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Lyri Versio
Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Nar Shaddaa

Physical Description





Five-Foot Four-Inches


One-Hundred and Twenty Pounds

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic



Family Information

Myra Versio

Skills and Abilities


Miscellaneous Information

Pistol Blasters (2)


Not one to fit in, from a young age, the Mirialan challenged authority, struck out on her own, even going so far as mingling with the wrong crowds (partially out of spite). Stubborn, it was her way or no way. Unable to handle the rebellious girl, her mother kicked her out of their home, leaving the child to fend for herself. Perhaps it was luck she got out when she did, for the home was broken into days later, her parent killed by assailants that had yet to be revealed, let alone caught.

Come to find out, the group she hung with ended up being those that killed her only relative; though her mother and Lyri never seemed to see eye-to-eye, never seemed to go without fighting at least once a day, they were family and loved each other. The homeless Mirialan had given the impression of having more than she did as far as valuables went, and when she caught word by eavesdropping that it was the bastards that she had been crashing with, the female took matters into her own hands. Finding a pair of blasters, she killed both men, then went on her way, wanting to get off her home planet to find elsewhere to get a fresh start.

Each planet she visited, she started a life of crime, building up from stealing credits to stealing speeders. Unfortunately with her last job, she stole from the wrong fellow, a Weequay pirate. He caught her, and instead of turning her in, she won him over with her spunky attitude, and continuous attempts to overpower and outsmart the man. Said he could use someone like her in his crew, and took her under his wing. Though the captain of the crew liked her, the others didn't, and so it was no surprise that when the ship and everything in the man's name was left to her upon his death, the others marooned her on a slightly inhabited asteroid leaving with her ship and credits. The only thing they did let her keep were her blasters in case she had no other way out except to kill herself.

And on that asteroid is where Lyri Versio's story truly begins.

The AsteroidEdit

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