Kiara Nerys is the cousin of Namari Nerys, Marrika Nerys and Sorche Starka. She is the second cousin of Natasi Nerys.


She is an attractive young woman with a slender and fairly muscular build. She has dark brown hair that is pulled back in a long braid. 

Biography Edit

Kiara is the daughter of Melyp Nerys and the cousin of Marrika and Namari Nerys, like her father and uncle she is a Follower of Palawa. Kiara’s mother was an unnamed Faberian female.

Armor and equipmentEdit

Her clothing consisted of a carapace-like armor that hugged her skin and covered every bit of it, including her hands, painted in dark ebony, with white stripes down the front side, a zipper running all the way up to secure herself, her thick hardened boots. She has a compound bow and quiver full of arrows. When she is not using it, Kiara has been shown to be able to fold her bow inwards and quickly snap it back into place when she needs it. She has occasionally used her bow to strike her opponents if she did not have time to shoot an arrow.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kiara was both rebellious like Marrika, and level-headed like Namari. Kiara also has somewhat of a laid back and calm personality and likes to smile very often. Kiara has a femme fatale attitude that she uses whenever she needs to or has to.

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