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Dromund Kaas



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Sith Pureblood





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Yellow (dim glow from Darkside)

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Old Republic


Republic of Free People (Vornu)

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"If he bleeds, he can be killed, all men die, all men are mortal, bow to no man. The same goes for women." -Rickir Vassinni

Early Biography (Pre Axiom):Edit

When Markos was a young child his mother was killed by a sniper when she went to visit one of Markos' uncles, thankfully Markos was too young to remember her and so she merely became a story that was told to him whenever his father found the time to care for Markos. A few years later Markos began training under a Master in the ways of the Sith. The Apprentice/Master relationship went on for years and Markos became well educated and adept at everything between dueling to history of the Sith. The only dark spot of this Apprenticeship was that due to the fact that Markos' Master prefered a direct method of teaching Markos often found himself on the recieving end of whatever was being taught, for instance almost every form of torture was used upon Markos in order to teach him interrogation techniques, however Markos holds no ill will towards his Master for using such methods (although it is to be noted that the only scars Markos has ever had removed with today's medical technology are those he recieved from torture). The Apprenticeship ended however when Markos was 18 and he came across his Master torturing a slave, Markos dueled his Master and showed that he was taught a little too well in the techniques of Juyo when he decapitated the former Master, however that wasn't until after Markos recieved a wound of his own...a long, thin, scar on the right side of his face that went from his forehead to his jaw after passing over his uninjured right eye.

As was customary Markos recieved his Master's property and the recognition of being a full Sith, the property was promptly sold, and Markos quickly set about doing tasks around the Galaxy for his family (which is most comparable to a Alderaanian Royal Family except that it served as a economic powerhouse within the Empire and not a governmental family). At the age of 20 Markos met the woman who would change his life forever, Lalnia Kiinsheen, and after a rough start the two quickly fell in love despite their families being rivals within the Empire. But that love would not last as at the age of 23 Lalnia and Markos were ambushed on Alderaan by Sith and Imperial Commandos disguised as Jedi and Republic troopers and during the ambush Lalnia was murdered in front of Markos. After dealing with her immediate murderers and then burying her Markos set about hunting down Lalnia's supposed killers...the Jedi. For a year Markos waged a bloody and merciless war against the Jedi before going silent for a few months...when he returned to civilization he returned to an organization known simply as Pravus Axiom...or to others the "True Empire".

Imperial Biography:Edit

In order to join up with the "True Empire" and gain the new start that Markos needed he first needed to prove himself to various instructors within the organization by completing various tasks. His first mission was to Taral V where he was to serve alongside a Rattataki woman by the name of Voska Khacha, and despite being hostile towards the woman at first Markos soon developed a sibling-esque relationship with the woman. After a few kinks along the way and constantly being mistaken as a "couple" both Markos and Voska would graduate and become Sith, with Markos going to the Temple and Voska staying at the Academy to study under her Master who worked there as an instructor. Markos then served the True Empire faithfully as a loyal Sith...until he was forced to help his father defend his estate on Dromund Kaas from attacking Kiinsheen forces, it was there that Gorram Kiinsheen (Lalnia's father and head of the Kiinsheen family) revealed to Markos that someone within the Empire had ordered his death a year ago and as such Markos was the reason for Lalnia's well as the Imperial who ordered Markos' death in the first place. However it took a long time for Markos' intelligence operatives to find out who had ordered Markos' death and as such Markos continued to serve the Empire and Sith Order, all the time begining to question the morality of working for such organizations after everything they did to others such as enslavement, a practice Markos strongly disagreed with.

However during his time of service Markos completed several missions such as saving Marrika Nerys and T'lanna Harran from slavery on Nal Hutta, the defense of Nogatan against Rakata invaders, attacking a Balmorran hospital treating rebels, and much more. But such service would not last forever as finally Markos recieved the information he was looking for, a Sith by the name of Derderak had ordered his death, and as such indirectly ordered Lalnia's death as well. With vengence in his heart Markos (with the assistance of his father) was able to kill Derderak and exact revenge upon the fellow Sith. However this marked a turning point for Markos, he now knew he could not support either the Empire or the Sith anymore, he finally saw the truth and that truth made Markos understand that he needed to destroy that which he once helped build. The only option left now was defection.

Republic Biography:Edit

Markos' defection did not go exactly to plan as both his sister (Voska Khacha) and her at the time boyfriend (Alistair Skye) found him on Alderaan with the intent to clear his name of treason...when that was what Markos was in fact doing. However defection was able to be carried out and Markos was able to say his goodbyes. After that Markos found himself being tested by fire as the Republic sent him to Bandomeer to assist with a military operation taking place to sabotage the Imperial's ionite mines, the mission was successful and Markos (with the help of a jedi named Mathes) was able to also gain a foothold with the Hutt Cartels on planet for the Republic. However a guilty mind drove Markos to drinking and he disappeared for a few months to kick the habit and retrain himself in the Vornu jungles. When he returned Markos was needed to retrieve a hybrid alien who had escaped enslavement and had information on a potiential attack, the retrieval mission was a success and got Markos back into the game.

It was then that the Republic Military underwent rapid change in Commanders before stopping on Markos who was then promoted to Colonel and given sole control of the Republic of Free People's Military. He stil holds this position today.