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Name: Kiersa Wake

Species: Echani

Age: 20

Height: 5'4

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: White

Skin tone: Pale


Fortune Telling. This had become a habit of hers ever since she'd met a Ryn bloke a couple years before she'd joined the Red Krayt Dragon's. The fortune that man had told her had come to pass, although she hadn't realised it till after it had happened. Her joining a dragon, and steering it through gold and swords, with a queen and her consort. Course back then she had next to no idea that it would lead to her being found first as a stowaway when she'd had to leg it from some over-zealous officers, who had taken the wrong idea when they'd seen her knock over someone who had turned out to be a diplomat... not her fault his face collided with her hand. She'd stowed away and then found herself being dragged before the Chiss captain on her bridge for some "entertaining punishment" for her stowing aboard, when they'd come under attack and their last pilot died. She'd found herself thrown into the pilot's chair when the internal stabilisers had taken a beating... she couldn't remember what happened after that, but she was told that she had performed even better than their last pilot had. Since then she flew the Dragon's Eye throughout the galaxy, wherever the Captain told her to go, she took them there. It worried her that she never recalled what happened whenever the ship came under attack... but if it meant she got to stay then fine by her.

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