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Myrcella Romaniski
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Nogatan, Shadow

Place of Birth

Dromund Kaas

Date of Birth

3,665 BBY

Physical Description





1.77 m


179 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Color



Left Leg

Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic


Sith Empire, True Empire

  • Conscript [3,637]
  • Lieutenant, Shadow Guard [3,636-?]
Family Information

Marcelus Romaniski


Helena Romaniski

Twin Siblings

Marcel Romaniski (deceased)

  • Zoephia Romaniski
  • Tyandas Romaniski
  • Trycken Romaniski
  • Eroc Verlac
Skills and Abilities
  • Photographic Memory
  • Galactic Basic
Miscellaneous Information
  • Two highly modified blaster pistols
  • A modified sniper rifle
  • A vibro-sword
  • vibro-knives.

"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane"
―Philip K. Dick[[src]]

Myrcella Romaniski was a Human female who served both the Sith Empire and Pravus Axiom as an Intelligence Agent. She was born to Marcelus Romaniski, a rising businessman, and Helena Verlac, a Watcher with the Intelligence Agency, in 3,665 BBY on the planet of Dromund Kaas. With her, came the birth of her twin brother, Marcel Romaniski. Her father was the founder of RomCorp. He was a man who gained his immense wealth through shrewd business deals. When Myrcella was eight, young Marcel and Helena were found dead in the family estate. After their deaths, Myrcella's mental condition collapsed, forcing her father to place her in a institution from 3,657-3,654 BBY.

When she came of age, she expressed a desire to join the Intelligence Agency; however, she was barred from entry due to her past. Her father, who was supplying weapons to the Empire and was also a member of Dromund Kaas' most influential famlies, pulled a few strings. Myrcella attended the Imperial Academy in 3,647 through 3,643 BBY. She stayed with Sith Empire until 3,638 BBY when she fled. She joined the True Empire in 3,637 BBY as an Imperial Conscript.

Upon her arrival, she was greeted by Alistair Skye, an Academy Instructor, who would accompany her on first trial to Rior. Voska Khacha would also join the pair. Her mission to recover a specialized suit being developed by the Sith Empire, was a success. She returned to Nogatan and spent several days training, until the spectre known as Eris resurfaced. Myrcella fought by the sides of Darth Valerian, Andruil Salisar, and Verrin. She played a part in the spectre's capture.

During this event, Myrcella's left leg was hacked off. Her cybernetic replacement was acquired and attached by Dr. Reila Valenidine-Nolvi. Master Verrin assisted her through the recovery process and in return, Myrcella offered the Zabrak her aid in bringing down Darth Parasis. However, the Sith wanted to test her skills before accepting her services. After her recovery, she was summoned to the ship once known as the Tribulation to join the intelligence division known as the Shadow Guard. The Shadow Guard, headed by Alistair Skye, would give Myrcella the opportunity to prove herself as an Imperial Agent. She and Sareen Skye would travel to Dromund Kaas, Korriban, and Balmorra to discover any weaknesses in Vitiate's Empire.

Soon after completing her mission, she completed a task Master Verrin had assigned to her, involving the apprentice of Lady Karnok.

Shortly after she was accepted into the ranks as a Lieutenant, she was sent to Dathomir to study the natives' primitive culture. She ended up traveling to the planet with Verrin, who was headed there on a separate agenda. Myrcella ended up rescuing the Sith Master from the clutches of a local Dathomiri camp.


Birth and Early LifeEdit

"How many men are lucky enough to have a heir to their empire and beautiful daughter?"
― Marcelus Romaniski after his twins are born.

Helena Romaniski gave birth to her twins on a stormy Welona day in 3,665 BBY. A girl was born first, followed shortly behind by the boy. Marcelus was overjoyed by their birth and took it upon himself to name his offspring after him. Therefore, the girl was named Myrcella and the boy Marcel. Their father quickly ensured that they never had to want for anything and they never did.

Loosing More Than A Few MarblesEdit

"She...she killed him"
―Myrcella to her father.

Coming Soon...

Coming of AgeEdit

"Get up. I have guests arriving soon and I don't need you moping around. Either put on some suitable clothes or get out of my sight."
―Marcelus Romaniski

Coming Soon...

