Kure Sideralis
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3, 659 BBY

Physical Description





6'2" / 1.87 meters


170 lbs

Hair Color
  • Black
Eye Color
  • Light brown
  • Sulfuric yellow (Dark side)


Skin Color

Pale Peach

Chronological and Political Information

Second Great Galactic War


The True Empire


Sith Neophyte

Known Masters
Family Information

Kyt Ravenlocke


July Sideralis

Relationship Information
Skills and Abilities
  • The Force
  • Galactic Basic Standard
Favorite Food
  • Nerf Steak
  • Nerf Burger
  • Power
  • Bloodshed
  • Vengeance
  • Deceit
  • Jedi
  • Lekku
  • Redeemed Sith
  • Hesitation
Miscellaneous Information
  • Vibroknife
Theme Song

Engimatic - In Fear and Faith

" Often things that pretend weakness await only the right moment to show strength. "
― Kure Sideralis

Kure Ravenlocke-Sideralis was a Human male who served the True Empire as a Sith. He was born to a former Jedi named Kyt Ravenlocke and a diplomat named July Sideralis in 3,659 BBY on the planet Alderaan. His father who was former Jedi shielded him from the Jedi Order and society, without realizing the dent it left on him later on. During his early years he was taught by his mother and later on began studying on his own.

During the year of 3, 641 BBY Kure's family began to have weakened ties and slowly were being torn apart. Unknown to Kure his mother had contacted the Jedi Order to teach him, much to his fathers dismay. After meeting with the recruiter multiple times his father began to reason with her, leading Kure to believe it was an affair. Releasing his wrath onto his father and would be-recruiter he murdered them in coldblood. Afterwards Kure lived in the wilderness of Alderaan, barely surviving. 2 years later he would be captured by Sith and brought to the True Empire with a chance at a new life.

Upon Kure's arrival he would meet Sobek Te'kaar and be placed under Alistair Skye during his time at the Academy. During his trials he would meet Skalm Solborne and Je'ka Cuyot. He was also present during the fall of the Academy which left him traumatized and further more unstable. Leaving Nogatan for awhile, he finally returned to redeem himself in the eyes of the Sith.


Early LifeEdit

Kure Ravenlocke-Sideralis was born on Alderaan in the year 3,659 BBY to the former Jedi Kyt Ravenlocke and an Alderaanian diplomat July Sideralis. His father left the Jedi Order soon afterwards feeling that his son was more important. During his first three years as a baby he was hidden from society, only a few knew of his existence including his father's family who chose to back Kyt in his decision. While being born a Force-sensitive his father never trained him, hoping for his son to become a diplomat.

Kure learned to read and write from his mother and learned from his father how to fight with vibro weapons. While he was quick to adapt to vibro weapons, he much rather learn about the Galaxy and how it worked, much to his father and mother's disdain.

Escaping AlderaanEdit

Kure would eventually begin to question his family due to the distance forming between the two. His father began to speak with someone from the Jedi Order almost every other day while his mother moved to live with her family. Believing his father to be having an affair he set out with one idea in mind, to rid himself of a disease within his bloodline. Murdering them both at night, he would later find out his father was trying to protect him from the Jedi Order. Escaping society entirely he lived within the wilderness.

During the two years Kure roughly lived within the wilderness he experienced starvation and dehydration almost every week, leading to malnutrition but was capable of living through the Force without realizing it. He would later attempt to escape on a shuttle only to be captured by the Sith who came on the shuttle. Surviving their torture he was given a chance to survive the trials of the True Empire's Academy.

The Academy on NogatanEdit

During Kure's time on Nogatan he was put under Alistair Skye. His first assignment was under Skalm Solborne who made him face his fears in a simulation, only to lead to his own injury due to his ego. Afterwards he was given multiple assignments under Je'ka, the first being thrown down into the slums of Nogatan with nothing and being hunted like an animal. While not entirely successful he was capable of surviving long enough to only have his wrist crushed. The following assignment was training under Je'ka in Mandalorian fighting, which took him by surprise at Je'ka's knowledge of exploiting weaknesses. Following it would be a simulation with Sirra, Corey and Je'ka where the latter two disappeared leaving them to go by themselves.

