Axiom Villainess Picture
Morgana L'étoile Brillante (Birth).
Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Unknown (Likely Taris)

Date of Birth

3,665 BBY

Physical Description







140 lbs

Hair Color

Dirt blond (originally). Black (Later)

Eye Color

Left Eye, Cyan. Right Eye, Brown


Unknown (Appears Tarisian)

Skin Color

Pale White

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic




Rogue Sorceress

Known Masters

Unnamed Dark Jedi

Family Information

Unknown wealthy businessman

Twin Siblings

Patricia (Deceased)

Relationship Information

The pilots of her ship


Numerous Guards


Karter (To a point)


Hyperion Algethii (Initial). Ashlynn Thorin (Later).


[Dantius Octavian]] (Eventually).

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Makashi, Jar'Kai, and saberstaff (Lightsaber)


Force Storm, Deadly Sight (Dark Side). Force Push (Neutral)



Other Skills

Power to persuade that is not negotiative or Force-fueled.


Business transactions, striking from the shadows, refining her skills

Miscellaneous Information

Two-curved hilted lightsabers with magnetic pommels to accommodate her skills


Morgana L'étoile Brillante was the first of two children born to wealthy, prestigious business owners with the other being her younger twin sister Patricia. Unlike her sister however, Morgana was discovered to be Force-sensitive and was given over to a hired Dark Jedi who trained her in her powers. It wasn't long before Morgana not only equalled but also surpassed the mistress that trained her. In fact, by the time she was a teenager, she was a Force-wielder capable of yielding deadly results when tested. 

However, under the tutelage of her mistress, Morgana also learned how to wield curved-hilted lightsabers and eventually mastered the Makashi and Soresu lightsaber forms with Jar'Kai and saberstaff on the side. However, at age sixteen, Morgana was made aware that her sister had fallen in love with a man named Dantius Octavian. Though she let this one slide, she was not so generous when she heard the news that Patricia had been raped by Dantius' elder brother Hyperion Algethii and when she committed suicide, Morgana snapped. Rather than forgiving Hyperion as Dantius learned to do, Morgana swore vengeance.

For seven years thence, she searched for her quarry, eager to bring him to justice and claim any reward that was on his head. Along the way, her parents sadly perished in a speeder accident and left all their wealth and assets to Morgana, the only legitmate heiress they had. Using this wealth, she eventually found Hyperion and was even able to hold him hostage and persuade his ally Seth al Ugolio to become her head-bodyguard. However, her plans for vengeance would come to a full stop when she finally met Hyperion's brother Dantius (the one to lead her straight to Hyperion), an act that incited a lust for what her sister had once enjoyed.

But Dantius was strong-willed and his love for another proved too powerful for Morgana's ability to seduce. She was eventually forced to make a choice between satisfying her vengeance or satisfying her lust which caused her to go insane and disappear. At present, she is seldom seen by few and it has been rumored that she perished though this is unlikely. However, if anyone should see her, it is safe to say that she can be recognized by her Cyan-Blue left eye and right Light-Brown eye, a result of complete Heterochromia iridum.

Early LifeEdit

"I've never really cared much for the parts of my past that didn't involve obtaining my powers or being with my sister. When she died, everything but those relevant memories faded from my mind. However, let's just say my parents were influential in the galaxy and leave it be."

-Morgana, reflecting on her familiy life since Patricia killed herself.

Born in 3,661 BBY, Morgana was the eldest of twin sisters by about three minutes with her sister Patricia being the next. Patricia and Morgana quickly grew to love each other as sisters and even forged a powerful bond that made them nigh inseparable. However, when the twins were both eight years old, it was discovered that Morgana had attunement to the Force and more specifically to the Dark Side. It was determined by her parents that it would be best for her to learn how to control her inner darkness for the benefit of all.