Struggling to Make it ThroughEdit

"These words are the only thing that give me comfort "
―Myrcella Romaniski

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The Sith EmpireEdit

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Mission to ChandrilaEdit

Coming Soon...

Leaving a Blotted SunEdit

"As a child…I was instructed at home. I would spend hours reading nothing but history and actual Sith manuscripts. I grew attached to these writings and grew to believe in every text. All I had was those writings. When I joined the Sith Empire I thought I would have my chance to live in history and witness the power of the Sith, I was disappointed by what I found. I couldn't continue to fight for a cause that I did not believe in."
―Myrcella said to Commander Skye concerning her reason for leaving the Sith Empire.[[src]]

Coming Soon...

The True EmpireEdit

"I want to find something I believe in. Something I am willing to fight for, to die for."
―Myrcella to Alistair[|[src]]

After traveling from planet to planet for several months, Myrcella recalled certain whispers she heard, echoing throughout


Myrcella around the time of her arrival on Nogatan.

During her travels throughout the galaxy, Myrcella heard whispers of organization similar, yet very different from the Empire she left.

Waiting for the SunEdit

"No one can master their own emotions Myrcella. No one can be completely in control."
Alistair Skye to a distressed Myrcella[[src]]

Upon her arrival at the Recruitment Center, Myrcella was greeted by Commander Alistair Skye, an instructor at the Academy. He would

Encounter With a SpectreEdit

"The last stand. Are you ready, young warrior?"
Andruil Salisar under the influence of Lord Akieyor[[src]]

Coming Soon...

Finding the Right FootingEdit

"I'm not a Sith, I'm a just a conscript. I'm young. I'm foolish, and occasionally I'm a little crazy, but despite all that, I'd like to offer you my assistance in this endeavor of yours."
―Myrcella said to Verrin after bei g attacked by Darth Parasis' assassin.[[src]]

The ShadowEdit

A Trip to DathomirEdit

"Can you stand? I'm gonna get you out of here. Just keep quiet. Let me handle this."
―The agent told the Zabrak upon saving him.[[src]]

The SongEdit

Physical DescriptionEdit

Myrcella has been described as gorgeous. She has long black hair, bright blue eyes, full lips, and pale skin. She is said to greatly resemble her mother, so much her father constantly called her "Helena", when he was angry. She is quite tall with a very slim, toned body, and subtle curves. She is normally dressed in pants and tank top when not missions. During missions Myrcella may be dressed in a body suit, uniform, or some disguise.

Personalty and TraitsEdit

Myrcella was once a very positive, quirky and upbeat person. She always tried to see the good in people and tried to be a friend to everyone. She tried to live by a code of honor and morality. She valued qualities such as compassion, honor and virtue in others. However, as her life changed, so did she. She became quiet, rude, and pessimistic.

Myrcella was described as unpredictable, obsessive and arrogant, but also educated, zealous, wealthy, and connected. She was extremely loyal to her friends, family, comrades, and cause, despite her cold, abrasive nature. Myrcella's biggest defining trait, as well as her greatest weakness, is her love and loyalty to her family and friends. She believed that it was her duty to preserve and protect them. But in spite of her past experiences, Myrcella is very naive and easily manipulable. The agent normally had a bad habit of taking simple kindnesses and turning them into something else entirely. So eager to be loved and to love, she often made many mistakes when she decided to open her heart to anyone. She is known for speaking her mind and having a fierce temper, which she possibly inherited from her father. Her pride is something else she also received from Marcelus. Myrcella's pride was a fragile, delicate thing that was often wounded by someone's word and actions.


The agent was also obsessed with power. She absolutely admired those who had the power of the Force and was very envious of them. When she lost her left leg

She was the kind of woman who would do anything to keep a promise she made to someone; however, Myrcella very rarely had tolerance for those who broke their words or lied to her. Despite the fact that she always kept her word, she was proficient at finding loopholes in the deals she made and was very careful with those that she proposed, making it clear that whenever she did something, she hadn't promised not to do it. She rarely forgave those who wronged her. Her good opinion once lost, would never be regained again.


"'I refuse to fail...'"

"That's nice."


