Axiom Information


Biographical information



30 BBD



Physical description

Arkanian offshoot / Sith Pureblood




5ft 9

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Pale white

Chronological and political information

Old Republic



Name: Nagh Khadath.

Age: 32 - born 30 BBD (3,672 BBY).

Gender: Female.

Species: Descended from Arkanian offshoots (human hybrid) and Sith purebloods.

Height: 5 feet 9 inches.

Weight: 140 lbs.


  • Pure white hair colour (Arkanian offshoot).
  • Pale, but bright, yellow eyes (Arkanian offshoot/Sith Pureblood).
  • Stark white skin tone (Arkanian offshoot).
  • Five finger hands (Arkanian offshoot)
  • Sharp teeth (Sith Pureblood)
  • High cheekbones (Sith Pureblood)
  • Slight protruding of bones from skin at elbows (Sith Pureblood)

Cosmetics: Sometimes she wears dark makeup to gain maximum contrast against her skin and hair colour. This would typically be strong dark shades of red, purple or blue, but she also adorns herself with pure black from time to time. When she really puts in the effort she isn't against adorning her face with markings of the same colour, and colouring the tips of her hair to match.

Possessions (detail):

  • A simple black cloak
  • A pair of dark robes
  • A single bladed crimson lightsaber
  • A lightsaber construction kit
  • A small box containing a variety of natural remedies
  • A pen and well carved from a dark wood - given to her by her father
  • A rather eerie skin bound pocket journal, the likes of which is embossed with esoteric graffiti - given to her by her father
  • A holopad containing various reference materials
  • A SoroSuub luxury yacht
  • A JR-3 Galactic Speeder


Prelude: The Arkanians and the offshoots

The tale of the Khadath begins on the once great Sith world of Arkania, originally renown to the Sith as a depositary for many histories. It was here that as early as 4,030 BBY Arkanian scientists created the Arkanian offshoots, a genetically engineered species of Arkanian. Like the Arkanian’s the offshoots featured pure white skin and hair, and were also highly intelligent. However, the offshoots also differed. Treated like second-class citizens, they were created to work the gem mines of Arkania – the lifeblood of the planets wealth. They featured a weakened immune system, with Human hybrids also having five fingers and Human-like eyes, whilst Sephi hybrids featured pointed ears. Both the purebloods and offshoots were arrogant, considering themselves to be the pinnacle of evolution.

Some Arkanians, and even offshoots, had made their way into the Jedi order, creating strong ties with the Republic up until the end of the Great Sith War (4,000 BBY). However, by the time of the Mandalorian Wars (3,976 BBY) Arkania was ruled by the Adasca family, who were pure Arkanians trained as Sith, holding the traditional title of Sith Lord. The family also controlled the biomedical corporation Adascorp. After becoming concerned with the ‘watering down’ of pure Arkanian blood, the Adasca branded the Arkanian offshoots as a ‘problem’. At first they attempted to purge old aged offshoots with a plague, but upon its failure they later opted to seek a solution through genetic engineering. This day never came, however, as the Adasca rule was broken in 3,963 BBY. Adascorp was then taken over by the Draay Trust, who was secretly aligned with the Jedi, and Arkania reverted to being in Republic space.

Chapter 1: The Khadath

The Khadath were an Arkanian offshoot mining family who bought their way offworld by stealing a small amount of Arkanian diamonds from the mines they worked in. Shortly after the Draay Trust took over Adascorp in 3,963 BBY they traveled to the overcrowded world of Metellos. They were unknowing of the Adasca plan to create a genetic solution to the offshoot, and feared that the Draay Trust might further persecute the offshoot population or further Adascorp’s dangerous genetic experimentations – the latter of which was later realized in the centuries to come. With the aid of their diamonds the Khadath were able to live with relative comfort on Metellos, glad to have escaped the acts of their pureblood brethren, which they deemed to be obsessive and deranged.

The Khadath and Metellos

In the years that followed the family sought to monopolise on the newly constructed Metellos Trade Route, but experienced only intermittent success. Both the warmer climate and density of the population made things more difficult for the early generation offshoots, but they managed to somehow endure. Away from Arkania the family grew increasingly more sentimental and superstitious, honouring their offshoot ancestors, creating tales from their deeds of hardship and, most of all, revering their final Arkanian diamond above all things.