As such, the next year, they hired a Dark Jedi who taught her such spells Force Storm and Force Choke. This Dark Jedi also taught her the Comprehend Speech ability and how to levitate herself above all others. As for her saber skills, it was discovered she was a natural at Makashi and Soresu as well as Jar'Kai and saberstaff. Meanwhile, Patricia was trained to be the successor of their parents' business and Morgana eventually became an agent, endorsing and sponsoring the family business across the galaxy.

However, after four years of training, Morgana decided she was powerful enough and skilled enough to best her teacher. When challenged to do so, she put an end to his career and his life with little strain on her end, becoming an independent agent of her parents' business as a reward. Her parents rewarded her by allowing her his final paycheck that she could use for whatever she wished. She bought herself the starship she would use when she started her search for Hyperion with the money.

Along the way, she learned many tricks of the trade including how to patiently wait for something to go her way. It was something she would incorporate not only in her business sense but also in her hunt for Hyperion after he raped her sister and subsequently caused her suicide. She also obtained an unnatural ability for swaying the minds of those around her without any usage of Force Power in the slightest. Dubbing it "Mind-Navigation", she proved capable of probing into a person's thoughts and successfully yielding favorable results.

Even her Dark Jedi teacher was helpless whenever she chose to use her persuasive tongue to get her way out of him. All these traits came in very handy for allowing the family business to not only survive but also to thrive. Hence, before Patricia went off to college to try and earn her own way to the top, their parents had declared that Morgana would inherit the business assets in the event of its tragic shutdown and their deaths. Due to an accidental alcohol overdose, her mother was nearly comatose shortly after cosigning the will that left everything to Morgana.

After Patricia died, the week after, her bastard child was given to Morgana's paternal aunt for future care. Just then, the business' luck ended and it started to shrivel with her parents' deaths in the speeder accident (one that would see both parties' speeders exploding) meaning its own end. Absorbing all the wealth accumulated from her family's success, including their estate and security guards, Morgana had what she needed to do anything she wished.

The Quest ContinuesEdit

"Shall we act to obtain the bounty, ma'am?" "No, the bounty means that Hyperion will be searching for a place to hide. A place to call rest without more than half the galaxy on his doorstep. We shall pretend to give him that shelter and then strike when he takes the bait." 

-Morgana and her Captain on how she planned to capture Hyperion for her own wishes

Even when all the universe seemed to be hers, Morgana always had a foreboding feeling that it wouldn't last forever. Three years later, while Morgana continued to sponsor and endorse her parents' business (which sold firearms to civilians for a cheap cost), Patricia went to a famous college (the first of her age to do so in years). Her goal was to learn how to lead and keep a business going so that she could inherit the family business despite Morgana's wishes to do so. But Patricia's dreams would go downhill fast as Morgana stood by and helplessly watched.

Not very long after she began her college career began, she reunited with an old friend named Dantius Octavian and began dating him within the week. While Morgana contentedly watched this, her content to let members of Dantius' family near her sister would not last. About a month after Patricia and Dantius began going out, Dantius' elder brother beat and raped Patricia shortly after a school dance. Morgana attempted to intervene but her parents gave her too many jobs maintaining the business for her to do anything solid.

Over the next nine months, Morgana watched from afar as her sister grew heavy with Hyperion's bastard child and eventually give life to the baby. About half a month later, Patricia suspiciously surrendered custody of the child to their parents and Morgana demanded to intervene on pain of killing the baby if she wasn't allowed to. Knowing what she would do if they said yes, her parents locked her away and successfully prevented her from delivering on her threat. Another half month passed and the report came back that Patricia had successfully committed suicide by jumping into one of the tunnels leading into the Coruscant Underworld.

Enraged and vengeful, Morgana tore through the bars of her cell with the Force and vowed vengeance against Hyperion wherever she could find him. She knew that his rape had destroyed her long before the baby was born due to people's changing opinion of Patricia. Once, she had been one of the most prestigious women in the deadly food chain of popularity but was reduced to no mroe than a common whore. For seven years, she traversed across the galaxy, searching for the man responsible for the destruction of her sister's mind and her eventual death.