Marcelus RomaniskiEdit

"Marcelus Romaniski is a man who contributed to my creation and success. He was no father, so why must I look upon him with love reserved for a father only?"
―Myrcella explain to Alistair Skye when he presumed she would not kill her father[[src]]

Myrcella and her father have a strained, almost non-existent relationship; however, that was not always the case. When she was a very young child, Marcelus treated her like a princess. He bought her beautiful dresses and expensive toys. He would read bedtime stories to her and her brother. She loved her father and he loved her. Later on in life, when her father was on his deathbed, she recalled a time when she fell sick. She told him that she remembered him holding her close to his heart and rocking her to sleep. She told him that she knew he never left her side. Myrcella also remembered telling her father that he would get sick too and he replied, " long as I'm sick and you, my dove, are not than I am satisfied".

Everything changed when Helena and Marcel died. Marcelus was too caught up in his grief to even think of comforting of young daughter, who would be forever scared by this event. He no longer cared for her the same way. He no longer looked at her the same way again. Marcelus shunned his daughter because he viewed her as a weak and petulant being. The fact that Myrcella's mental state was obscure, only made matter worse. She spent most of teens and young adulthood trying to prove herself worthy of her father's love. The gifts he used to give her daily, disappeared, unless it was embellished with some silver lining. He rarely spoke, looked, or even acknowledged her. Myrcella soon came to realize it was because she had her mother's face and that her father wished Marcel had lived and she had not.

As she grew in beauty, Marcelus' interest in his daughter blossomed. He saw her as an opportunity to advance his already high social standing by marrying her to Coruscant's finest. She soon became nothing more than a business asset to him. When he discovered that no man could tame the wild and crazy shrew, he wanted nothing more than to remove her from his sight. She was a disappointment to him and remained that way, until she declared an interest in joining the Sith Empire. Her father saw this as a chance to improve his interests with the Empire, already dreaming of his daughter becoming an admiral.

For a while, their relationship was civil. They talked regularly and Marcelus seemed intent on leaving the company, that was destined for her twin, to her. This prospect filled Myrcella with hope, hope that her father would finally be her father once more. After her mission to Chandrila, Myrcella fled the Empire and was declared dead. To protect her father, she ceased all communication. Before she joined the Axiom, she sent her father a message that read, "Still here". Her father has kept her trust fund open to her, keeping that hope alive.

However, that hope was not enough to cure Myrcella of the hatred she felt towards the man who abandoned her in her darkest hour. She believed that to be one of the reasons why she has trouble trusting people.

Helena RomaniskiEdit

"My mother was insane! Unfortunately, I inherited that from her."
―Myrcella describing Helena[[src]]

Myrcella only had a few memories of her mother. She remembered the things like her holding her. She remembered Helena having tea time with her. Myrcella remembered her mother brushing her hair. She remembered loving her mother. These memories were not enough to save Helena's life, though. When her mother killed young Marcel, her daughter killed her without a second thought.

As the years passed, Myrcella found that she only truly remembered was seeing her mother's corpse. This image haunted her for years, until she finally freed herself from her guilt.

Myrcella hated her mother for most of her life. She hated what she did and she hated that she was turning into her. Myrcella favored her mother in appearance more than her father. She was said to have the same temperament and mental disposition. They both had the same passion for books and fear of mynocks. They both shared the same laugh. Marcelus once told her, that he sometimes forgot Helena was dead when he saw his daughter.

Myrcella's greatest fear was turning into her mother. She hated it when people said, "Oh you remind me so much of Helena". She tried for years to separate herself from her mother's memory, mostly because it reminded Myrcella of what she did.

At some point in her life, Myrcella stopped hating her mother. She forgave her and herself.

Marcel RomaniskiEdit

"When I lost my other half...I lost my control."
―Myrcella said about her brother.[[src]]

Myrcella and Marcel were inseparable. Where there was one, the other soon followed. They were never separated from each other. They played, laughed, and schemed together. They finished each others sentences and knew exactly what the other was thinking. They rarely fought. They were each others best friend. They were so alike, yet so different. They were one person when together. Marcel was the confident, goof-ball while Myrcella was shy and serious. When their mother killed Marcel, Myrcella lost that part of her that was lighthearted and genuinely happy. She was half of a whole and without that other whole, Myrcella would never quite be her true self again. It was burden she had to carry with her throughout most of her life.

