defined one across the bridge of his nose which he recieved prior to being exiled from Coruscant. While he has a cybernetic right arm he prefers to have synth-skin covering it, making it almost unnoticeable except for the advantage of strength it provides him.


Kethum's personality is sometimes considered arrogant due to his ego he developed over the years under his father, being praised and receiving gifts. While he likes to joke around, he seems to hold a serious tone in the face of an opponent, but he sometimes is unable to control his emotions and is deathly reckless, willing to strike down anything that gets in his path, leaving him with multiple scars across his body and many broken bones.

Possesions and ApparelEdit


Normal clothing without eye sash


Kethum's normal clothing is a black jacket over a white shirt and white pants with black boots. Over his normal clothing he wears his durasteel armor and a black robe when not wearing his jacket. His eye sash is a blood-red color that he wears to conceal his scar and his pale blue eyes when socializing, but removes it when he fights and has to physically look at something.


Kethum wears a silver pendant which contains an aqua colored synth-crystal. The pendant is in the shape of a Nexu wrapped around the synth-crystal. He recieved the pendant from his mother.



Ancestor's VibroswordEdit

During his years Kethum inherited his father's families vibrosword which went to the oldest son of each generation. The blade is not typical for an average vibrosword, being thinner and straight. The edge contains small amounts of cortosis allowed it to block a couple of blows from energy-based weapons without significantly damaging the blade.



Flexible Durasteel ArmorEdit

Kethum stole this armor from his uncle after striking him down. While the armor is damaged, it still has pieces that offer protection to blaster bolts. The pieces that are not fully damaged are the chest, legs, and boots. The helmet is partially destroyed and the handguards are completely destroyed


Sulem Syl

Sulem Syl

Sulem SylEdit

Age:  44

Residence: Unknown

Sulem Syl and Kethum hold a close bond to one another due to the amount of time spent together while Sulem watched his son grow up. Sulem treated Kethum like a full-blood Miralukan son, regardless of his families opinions and sought to teach him how to manipulate the Force and fight so that Kethum could become his weaponm but eventually changed his decision seeing his son become more independant as he grew, surpassing even his ability. While his son looks entirely different than him, their personalities mirror almost identically. Kethum uses Sulem's vibrosword and shares a similar scar.

Kryss Syl

Kryss Syl

Kryss SideralisEdit

Age: 43

Residence: Coruscant 

Kryss Sideralis and Kethum share a weakened bond with one another due to Kethum's attitude towards the Jedi. While growing up he displayed similar strengths as her, notably her agility but due to her old age she begun to focus purely on the Force and was a former Jedi Healer. She shares many physical features as Kethum, the same color of hair and their eyes are near identical. Kethum wears her old robes and her family pendant.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Originally Kethum was planned on being without eyes, thoroughly more Miralukan than Human and was original going to be part of the Old Republic era before being swapped.

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