Unbeknownst to her, Hyperion had been taken to the insane asylum on Teth which was said to have incredibly effective measures for containing Force-sensitives. But she was patient: she knew that men like Hyperion couldn't stay hidden forever and when he revealed himself, she would strike. Sure enough, after seven years of unexplained silence, Hyperion finally returned to the Known Galaxy. Carefully watching his movements through probe droids and spies in Kublai the Hutt's service, she knew everything.

She knew about how he had been captured at the Hapes Cluster and had been aiding General Nobunaga before then. But instead of acting on his capture, she wisely decided to wait and see what he would do about getting revenge against Nobunaga for his betrayal. As anticipated, he escaped Vornu custody though not before a warrant for his arrest was placed throughout all Republic Space. She later learned of the bounty placed on his head by Dantius but order her guards not to pursue him for it.

But even then, she waited until Hyperion had fulfilled his role in the prophecy before truly beginning to make a move against Hyperion. Then, not long after making this decision, Morgana received news of a bounty hunter that had been looking for him via her pawn Kublai. But she was displeased to hear that he had attacked this bounty hunter when his intent was to do what Morgana couldn't: bring the bald Human down. In her anger, she sent a punishing volley of Force-fueled electricity through his body and fried the Hutt.

However, this would not come without its repercussions: two days after his death, Dantius' ally Karter was first sent to investigate it and then the attack on the medbay that Hyperion went to for attention on his arm. Testing him by killing the guards who had killed the doctors there, she used their bodies as a means to bait him into a trap that would either prove his worth of an audience with her or would kill him.

Thankfully, he proved his worth (via killing several guards and circus performers she hired that had attacked him with intent to try and kill him) and despite being disguised an alter ego that he called "The Servant". Whilst under disguise, Karter made a pact with Morgana, one that was meant to ensure that Dantius' protection couldn't protect Hyperion. To allow her to continue her quest against Hyperion and regularly inform her when Dantius' movements appeared to be colliding with her in exchange for not involving Jedi. She was also not to involve any citizens of the Republic which would also bring on the wrath of the Jedi as well but both things were something she already tried doing anyway.

Insulted by his dishonesty, she decided to wait until after he was gone to begin digging up people who would be sketchy enough to don the disguise that had been displayed before her. Finding Karter's public profile with the help of one of her guards, the wheels of her mind began to turn.

A Sideline EndeavorEdit

Shortly after her meeting with the man who would turn out to be Karter, Morgana decided to begin brewing the foundations for his destruction. Asking her Captain to have her spies reconnaissance the public profiles of agents of the Republic with intent to find images of them as well as conduct investigation to uncover as much dirt from on their hands as possible. Unfortunately for him, Karter's profile was the most likely match for the kind of person that would disguise themselves in front of Morgana. Pondering the best way to bring him down, she decided to keep the Corellian Police Force on Line 1, in case spies there found anything.

Saving Seth al UgolioEdit

"What are you selling, woman?" "I'm not trying to sell you anything, I am attempting to make a generous offer that I hope you will not refuse." "What?" "Doesn't seem a difficult choice does it? Either join me and be safe or fly solo and be hunted down like an animal for all your days, what do you think?"

-Seth and Morgana upon first meeting.

More coming soon

Meeting DantiusEdit

"You are only being used by the organization you serve, Dantius. The cowards on the Jedi Council have weighed the value of your life and the lives of those you care about and found that they were nothing to them!" "You're lying." "What did they promise you? That you would feel like you had done the right thing when you protect the innocent, that you would be hailed as a hero for your actions as if those formalities were theirs to give?" 

-Morgana and Dantius, shortly after Hyperion disappeared forever.

More coming soon

Making a ChoiceEdit

Coming soon

The New PathEdit

Coming soon

Personality TraitsEdit

"If I were to boast of having a gift, as you call it, it would perhaps be my natural ability to persuade and command the people around me to suit my own ends or the ends of those I collaborate with. I used this to do more than keep bread on the table for the family when my parents were far too lazy to do it for themselves." "Your gift is not that but your natural attunement to the Force, give up the darkness and come to the Light! I know it can be used for great ends if you do!" "You really think that the Force is the only thing important to me?" "It should be: whenever I was haunted by the death of your sister, I turned to the Force for solace and found all I needed." "You are a fool like all the rest of your Jedi Order! But no matter, you will break soon enough and when you do, you will be mine for as long as I command!" 