The Khadath and gemstone

As generations came and went the Khadath rekindled their ties with Arkania, and in 3,822 BBY began importing precious, crystalline and amorphous gemstone. For decades the constant expansion on Metellos provided the family with an income, with persistence in pursuing the Metellos Trade Route finally securing their financial security for generations to come.

Tharik and the Sith

Tharik Khadath, the grandfather to Nagh Khadath, was the head of the Khadath operations on Metellos when the Great Galactic War began in 3,681 BBY. When the Sith conquered Ilum they approached Tharik about a collaboration, the likes of which he did not take to lightly. Despite accepting to work with Sith Empire he had not forgotten the tales of tragedy and peace that the ancestors had passed down unto him; it was the proposition of working the crystals mines of Ilum that swayed Tharik’s heart, and played to the fancies of his heritage. To help manage the operation Tharik sent his only daughter, Corusca – named after the gemstone of the same name.

Corusca and Ilum

The sights that Corusca witnessed on Ilum were at first shocking, but truly not horrific after growing up on Metellos. The Sith Empire had carved the heart of the Republic out of the planet, leaving an almost fantasy landscape of ruins and war in their wake. The corpses of Jedi had been left as a permanent reminder of the Sith Empire’s superiority, forever laying lifeless in the bleak snow landscape. It was a display that made Corusca report to her father that the Sith may actually win the war, and that to keep on their good side was likely the right decision to take. “After all, if the Jedi could not defeat them then who could?” She wrote.

Corusca went on to note that the Sith Lords fortified Ilum with a series of fortresses, bunkers and bases that housed both soldier and miner alike. She had no qualms with how workers were treated, not after seeing the slums of Metellos from atop her families much more comfortable home. Her professional attitude, arrogance and appearance allowed the Arkanian offshoot to thrive amongst both Sith and worker alike.

Whilst she found the Sith harsh at times, Corusca admired their passion for what she considered to be her heritage, saw logic in their reasoning, and strength where there was nothing else that was to be desired. In time she began to subscribe to their ways more, melding the scraps of what she learned about their culture with her own and eventually settled down with a Sith Pureblood - Draich, who through ritual also took the name of Khadath. In 3,672 BBY Corusca gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The hybrid offspring of her Arkanian offshoot mother and Sith Pureblood father, she was named Nagh Khadath.

Chapter 2: The early life of Nagh Khadath

The production of crystal from the facilities on Ilum peaked during the Great Galactic War. With the Khadath family now heavily aligned with the Sith Empire, there was no hiding the fact that Nagh had been born during the middle of the greatest war during living memory. Fearing cataclysmic warfare, the Khadath decided that Nagh should be sent far away from Ilum, and even from the trade routes of Metellos. To this extent Nagh's father, Draich, planned to harbour the youngster to the Sith world of Ziost in 3,667 BBY, knowing that it, alongside Korriban and Dromund Kaas, were the least likely places for the Republic to strike.

Force sensitivity

It was during this event that Nagh showed her first signs of force sensitivity, summoning a ring from her mother's finger by simply reaching out for her hand as the two were being striped of one another. Nagh's force sensitivity made it even harder for the Khadath to swallow, but a proud father decided to deliver the five year old girl first to Korriban. It was here that Draich consulted with his own superiors, the likes of which were focused on the war effort. The fact that one of their lessers had produced offspring was music to their ears.


As Draich kneeled before the Sith Lords of Korriban they detailed the ancestral exploits of both his and Corusca's bloodlines, before announcing that the Sith Empire would need as many Sith as they could get their hands on for the upcoming domination of the Galaxy. Nagh of the Khadath was recognised as a potential Sith, and Draich was given the responsibility to make it so. Despite being present, the ritualistic nature of the event was impossible for Nagh to comprehend in her young age. Instead she simply complained of her discomfort in the brazen Korriban heat.

After passing the good news to the rest of the Khadath, Draich took Nagh to be outfitted, gathering years worth of training tools and supplies for them both. It was obvious that Korriban was one step too far for the girl who had cold climates in her blood, and had spent most of her young life on Ilum - The pair would now travel to Ziost, but this time not with the intent to hide, but instead to prepare for war.


When the Khadath reached Ziost they found little more than a barren wasteland, washed with the ruins of the ancient Sith. In a way it was similar to Korriban, but the Sith Empire had largely made no effort to construct permanent occupations, likely due to the harsh environmental conditions - it was cold, very cold, and it was no surprise thatNagh felt at home here with her Arkanian blood. Occasionally they were able to contact Corusca on Ilum, who gave news of the war, and the Republic later deploying to contend with the Sith Empire on the mystic ice world.

