Lorn Kenau
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Harunn Kal

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Ashlynn Thorin

Lorn Kenau was a Jedi Master in the service of the Vornu Republic; born in 35 BBD (3,677 BBY), he was a Korun from the jungle planet Haruun Kal. A practitioner of Soresu, the third form of lightsaber combat, he supported the more pacifistic side of Jedi doctrine.


Early Life on Haruun KalEdit

Lorn Kenau was born on Haruun Kal in 35 BBD (3,677 BBY); his parents were killed early in his first year, victims of the jungle, and so he was named for his clan, or ghosh- ghosh Kenau. He spent his early childhood caring for the grasser herds and the akk dogs of the ghosh; when he was ten Standard years old, a Jedi delegation came to the planet, led by Master Tholos Dola, a Zabrak. They had come to study the Korunnai pelekotan- jungle mind, their name for the Force, as all Korunnai were Force-sensitive; however, Master Dola noticed one young Korun with more power than the rest. That young Korun was Lorn Kenau, and as he had no parents, the Jedi decided to take him with them to Coruscant.

Time at the Coruscant TempleEdit

Lorn trained at the Coruscant Jedi Temple for four years; after that, Master Dola took him on as an apprentice. They went on a great many field missions- their first joint mission involved tracking down a stolen jewel shipment; after successfully finding the shipment and the robbers, Lorn kept a single Corusca gem, given in thanks by the jeweler. This gem eventually became part of the lightsaber he built three years later, along with two Adegan crystals from the cave in Ilum, one blue and one green. He was Knighted eleven years after being brought to Coruscant, having passed his trials; though no longer Dola's ward, they still occasionally went on missions together. This proved lucky- when Coruscant was sacked in 11 BBD, he was offplanet.

Tython TempleEdit

The young Jedi Knight went to the Tython Temple and continued to work in the field; after another four years of field   service, he was allowed to take on a Padawan of his own. That Padawan, a Chiss male by the name of Baid'res'itaf, progressed rapidly for five years, exceeding Lorn's expectations; however, in the sixth year, fought a Sith in a field mission and was dosed with Sith poison. The fall to the dark side was rapid and complete; leaving Tython, Baid'res'itaf stole a freighter and fled for Sith space. Lorn, saddened, caught up to his former Padawan and engaged him in a furious lightsaber duel aboard the stolen ship and cut him down. Returning to Tython, he became an instructor in Force powers and Form III, doing that for three more years. However, a few disagreements on Force theory, application, and Jedi philosophy with the Council saw him leaving Tython to go to Vornu.


Upon arrival at Vornu, Lorn immediately began to familiarize himself with the Temple and Enclave on that planet. Within a week of his arrival, he decided that it was time to move on past his earlier failure and take a new apprentice. Another week of searching brought him to Ashlynn Thorin, who soon became his apprentice.