Biographical Information
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
  • 3680 BBY,Yelona
Physical Description
  • Chiss
  • Male

177.8 cm


79 kg

Hair Color
  • Dark Blue
Eye Color
  • Red
Skin Color
  • Blue


Chronological and Political Information
  • Old Republic
  • Chiss Ascendency
  • Vitiate Empire
  • Ascendancy Scout
  • Imperial Cipher Agent
Family Information
  • Mer'ulai'skul
  • Ulan'eni'skul
Skills and Abilities
  • Cheunh
  • Basic
Miscellaneous Information
Theme Song


Remoit was born in 3680 BBY, a few years before the establishing of the Black Empire upon Corellia, to a member of the Chiss Expansionary Fleet and a member of the Colonial Phalanxes.

He was trained from a young age in the art of Stava. it was not until his 13th birthday that he was forced to use this against his own mother when she tried to force him to come with her to the leave everything behind. With this attack, he'd managed to weaken her legs, but in doing so she fell from where they were fighting and landed on a frontier security tower's gate post. Watching the life fade from her body in the cold air, he found that he could not forgive himself for what he had done...but he would not allow it to hold him back.

He continued to train under his father's guidance in the frontiers of Chiss space before finally graduating at the age of 19, whereupon he was given the choice of continued service in the Chiss Ascendency, alongside his father or becoming an agent of the Sith Empire upon Dromund Kaas, where he would strengthen the relationship between the Empire and the Ascendency. After consulting his father, they decided it would be best for him to leave and go to Dromund Kaas. Once there, he was tested and retrained, not only in Stava, but in the usage and maintaining of a rifle along with the standard training given to a future agent of the Empire.

With this training, he went on to complete several lower level missions with efficiency that impressed some of the highers up, allowing him to take part in several assassinations. He was responsible for the killings of two Republic senators, a Balmorran Rebellion leader, and a Hutt Cartel underboss.

During his dealing with the underboss, however, he was gravely injured and suffered third degree burns on the left side of his body from his face to his pelvis, and all along his arm. recovery took about four months.

With these under his belt, he was given the chance to work on negotiations and interrogation, where he proved to be just as efficient, earning himself the title of Cipher 5. He was retired from the field however, and put on assignment within Kaas city when Imperial Intelligence was dissolved and reformed as Sith Intelligence. While many despised the Sith for this, he didn't care. one way or the other, they all ended up getting their orders from the Sith.

As time went on, however, he began to wonder why this Empire continued to stand with so much infighting. He began to relay messages to the Ascendency assessing the Vitiate Empire's weaknesses in his 43rd year. in his 44th year, he'd had to execute one of the younger agents that stumbled onto his plan. The planet would belong to the Ascendency if he had to die for it, he was convinced.

However, his plans were put on hold when the Empire of Shadows, as he called them in future years referring to how unexpected the attack was, struck Balmorra and Korriban. From the last few transmissions sent from Balmorra, he drew the conclusion that it had been terribly botched...yet somehow succeeded. This further proved his point of the Empire being weak, while even more surprising was the strike on Korriban's orbit. It came from nowhere, like the attack on Korriban by the Vitiate Empire so many years before when the Republic held it from Orbit.

Skills, Attributes, and InventoryEdit

-Martial Art: Stava


-Rifle Proficiency

-Medium Armor Proficiency

-Interrogation Proficiency

-Negotiation Proficiency

-Intelligence Proficiency

-Etiquette Proficiency

-Empathic Proficiency



--- Total Points Spent: -- 10


Power -6

Agility -5

Will -7


- standard issue uniform of the Vitiate Imperial Intelligence division of the military

- old uniform from field operation days

- old sniper rifle from his field operation days

- locket with theme song within it (the chimes)

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