In the years that passed Draich was able to teach Nagh about the philosophies of the force, focusing heavily on the dark side in a series of stages. She was tempted with the unimaginable powers of the force before being taught how to sense, control and alter it. There was never any question in her mind that she should not be giving herself to these powers, only the thirst to taste them. Within a few years Nagh was able to augment almost every aspect of her life with the dark side of the force.

When Draich later deemed her ready, he allowed Nagh to submit herself to the dark side of the force. In a complex series of bloody rituals the Sith Pureblood initiated his daughter into his own ancestry designed to make the initiate realise that there are no more restrictions, no more dangers and no more worry. In sheer exhilarating liberation, at the age of nineteen, Nagh arose one with the dark side of the force - now she was a law unto herself.

The return to Korriban

With the end of the Great Galactic War in 3,653 BBY, and Nagh's initial training completed, the Khadath decided to return to Korriban so that Nagh could face the trials of the academy in the hope of being declared Sith. However, the Sith Lords of Korriban grew jealous of Draich's efforts. Despite not pitting the young woman against other potentials, her abilities outstripped the hopefuls of the current Korriban Sith Lords. As such, Draich was branded as having favoured his daughter so that she could take the trials to become Sith. He was openly punished by his superiors in front of both her and the other academy hopefuls.

Nagh could only wince at the scene unfolding before her, before clambering to aid her father from his ordeal after they were dismissed from the chamber. It was in this moment that she realised that what she had been taught by her father, and what the Sith Lords embodied were somewhat different things - yet both claimed to be the will of the dark side.

For some time she meditated on the fact that what she was feeling may be the wrong thing, that she may not be drawing upon the true dark side at all, or that she was weaker than those who had been deemed to be Sith. At the close of the year Nagh travelling with her father back to Ilum, and upon seeing her mother for the first time since she were a young girl, she decided that her beliefs couldn't be far too wrong at all.

Chapter 3: The grand quest

Whilst her mother and father continued to have more official engagements with the Sith, Nagh wasn't contact by them again until she was twenty-two years old, in 3,650 BBY. Up until this point she had largely given up on becoming a fully fledged force user, instead taking an interest in the workings of the Khadath trade network. Acting as a form of diplomat for the family, she travelled from world to world, visiting projects and businesses that made use of her families crystalline goods.

To become Sith

The holorecording that Nagh received from Korriban was largely polite and formal. It offered to her a list of fourteen challenges, the likes of which if she could prove she had accomplished one by one then she would be acknowledged as Sith within the Sith Empire. However, Nagh was no fool. She knew that with the Cold War in effect the Sith Empire were looking to prepare for another war, and even attack the Republic covertly. Several of the trials they provided to her even had Republic targets, the list in full being:

  • Slay nineteen Tusken, bringing back their gaderffii.
  • Collect the beaks of two Peko Peko Albeatross.
  • Cut out the tongues of three Blurrg raptors.
  • Bring back the bodies of eight Stintaril Prowlers.
  • Fill two vials full of the blood from a Graul.
  • Collect six Kimogila fangs.
  • Skin the hide of eight rancors.
  • Collect middle finger of fifty Republic commandos.
  • Take twenty-two rank badges from Republic officers.
  • Deliver the heads of four Republic Admirals to Dromund Kaas.
  • Sever a piercing claw from an Acklay.
  • Capture a native from Dathomir alive and deliver them to Imperial space.
  • Collect a vial of ichor from the corpse of a Kiin'Dray.
  • Take the scales from a Giant Canyon Krayt Dragon.

All in all, the list was folly. It was impossible for her to complete on her own, she knew that as much, and yet something within her sought to do so nevertheless. Nagh knew she gained nothing from proving to the Sith that she was worthy, but it was within her blood to rise to the challenge, and it was her destiny to be Sith. She accepted the challenge.

Legacy of the Khadath

The other Khadath did not take kindly to Nagh's decision, especially after the confrontation on Korriban. Her father considered the Sith Lords offer to be a death sentence, or that they would betray the young woman if she ever succeeded; not that she ever told them what impossible tasks she had to accomplish. Regardless of what words were spoken, Nagh arrogantly refused to change her mind, and in time the family decided to present to her the best possible start to her adventure that they could.

