Biographical Information
Current Residence
  • None (Nomad)
Place of Birth
  • Trandosha
Date of Birth
  • 3658 BBY
Physical Description





2.5 meters


150 kilograms

Hair Color


Eye Color
  • Amber
Skin Color
  • Reptilian scales (green)
Chronological and Political Information
  • Old Republic
  • Clan Stoneclaw
  • Clan Stoneclaw hunter
Family Information
  • Ssenk
  • Korisk
Relationship Information
  • Kraiss
Skills and Abilities
  • Comprehend Speech
  • Force Empathy
  • Dosh
Other Skills
  • Two-Handed


  • Medium Armor


  • Survival (expert)
  • conditioning (novice)
  • Empathic


Favorite Music

Miscellaneous Information
  • single battle axe roughly 1.6 meters in length



Born in a clan village in the mountains, Kress was a large hatchling for his age. Over the next 12 years, he learned everything that his clan was willing to teach in order to better survive in the mountains. starting at age 13, he was allowed to join the others when hunting and gradually became one of the most spiritual of the hunters.

By age 14, his points, by his count, had reached 50 due to the amount of predators that chose to also live in the area. by age 15, he had learned of something that he knew he couldn't let anyone know...he was force sensitive. Though, he didn't know exactly what it was called. He just knew that he had an odd sense of how to track, almost as though his gut feelings lead him right to his prey. 

it was also at this age that he met Kraiss, a female of his kind from a neighboring clan, whom he would meet up with and hunt alongside of. due to their size difference, he being much taller than normal, she being smaller than normal, they were refered to in terms of an ancient folk pair from the two clans' mythology where the two also differed in size. For many years it was speculated that the two would end up together, however...fate had another idea in mind. 

In the winter months of Kress' 20th year, a war broke out between the two clans of Stoneclaw and Irontail clans leading to heavy casulaties on both sides. During this war, his father, the clan chieftan, had an axe forged for him, leaning towards traditional in looks, though it was still strong enough to take on a vibroblade. Kress took it with pride and with it, added many points to his name. Towards the end of it, Kress was ambushed in the dark of night by a small figure. he recognized the fighting style and it was obvious that they recognized his. regardless, the fight went on until the sun broke over the mountains....a red sky as he landed a final blow into his assailant's stomach. Leaning down to search the body, what he saw instilled a great sorrow in him as the corpse of his friend and most beloved lay sprawled on the ground with his axe in her stomach. With this event, he considered his score to be reduced to 0.

For the next year, he tracked down her father, the chieftan for the Irontails who had sent her on this mission to kill him. as he did so, he carried Kraiss' corpse on his back wherever he went to signify the guilt that he felt for her death. When he finally found her father, he killed him using Kraiss' own weapon.

With the clan war won, however, it was seen that he had used the aid of the supernatural...something that the clan frowned on, believing him to be tainted and a witch. Shunned by the clan he had defended and the one he had defeated, Kress chose instead to flee to the wilds of the mountains, continuing to hunt with Kraiss right there with him...albeit now slung around his torso as a preserved corpse in a bag.



Selfless: You will take nothing for yourself while another does without; and your life for another is a worthy toll.

Cautious: Unlikely to find yourself in danger or caught unawares.


Traumatized: Negative past experiences have left you vulnerable and useless in certain situations.

Uneducated: Unfamiliar with and ignorant about a great deal.

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