Mal Ellert
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White Star




c. 3668 BBY

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"When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw."
―Nelson Mandela [[src]]


Mal Stands at 5'10" and weights 173lbs. His short brown hair is usually styled in a just out of bed look while underneath his green eyes always seem to be appraising his surroundings. He generally wears a lightly armored black zip up top over which he wears a brown trench coat. He looks more like a PI out of some old holovid. On his lower body, Mal wears a pair of lose brown trousers held up by a gun belt with two holsters. In each are his specially designed twin blasters with blue energy crystals. They are usually not far from his hips. His pants flow down over a pair of broken in and well worn cowboy boots popular in the outback areas of Tatooine.  

Blade runner blaster by matsucorp-d3apnxr



c 3665 BBY - Mal was born to an ordinary family on the outskirts of Mos Eisley who worked as exterminators. Perhaps on any other planet that would have made them unremarkable, but on Tattooine, the beasts that threatened the traders and moisture farmers were anything but ordinary bugs. Mal had no formal schooling. Everything he learned, he learned from his parents. Social Studies, Republic History, Math; if it didn't have to do with hunting beasties it wasn't important. As such, Mal learned from an early age how to use a blaster pistol, how to track a creature by its prints, and how to survive in the unforgiving dessert if he should become stranded. 

c 3647 BBY - Mal had no desire to follow the family business, even at the insistance of his parents. It was fine for them, they had already seen what the other worlds of the Republic had to offer and had settled down on the dust bucket of their own choice, but what about his choices? He wanted out, and as soon as he turned eighteen he hired on as a merc aboard one of the transports leaving from Mos Eisley to Cornet City on Corellia. He could fight, and he could shoot, and that was good enough for someone who was just looking to protect their investment from pirates. This trend continued over the next few years with some of his clients even going so far as to teach him to fly the ships. In those long stretches beteen the stars there hadn't been time for much else.

c 3644 BBY - Mal is hired as a co-pilot for Captain Sendral Vesenya. Their job is to assist the Republic in transporting goods for their war effort to locations where they are not officially operating. After a few months of operating together, the two develop a fast frienship and an affinity for booze and women. With their new found income the two manage to pool their money and purchase a aging military supply transport being auctioned off on Nar Shaddaa.

White Star

White Star

Months later, during a flight to Ilum Mal and Sendral are attacked by the ships rightful owner and his crew of thugs. The two manage to fight off the attack and kill their attackers but Mal almost looses his right eye in the proccess when he takes a glancing blow from a vibrosword. Sendral is not so lucky and is killed by a blaster bolt. Mal burries his friend in the ice of the unforgiving planet and completes the job.

c 3640 BBY - After a streak of bad luck, and even worse contracts, Mal is once again forced into taking work from the Republic. Mal is directed to meet with Master Irilend on Alderaan and the two begin working together delivering Jedi and Imperial Troops into areas they might otherwise bee denied access. Mal becomes Irilend's go-to guy concerning this type of work and as the two work closer together their friendship blossems.   

c 3638 BBY - Mal is hired by Master Iriland to help rescue Xaja Taerich and Darren Koto from the hands of the Sith. The rescue turns into an ambush and Master Irilend along with her trooper escort is killed. Later, Mal starts seeing visions of the woman he loved but can't tell whether he is loosing his mind or if she is actually a force ghost.

c. 3637 BBY - Mal helps in the delivery of Xaja Tearich 's twins. 

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