From her grandfather, Nagh was pronounced second in line to inheriting the Khadath business, and given the position of 'Fellow' to represent her ties to the business on her travels. With this she also gained the wealth of Khadath, should she ever need it.

Her father bestowed unto her a pen and a well carved from a dark wood, alongside a rather eerie skin bound pocket journal, the likes of which is embossed with esoteric graffiti - all to record her own journeys with the dark side of the force.

Finally, her mother granted to her the last of the Arkana diamonds, alongside fine metals and resources which could be used to create a lightsaber. From this Nagh was in awe, but she promised to herself that she would not set foot off Ilum without crafting first crafting the iconic weapon.

The lightsaber - An extension of ones will

Draich had always taught Nagh that the lightsaber was merely an extension of ones will, and whilst the young woman had been trained in the arts of melee combat she had never lifted a lightsaber. It was therefore of no surprise that Draich had to help her in constructing the weapon. Previous to the two dark side wielders settled upon a high hilltop ruin, where once the Jedi had similarly constructed their own sabers on Ilum, Draich had explained each component and shown Nagh schematics and videos of saber construction.

The ruins of the sanctum which they descended upon was blanketed by the anguish of the fallen - the power of the dark side. In long flowing black robes Nagh came to rest the parts of her lightsaber on the ground, taking up a meditative stance as her father used his ancestral knowledge to cast a circle around her. Whether or not his actions had any physical implications were irrelevant - this was his daughters first lightsaber, and it was a special moment for the Sith and her alike.

Nagh's control of the dark side of the force was fluid and confident, with her aligning up of the emitter, red colour crystal, focusing lenses, the diamond and finally the power cell. Tentatively the stack of materials levitated in mid air, strain setting in across the face of the young woman as her father looked on. Slowly but surely she maintained her focus, keeping the parts in balance as the intricate casing wrapped around it. With a sound and secure click she knew that the hilt was secured, but whether or not the weapon would ignite was another question entirely.

Opening her eyes she gazed at the creation that floated in limbo an arms reach away from her, and with a smirk she glanced at her father - she had confidence in her abilities, and faith in the dark side of the force. Draich didn't have quite so much. He knew that things could go wrong to even the most talented of people, or those he cared about most, such as his daughter; but with a sudden snap-hiss those worries were put to rest. Nagh swung the bright red blade in front of her as she had done so many times before with practise weapons, a deviate smile showcasing her delight - now she was ready to begin her greatest journey.

Chapter 4: The Journey into the wilds

In 3,650 BBY Nagh set out for the planet of Dathomir, facing her challenge head-on. The ship which she piloted was a simple SoroSuub luxury yacht, largely unprepared for combat. Upon setting down on the planets surface she disembarked on her JR-3 Galactic Speeder, setting out into the wild. Almost immediately her skills were put to the test in struggling against the wildlife, and it was quite some time before the Khadath came into contact with any natives - as a matter of fact, she didn't come into contact with any at all until she ventured days away from her ship.

The natives of Dathomir

By 3,649 BBY the Khadath had befriended the natives through accidental shows of strength, and through chance she accidentally made a habbit of meeting their hunting parties. This enhanced contact eventually lead to Nagh being acknowledged as a respected hunter, and she was invited to sit amongst the people and feast.

In her journal she noted that the natives were culturally barbaric compared to other races, living in hilltop fortresses that were built out of worked wood. As such they were often placed in large clearings, marked by intense deforestation. This wasn't to say that they couldn't work metal, but that such things were viewed differently by the natives - the likes of which Nagh found most fascinating.

Over the next three years Nagh bonded more and more as a guest of the native tribe that she began to associate with, taking note of their culture, customs, and perhaps most importantly, their language. She was kept at an arms length, and never permitted to join in more than a guest, but she felt respected amongst the people. She almost forgot that she were here for the Sith, and not for herself, but being a free spirited person it didn't bother her much. For her observations she learnt much about tribal life, rituals, the natural world and medicine.

Beginning to converse with the natives after years of observation turned relations for the better, and in particular with the those she recorded as being the 'Spirit Adepts'. The Spirit Adepts were users of the force, but understood it only in terms of local superstition and guarded traditions. Nagh came to learn that they were the leaders of ancestor worship, who could hear the voices of the ancestors and heed their council. They could also focus the energies of the spirits and call upon their power, allowing them to look into the hearts and minds of others, and allow them to walk amongst the spirit world.