Before Kure's graduation he was faced with a traumatizing event which was the Nanophage attacking the Academy. After defeating two Nanophage soldiers by himself he was put in charge of Sirra and Jaizens who were escaping 5 soldiers. After hiding they met up in the courtyard with the other teams, only to retreat outside after explosive charges had been set off. The event traumatized him, losing the closest thing he had to home.

Back to Alderaan then back to NogatanEdit

After graduating Kure would then escape from the life of the Empire, returning to the Republic-aligned territory on Alderaan under the alias of Kyj Sideralis. Meeting up with his mother on multiple occasions they exchanged few words, usually due to him being intoxicated and at her anger in him. She would later find out about where he had been after speaking to him a following morning. Shocked at what he had done, she scolded him only to have him lash out with the Force and pushed her into a wall. Disowning him as a son he fell deeper into the hole he kept digging.

Kure eventually found work as a medical assistant, to keep his mind off his failures. Following an incident with a patient he was tending to he was scolded by another worker. Giving into his angers within himself he lashed out once again and killed the worker. Escaping his work he would later drop his alias once he turned to the Empire-aligned territory, gaining much more work. Finally growing tired of the work he was doing he decided to return to the True Empire to mend old wounds and to become a better Sith.

Embracing the Sith and Pre-BalmorraEdit

Kure would later fight on Nar Kagga and owe Lyri a favor, finding her crew and ship, something he dreaded would come to pass. The experience tainted him due to his exposure to the dark side of the Force, corrupting his being making him more pale and causing his eyes change color. His hatred for Jedi's grew further during this time.

Kure would later revisit Alderaan to purge himself of his past, accepting his choices in life and purging any parts of him that wished to be redeemed. Kure would eventually become the apprentice of Darth Avaris. Finding "work" under Lady Samhain, he has become her "Shadow" and followed her commands, with his own flavor. Rescuing Skalm's clone from almost certain demise, he traveled to Tatooine to hunt down a member from the Black Sun. Upon landing on Tatooine, he discovered Aahri as part of the squad, unbeknownst to Lord Eratos. After finding the location, a majority of the squad went into the building only to discover it was a slave trade. Upon meeting the woman who represented the Black Sun, he was tempted with sudden urges and angers to amputate the woman's head from her body. Upon "purchasing" a Hapan slave, he turned his vibroknife on the woman and removed her head, planning on bringing it back to Lady Samhaim. Freeing the Hapan, he planned on returning to Nogatan for credits and with his new "property." Freeing Skalm from Lady Samhain's clutches, he ventured back to Nogatan and received a gruesome beating after questioning her apprentice.

Kure eventually returned to his master and informed her of Lady Samhain's growing power base along with his orders to go to Balmorra.

Traits and PersonalityEdit

Kure Sideralis is a young adult in his early 20's. His pallor and eyes are due to his corruption from using the dark side of the Force. His hair is long and ebony, usually his hair is tucked back into his robes, but when he is not wearing his robes, he allows it to flow freely. His face is lightly scarred due to a manka cat and his body has numerous scars due to fighting.

While he holds a sarcastic or serious exterior, his interior is filled with anger, hatred, doubt and fear causing him to become reckless under pressure. While very xenophobic towards Twi'lek and Togruta he does not hate all aliens, appreciating most near-humans.

Apparel and EquipmentEdit

Kure on the Hunt



Kure mainly wears attire that suits the situation, usually wearing a robe above all else. He also wears common black clothing beneath and black boots to match the rest of his apparel. His robes are simple and provide no protection.



Kure's time in the Academy provided him with a single vibroknife which he took care of throughout his time in the Academy and after reappearance. While not as useful as a vibrosword or vibroblade, it still has saved his life in certain occasions.

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