To keep herself from falling into insanity, Myrcella kept her best friend close to her heart. She took one of her mother's holo-pendants and put Marcel's holographic likeness in it. This pendant is what held Myrcella together throughout her life. It filled the gap that Marcel left when he died.

Some days Myrcella would wonder what her life would be like if Marcel had not died.

Davina VagrieEdit

"Don't one will find you here."
―The smuggler Davina reassured Myrcella as she stowed away on her ship.

Myrcella met Davina in a bar on Coruscant when she was in college. Davina was a bartender who had hopes of becoming a smuggler and Myrcella was just trying to escape life. After one night of partying and awkward encounters, they went their separate ways, never to see each other again.


Davina Vagrie

When she fled from the Empire, she searched the starports of Hanna City, trying to find a ship off the planet. To her surprise, she found Davina. Davina had managed to become a pilot and captain of her own vessel. She immediately offered to take Myrcella where ever she wanted, free of charge. The agent was grateful for her help and was clueless to her true intentions.

She spent several months aboard Davina's ship, helping her with a few smuggling jobs and creating some useful underworld connections along the way. Davina looked after her and took care of her. Myrcella didn't give this a second thought, assuming it was a friendly gesture, when in reality, the woman was in love with her.

When it finally hit Myrcella, she freaked. Instead of giving her a definite no, she gave Davina a vague answer concerning Myrcella's own feelings on the matter. She got off on the next stop and tried to avoid the topic again.

Myrcella, when looking back on the situation, she wished she had handled it differently.

Agent 42Edit

"If you love me as much as you say you do...then you will tell them I didn't escape that building alive."
― Myrcella tells the Chiss agent

Forbes Gadar, Agent 42, was Myrcella's recruiter. He watched her progress closely and helped her improve her skills during her early years as an agent. After a day of long hard work, they would often accompany each other to the officer's club were they would drink away their worries. During these outings, they would laugh and occasionally flirt with one another. Forbes also protected Myrcella from the various drunk men that would approach her. She originally assumed it was because he was aware of her apprehension toward them, but later discovered otherwise.


Captain Gadar

Forbes oversaw many of the missions she went on. He briefed and debriefed her, along with offering advice or praise. She appreciated this, considering him her best friend; however, Myrcella remained sort of awkward around him due to past experiences with the other gender. She did feel something for him, yet she never spoke of this.

During their mission to Chandrila, Forbes concealed the truth about the target she was sent to kill. When she was forced to kill a boy who reminded her of Marcel, Gadar lost her trust. The Arkanian tried to fix things by declaring he only did it because he loved her. In return, Myrcella used Forbes to make a rash escape from the Empire. She left him on Chandrila and did not see him again until years later.

Sometimes, when she was lonely, she would think of Forbes and wonder where he was and what he was doing.


Pistol ProficiencyEdit

Vibro ProficiencyEdit

Light Armor ProficiencyEdit

Intelligence ProficiencyEdit

Cybernetic ProficiencyEdit

Behind the Scenes/Author's NotesEdit

"I think this just might make sense..."
―Shay while creating Myrcella

One day...Myrcella Romaniski's creator woke up with a strange idea for a character. She said to herself, "Okay. Let's take a girl with OCD and make give her severe emotional trauma, but at the same time, let's make her the perfect Imperial Officer!" Thus, Myrcella was born.

Myrcella's name was originally "Myrcella Thorne", but Shay decided to drop "Thorne" (due to how common the surname was) and changed it to Romaniski (thanks to some random Star Wars Name Generator). The name "Myrcella" came from the popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Shay is huge fan and absolutely loved the name from the get go. The character Myrcella in ASOIAF is the polar opposite of Shay's character.

Myrcella is still a working progress, but Shay gathers her inspiration for the character from real life. She was an Imperial Agent instead of a Sith, because Shay had experience with military training. Myr is OCD because her creator has a sister who suffers from the same illness. Myrcella has severe emotional trauma because Batman had severe emotional trauma.


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