Galactic TimelineEdit

  • 138 - 142 ABY, The Galactic Federation Triumvirate is formally structured and as a result, Mygeeto is freed from its subserviant shackles under the Imperial Remnant. Its newly acquired liberty would not have been possible, however, were it not for a group of freedom fighters under the name, Intergalactic Free Alliance. These freedom fighters were predominantly structured under the ideals of the Old Republic, and sought nothing more then a unified Republic once more as there had been many centuries prior before. That being said..they greatly disagreed when the Muuns formally signed an alliance with the Trium. Yet despite their disappointment, the Alliance continued to provide their services and protection to the planet and those that were within their reach. As they were nothing more then a small faction with little more then 5,000 members strong, they saw no action out side of the Albarrio Sector. However, this would change over time as the small faction would begin to extend their reach with help of the Muuns, but most especially with that of the Lurmens who were now a rising force who sought nothing but equality and a unified government with the Muuns.
  • 143 - 147 ABY, With its newly acquired liberties and involvement with the Trium, Mygeeto went through an era of relative peace (as did most planets within the Imperial Remnant sector). This period would be a time that the planet sought out major trade with other worlds within the greater galaxy, distributing its rich wealth of crystals with those who were willing to pay a hefty fee. Few factions were capable of purchasing such crystals as the nova, or lasing crystals, but those that did would benefit greatly. A few such crystals were handed to the Intergalactic Free Alliance for their previous aid in freeing the planet, but from these small trades, the Alliance Remnant would gain a few assets as well. Still against the Muuns descision, the Free Alliance began to reach out to the Alliance Remnant in hopes of cultivating a new effort to bring the galaxy back to a much more unified state free of Imperial influence.
  • 148 - 152 ABY, The Muuns, currently unaware of the efforts of the Free Alliance, are beginning to see the Lurmen as a capable people and thus, an alliance of sorts is made between the two races. Chairman Ves Hill, formally signs a treaty with Clan Leader Twi Kusa.

After having formed an alliance with the Lurmens on Mygeeto, the Muuns would also form an alliance with the much more hierarchical structure of the Lurmen world of Maridun. High Clan Leader Kla Po, commences a full unifying of the people from both planets.

  • 153 - 160 ABY, This period would be a time of increased cooperation by all factions of the planet as it expands in wealth and prosperity. The Lurmen people are sought out to help mine the vast crystal deposits of the planet and a Watcher is placed over much of the projects. To increase further trust, the Watcher, would be an elder Lurmen by the name of Baa Twa. He would help oversee the mining of the crystal fields and help keep a unified balance between the Muuns and Lurmen people (who at this time would begin experimenting in making technology of their own).
  • 161-167 ABY, The Muuns see a desire for increased wealth from the Mandalorians as growing of their progress to dominant the galaxy begins to spread. With it, so too does the Muuns desire for trade. While others see instability, they see nothing but profit, a profit that makes them begin to loose sight. However, another pressing matter is word of a growing Imperial faction. One who seeks to bring back the full furry of galactic rule under a new Empire. Chairmen Ves Hill communicates furiously with the Banking Clans of Muunilist, as a fear of being brought back to a subserviant level washes over. Increased production on a new series of droids is done immediately, as a means to defend themselves from a growing threat they believe may soon be realized.
  • 168 - 175 ABY, A new Watcher is appointed after the death of Baa Twa and his grandson, Vu Twa takes the position. His office would be a stessful one with the pressing orders of the Muuns to gather more crystals for their apparent, War Machine. New Clan Leader Kun Jar, gathers the Lurmens with secret gatherings that would see to their newly acquired weapons being put to use in possibly defending themselves from the Muun menice. A fear of becoming enslaved like generations before takes hold, and as a result a mistrust between the Muuns and Lurmens is all but inevitable. The clans of Maridun are also made aware and seek out the aid of the Alliance Remnant.

By this period as well, the Intergalactic Free Alliance is formally involved with the Alliance Remnant and both keep somewhat of a low profile within the Imperial Remnant space. Though they seem to focus themselves around the old Republic planets such as Dantooine. Reasons for doing so, remain unknown..

  • 176 - 180 ABY, With the Muuns mobilizing themselves for a war that just doesn't seem to come, and the Lurmens preparing to take action should the Muuns move to enslave them. The planet goes grey with a growing tension between its inhabitants, and those who come to visit it can readily find such tension among the streets and cities. However, the Muuns still maintain somewhat of an accord with the Lurmens and their leaders readily have council meetings to ensure some form of stability is maintained. This is done due to the fact that the Lurmens are indeed a capable people and valuable resource that the Muuns wish not to loose in their mining of the vast crystal deposits, and the Lurmens see the Muuns as an asset that could lead them to a much greater and brighter future then they ever had.

War AssetsEdit

Fleet Compliments:Edit

Name: Lucrehulk-Class

Role: Battleship/Control Ship

Name: SW-Imperial Star Destroyer

Role: Destroyer

Name: Providence-Class

Role: Carrier/Destroyer

Name: Recusant-Class

Role: Light Destroyer

Name: Munificente Class

Role: Frigate


Name: BC-714 Luxury Transport

Role: Transport

Planetary Defenses:Edit

Name: Golan III Space Defense NovaGun

Role: Defense Platform