Lahani Cridmeen
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3667 BBY

Physical Description
  • Unknown (assumed human)
  • female
  • 175cm
  • 64.6kg
Hair Color
  • unknown (black)
Eye Color
  • unknown (sea green)
Skin Color
  • unknown (pale)
Chronological and Political Information
  • Old Republic Era
  • Corellian Medical Practice
  • practicing doctor
Skills and Abilities
  • Galactic Basic
Other Skills
  • Biosurge (Master)
  • Bioanalysis (Master)
  • Force Repair
  • being right
  • people that praise her work
  • being wrong
  • people that don't appreciate her work
Miscellaneous Information
  • poisons
Theme Song

"I'll thank you to take your hands off of my life's work, child."
Lahani Cridmeen to an intern

Lahani Cridmeen is a Roleplaying character created by the owner of the OOC account named Fandalorian on


From Corellia through TythonEdit

Born on Corellia, Lahani Cridmeen was always fascinated with life, nature, and the force. When she was three years of age, she was taken by the Jedi to Tython. After much deliberation for the next three years, she was looked over in the ways of lightsaber combat, instead focusing on the healing aspect of a Jedi as well as the usual duties of a gardening corps member. By the age of eight, she'd shown an astounding understanding of the healing arts, though still wasn't much of one for combat as a whole. All of her training, then was decided to go into the healing arts and the study of plantlife and wildlife.

At age 12, she was becoming a concern to her instructors, but was passed through, as she had the knowledge down pat. Continuing her studies, she began to also learn what she couldn't learn from the Jedi, on the holonet. She would hold calls to members of the Galactic Polysapient Medical Center. For 3 years, this continued until, at 15, she left Tython for Alderaan.

Alderaan through CorelliaEdit

While officially, she could not attend courses at the "Big Zoo", Lahani instead was given access to the holo-archives of the Center, which was essentially where she spent the next four years studying each and every recording of every surgery, medical procedure, and every test on Genetic samples. 

When she was 19, she was allowed, finally, to officially learn within the Galactic Polysapient Medical Center. She felt that these were the best years of her life, and indeed spent the next 4 years there, two within the educational wings and two within the actual medical procedure buildings. after completing her training, she spent the next 3 years completing her residency in the same area. When completed, she returned to her birthplace, Corellia. While on Corellia, she joined a less than savory practice, being one of the few legitimate doctors in the practice, she was given most of the jobs requiring a professional. In exchange, not only was she paid, she was given training in various concoctions designed to make the recipient suffer. oddly enough, she took to it almost as much as she had her medical training.

This continued for the next 4 years, until the facility was raided, and she fled the planet to survive and not be thrown in prison.


by sheer accident, Lahani ended up in Nogatan airspace and was nearly shot down before surrendering and consenting to be boarded. She was then left alone with whatever she was able to find from her ship, which she sold later. The only things she had of her old life was a mask worn to protect her from when she would work on various poisons along with a black dress, gloves, thick heels, a headdress, skintight pants and a hat. She enjoyed the outfit, it provided annonimity and put off people that would normally bother her. 

Almost immediately, she found herself back in orbit above Nogatan, hired by Lady Samhain, the lover of the Imperial Executor of the Navy. She was in business once more, healing the Sith Lord and her closest allies....or tortured subjects if the need arose.

Powers and SkillsEdit

  • Aid Level 3: Force Repair
  • Biosurge
  •      Master: Demonstrates complete proficiency in the science and can teach it to others.
  • Bioanalysis
  •      Master: Can study genetic material to determine useful properties and applications.

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