Lars Elomet
Lars elomet
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth

Druckenwell Station

Date of Birth

124 ABY

Physical Description







170 lbs

Hair Color

dark brown

Eye Color


  • communications implant on his head (also compensates for shredded ear drum)
Chronological and Political Information
  • Legacy
  • Spec. Ops training head (unofficial)
  • Druckenwell Security head (official)
Family Information
Relationship Information
  • Moff Viserys
  • Moff Elsyr
Skills and Abilities
  • Basic
  • Devaronese
  • Training troops
  • watching the troopers grow
  • blindly patriotic citizens
  • bureaucratic nonsense
  • Troops that don't listen
Miscellaneous Information
  • 2 heavy blasters
  • 1 Vibrorapier

  ==Biography==      Born on the Druckenwell station, Lars was a vicious Patriot as a child and when someone questioned the Council's decisions, he would beat on them until they changed their minds. It was an obvious choice for him to join the Druckenwell Military during the Resource wars with the Falleen. When he was 20, he joined the officers training corps. By the time he was 28, he'd been successful in several high priority missions. By the time he was 34, the [REDACTED], left him mentally scarred and brought him to the point of near court-martial before the Council Moffs of the time. However, with his remaining men and women stepping forwards in his defense, he was instead made Colonel and yanked from the army into special forces.      After running twelve successful Commando squad missions, at the age of 43, he was made head of the Commando and Hazard Trooper training program (unofficially)  and head of security of the Druckenwell Station (officially). As time has gone on, his zealous patriotism has faded more and more. He tends to be rather reserved and serves the people and troopers first, the Empire second. ==Skills, Abilities, and Talents==

  • skilled with blades
  • advanced with Blaster Pistols
  • advanced with blaster rifles
  • Leadership
  • Infiltration
  • Hand to hand
  • Hazard training


Agility- 4

Power- 6

Will- 8

Languages: Basic and Devaronese

Personal dataEdit

Personality TypeEdit

Gruff and Militaristic yet understanding. ===Mental Disturbances=== During the battle for an unknown facility within the Doldur Sector in 165, then Lieutenant and 6th division leader, Elomet lost an overwhelming number of the people under his command and would have been court-martialed had the survivors not rallied and vouched for his ability. the deaths, however, haunt him to this day. ===Temperament=== short, to the point, slightly bitter. ===Bad Habits/Vices=== Grinds his teeth when he's irritated, a minor alcoholic, and frequently smokes Cigarras ===Gear===

an altered version of the Phase I Novatrooper armor that is mixed with a trench coat which, due to the camouflage indicates that he likely would be deployed on Urban and desert combat missions. a vibrorapier is noticed on his belt and twin heavy blaster pistols are hidden beneath his trench coat. 

only known image of one of Lars' blasters

===Religion=== ===
"There is no Greater God out there. if there were, he, she, or it's just as evil as what they claim to be against."
―Colonel Elomet

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