Hazama (Chronophantasma, Character Select Artwork)
Miliko Kaminaga
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Physical Description

1/2 Arkanian 1/2 Epicanthix




183 cm (6'0")


61 kg (134.5 lbs)

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color

Healthy Peach

Chronological and Political Information




Skills and Abilities

Basic and Arkanian


Deceiving, acting, lying.

Favorite Food



Manipulating, Plotting, torture.

Miscellaneous Information

2 Switch Blades, 1 Lengthy Chain (Serrated tip), 1 Lightsaber

Theme Song


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Milikos birth except that he was one of the many genetic manipulated children of his generation, a half breed between Arkanian and Epicanthix. It's a part of his past he can't recall but it intrigues him to learn of his origins. Miliko was picked up quite early in his life by a Jedi for his force sensitivity, something that was very evident with his connection to the force. The only problem with it was his strong affinity to the darkside, something the jedi thought they could change before it was too late. He spent the next portion of his life training under a Jedi master, Tel'lik Quon, where he learned how to control his emotions and defend himself and others.

Except it was just a warped lie.

He never agree'd with the philosophies of the Jedi nor the things they tried to teach him. He took in the information of course and abused their trust so that he could further thimself mentally and physically. He even gave up on thinking about the dark side for a time, if only so that they did not give up on him. He became more of a neutral man, polishing his skills and silver tongue as he snaked his way through the order harmlessly. It wasn't until he neared graduation to Jedi Knight that anyone noticed something. That person who noticed was a fellow Padawan under the same instructor as himself. His motivations and actions came under questioning and due to the interference his true personality began to creep out after all those years of pretending.

The day before his intended graduation and trial Mil murdered that padawan at dawn, his sickening laughter and malice filling the courtyard once it was clear he wasn't going to graduate. He had abandoned the facade he maintained for so many years and clearly stated his true motives then and there. There was a panic as newly instated Padawans and even Knights were murdered. The Masters confronted him and drove him into a corner demanding explanations and a true trial for what he had done. Barely escaping with his life, Miliko fled from the area and search parties were established to protect the Padawans but there were no more attacks or signs of him.

Mid LifeEdit

After the incident with the Jedi, Miliko defected to the first place a warped, psycho Jedi murderer would go: The Sith. It was not an easy process to track the nearest location down, nor was it a simple task to make them trust him. It took many months in planning and in one swift day of execution he became one with a small order of Sith. There he trained his body further, taking everything the Jedi taught him and perverted it in his own way. Everything had a purpose and everything had a use. The amount of fellow acolytes and initiates that fell to Miliko was countless and he became addicted to the hunger.. and why should he stop it?

His manipulative nature truly shined in his situation as a Sith and his instructors and masters took notice quickly.. and were cautious, scared even. They began to make their own preperations as Miliko began his ascent to power. If there was one group of people Miliko respected it was the Sith. If there was one group of people he wanted to lead it was the Sith.

Unfortunately for Miliko his arrogance got the best of him after his victories over the lesser people. During a training session he was struck down with a trainer saber that was tuned a little too highly and ended up in the medical ward for 3 nights. During this time a shuttle was prepared and an injured, amnesiac Miliko was sent off the planet to secure the safety and comfort of those in power.


Miliko spent the next years of his life in a blur. He could not remember a lot of his past from his injury and spent his days working simple labor related jobs. He talked to people, and if you asked them they would tell you he was just an average guy who was a little weird at times.

This continued for some time; he'd wake up in cold sweats remembering bits and pieces of his past. Once he had remembered a few key things: Who he was, what he could do and his goal everything was clear.. He couldn't waste his time any longer. He had places to be.. a galaxy to correct.


Miliko is a very dark individual but he very rarely shows it in public. He often acts like a calm, quiet and peaceful individual that simply wants to do his job, make his credits and go home at the end of the day without a hassle or conflict. He even acts kind at times, some people may even say weird.

His true colors are not even close to that however: Miliko Kaminaga is a very selfish man. He takes pleasure in manipulating people, twisting their words and beliefs, killing those that obstruct his path in life and his ulterior motives as he does his work. Few people know how truly sadistic of a man Mil is because he hides it so well.. and disposes of those that find out his dark, dirty secrets.


Miliko is a very shady character. His slim build, bright green hair and height create a creepy sight to see. He is usually always smiling, furthering his appearance into that of a man hiding a demonic, evil nature. He is almost always seen wearing a suit, gloves and steel toed boots. To top it off he is often wearing his black fedora to complete this look. His eyes are usually not entirely open, creating a creepy snake like look.


Miliko carries various weapons on his person at all times; almost always concealed. These include those detailed below:

Tsunami1 550

Miliko's Switch blades

2 Switch blades, each built with a durasteel base mixed with a hint of cortosis for an added precaution. Neither of them hold enough cortosis to be of any use against lightsabers or heavy blaster fire, but they can be used atleast once to parry an attack. Any further would simply entirely destroy the mixed materials from overheating the brittle cortosis and melting the durasteel.

1 long chain that has a serrated, sharp tail end. The weapon in its entirety is reminescent of a snake and can be used as a whip like weapon to strike, slice or stab the desired object. Through manipulation of the force it can also be used hands free; though that depends on the skill of the force user and requires a skill high enough to lift and utilize the chain whip.


Miliko's Lightsaber design

1 lightsaber, the hilt consisting of both durasteel and obsidian elements to create a silver/black colour scheme with all of the switches and knobs being swapped to a green color scheme to match his overall appearence. It houses a Rubat crystal coupled with a sickly green color crystal.


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