Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Glee Anselm

Date of Birth

3651 BBY

Physical Description





60 In/152 Cm


123 lbs/55 Kg

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Color




Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic

  • Jedi
  • True Empire
  • Jedi Padawan
  • Sith Apprentice
Known Masters

Cara Simmone

Skills and Abilities

Nautolan, Galactic Basic

Favorite Food



Being Right, Success, Feeling Strong


Being Wrong

Miscellaneous Information

Waterproof Lightsaber


Kry'zorah is a Nautolan and former Jedi Initiate turned Sith within the True Empire in the year 3636 BBY. She fled Tython after her failure in the Jedi Initiate Trials and returned home to Glee Anselm, the Nautolan home world. She was discovered by, and brought to the Empire, by Nautolan Sith Cara Simmone.

The Trials of a Jedi InitiateEdit

"The trials of an initiate are simple, yet they can be the most monumental in the formation of a young Jedi."
―Jedi Master Kesoa

The First TrialEdit

At the age of fifteen, Kry'zorah had learned all she needed to face the Initiate's Trials to be accepted as a Jedi Padawan within the Order. For the duration of her youth she learned the mantra of the Jedi and faced the first trial with confidence. Before the council she spoke the Jedi Code completely. She then ran through the code once more explaining the meaning behind each tenet and what it reflected in her life as an Initiate.

The Council smiled on her efforts to embrace their teachings and passed her to the second trial.

The Second TrialEdit

Having succeeded in reciting the Jedi Code, Kry'zorah was given time to focus and prepare for the second trial. Her educator, Master Kesoa, came to her with an Ilum crystal and the components required to complete the construction of her first waterproof lightsaber. It was foresight on her master's part to see to it that her first weapon would function both above and below water, to work with her amphibious physiology.

Kry'Zorah Lightsaber

Kry'Zorah's first lightsaber.

The young Nautolan remained in the private chamber where she was expected to make the connection to her weapon, and the Force. Kry'zorah looked to each piece and placed them in the proper order on the floor. It took hours of focus and the expenditure of energy that tired her in the end, but she succeeded in placing the pieces together into her very first weapon. The blade was the bright symbolic blue of the Jedi Knight.

The Final TrialEdit

Successful in her first two trials, Kry'zorah walked into the third test with confidence. Kesoa warned her of this feeling, stating that it would betray her in the final exercise as an Initiate. She was to face the Dark Side, and master herself in its presence and reject the easy power it offered. A transport carried her to the location.

The location was one in the wilds on Tython, where the Flesh Raiders practiced the rituals of their mysterious faith system. It was an area steeped in negativity, and the pain of the Raiders victims radiated from the surrounding environment. Her heart sank feeling the anguish of the lost, bringing tears to her eyes and weakening her resistance to the Dark Side. It called to her, tugging at the sentiments of justice she had taken to heart as an Initiate. Kry'zorah left into the wilds with the intent to slaughter Flesh Raiders in her enraged state.

Her battle was difficult, taking all of her strength and agility to defeat the foe she had challenged with the ignition of her lightsaber. The killing blow dealt, her addled mind cleared and at her feet was a Jedi Padawan. Fear clouded reason, and pain clouded good judgment. Kry'zorah fled for the transportation platforms and sought passage from Tython rather than face the Jedi Council with her dark deed.

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