-Morgana and Dantius when the latter attempted to persuade the former to give up her vengeance and her lust.

To those that Morgana let into her heart, she was very compassionate, kind, and even loving. Patricia, her twin sister, even managed to develop a bond with her that was so powerful that they were nigh inseparable. However, when provoked to anger and vengeance, Morgana was not to be trifled with for she would often set out to think of the worst possible ways to make her newly-christened enemy suffer for their insult before dying. When Hyperion raped Patricia, the latter killing herself a month after delivering his bastard daughter, Morgana vowed to find him and mutilate him to pieces.

Another thing that made her worse than any woman scorned to vengeance was that the long she had to search, the more interested she became. The more interested she became, the more gruesome her methods would be when she finally caught up with her target. However, she was not without her weaknesses as far as her mentality was concerned. When she met Dantius, she experienced her first case of sexual arousal at the sight of a boy and became very fascinated with the idea of dealing her fantasies unto him.

Ignited when Dantius came to help find his brother and bring him into custody, Morgana vowed that if she couldn't have Dantius then no woman would, believing that all love lied in the looks rather than within. But as time went by, she became aware of the existence of Ashlynn Thorin and Dantius' love for her. When she did, she vowed that she would steal him away from her and never give him back. For all her wits and cunning, it seemed that even Morgana was stupefied by the effects of a fiery desire for the flesh of a man.

After she failed to satisfy her lust and her vengeance for what would be the final time, Morgana was left without hope and vowed to destroy them both in different ways. For even though she was angered by both brothers, she was not without her wits or her patience and she can keep herself hidden for a while. When the time comes to reveal herself again, Morgana will and not a moment sooner than that...

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Morgana's sabers

Capable of magnetizing to form a saberstaff, Morgana's curve-hilted lightsabers (when in use) were a symbol of fear. Prizing these over any of her other possessions, it will be impossible to for all but few to catch her without them.

"The reputation of what you can do precedes you, Morgana. You say you're the commander of powers I couldn't fathom yet you rely on your guards. Guards with no true loyalty, no spirit, just stuck on this for a source of income! What have you to show for your power, what have you to gain?" "The future: the future where men like Hyperion lay dead, their organs strewn across the ground. And a future where men who deny deny my advances, as you have, share the same fate!" 

-Morgana and Dantius, the former threatening a gruesome fate to the former after he denied her lust.

More coming soon.

Timeline (Threads)Edit

  • Note: Due to her relatively recent appearance in Roleplay, threads with Morgana are scare as of now but are being developed

Greater Galaxy

1. The Knife In The Darkness (Keeping in the shadows)

2. A Pact With Evil (An interesting proposition)

3. Never Trust Those Who Claim To Be Your Allies (The wheels of the mind turn)

4. TBA


To Be Announced


Morgana's first name comes from one version of the name for King Arthur's older half-sister (also known as Morgan La Faye) who would mother Arthur's son and rival Mordred. 

Her middle and last name are French for "the Shining Star". In fact, Morgana Le'toile Brillante (if fully translated) means "Morgana the Shining Star", an irony considering affiliation in the Force.

Her skills with Jar'kai and saberstaff as well as the design of her lightsabers is a nod to the fighting style of Asajj Ventress from such works as Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series and many Clone Wars-based comics.

Many of her mannerisms (including some of the ways she acts) are a nod to a combination of Emperor Palpatine and Count Dooku, the latter best represented in her expertise of Form II: Makashi. Both characters are best referenced in her mastery of Force Lightning which includes the climatic ability of Force Storm.

Her ruthlessness is likening to Sherlock Holmes' nemesis Moriarty and her cunning meant to resembel that of David Xanatos of Disney's Gargoyles series.

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