It was with these Spirit Adepts that the Khadath began to increase her understanding of the force, through their abstract views and practices. Although the natives spoke of spirits that were favoured for being wise and kind, they also acknowledged there were those who could bestow the power to summon lightning and to choke others - along with the occasional legend of Spirit Adepts who have wreaked havoc amongst the tribes. All in all it made Nagh curious as to if they truly saw her as having the same gift as the Spirit Adepts, or any gift at all.

The legends of the Kiin'Dray

During 3,644 BBY the native Spirit Adepts told Nagh of a legendary cave within which the Kiin'Dray dwelt. They also told legends of how the Kiin'Dray were giant arachnid creatures, yet swift enough to hunt down their prey and wrap them within their webs. They are said to be highly venomous, and also the guardians of great fortunes; although this is what Nagh thought she heard, what fortunes they could possibly be guarding was oblivious to her.

Deciding to follow the legends told to her, Nagh set out to hunt down the legendary home of the Kiin'Dray. She invested months of her time into searching both jungle and arid desert alike, ultimately failing when the powers of the native beasts managed to eclipse her own. After several close calls the Khadath became sickly, and was forced to withdraw from her search. After boarding her ship for the first time in years she set the autopilot for Ilum, where she spent time recovering, writing and telling tales of her adventures.

Chapter 5: Pilgrimage 

During her recovery Nagh took an interest in the ancient Sith, and began researching into the histories of the Sith Empire. It's during this time that Nagh began to make herself familiar with the archaeology of the Sith culture, founding a holopad which contained copies of reference materials and articles of interest. Throughout her readings the Khadath came across numerous mentions of the planet of Dxun - as great a site for pilgrimage as the world of Korriban, or so they said. It was a world tainted by the dark side of the force, and the tomb of Freedon Nadd.

Journey to Dxun

In late 3,643 BBY Nagh chose to travel to Dxun in hope that the pilgrimage would somehow bestow upon her the power to complete the trials of the Sith. Upon her arrival the Khadath could sense the power of the dark side that infused the planet, the likes of which she found allowed her to become more comfortable with willing the dark side of the force - an experience she hoped she could take with her when the time came to leave. However, it was this very infusion of the dark side that almost finished Nagh, as the very creatures that haunted Dxun were twisted and fierce predators. Nagh summarised her hardships by stating that if the dark side were not so easy to commune with on the planet then she would have succumb to its minions.

The tomb of Freedon Nadd

After inhabiting the planet for almost two years Nagh decided that she couldn't hold out for much longer, and began the return journey to her ship. However, will of the dark side of the force (or chance), Nagh stumbled upon a mighty tomb structure, the likes of which she had never quite seen before. Having being fascinated by the ancient Sith culture in previous years, the Khadath was able to identify the architecture immediately as belonging to their culture. It was here that Nagh spent an entire year familiarising herself with the written language of the ancient Sith and their artefacts.

The Khadath's research cumulated with her identifying the tomb as that of Freedon Nadd, and though she did ponder on the great powers which could rest within, Nagh was never able to actually step foot inside the tomb. Regardless, the sensation of finding Nadd's tomb was priceless all by its self, and on that knowledge she left Dxun, returning to Ilum in early 3,640 BBY.

Chapter 6: Nogatan

Upon arriving home on Ilum, Nagh was given a duty to perform for her families business. Tharik tasked her with overseeing the transport of several million units of amorphous gemstone to the planet of Nogatan for a new client. The experienced Khadath, who was now 32 years of age, complied with her families wishes, and acting as a 'Fellow' of the business, Nagh traveled to Nogatan with the gemstone convoy.

Crystal clear business

Arriving within Nogatan space the convoy was challenged by the Ebonfire Station. After proving the appropriate landing codes, Nagh was given a decent vector that allowed her to guide the convoy to the Institute where the ordered materials were due. During the flight Nagh was surprised at the high military presence in the atmosphere around Nogatan. When she finally reached the Institute, Nagh was in awe at the craftsmanship displayed in its construction, but slightly taken aback by the colossal statues of the Sith Lords that lined its approach - no one had informed her that she would be delivering goods to a world controlled by the Sith.

After taking up a teaching post at the Institute Nagh developed the ambition to craft one of the most powerful lightsabers in existence. When she reached a mental block on how to finalise her plans she was seduced by the force ghost of Ahashra Vitriarius. Willing to risk everything for the ultimate prize, Nagh willingly accepted the spirit of Vitriarius into her body under the promise that she would aid her. Unfortunetly for Nagh the processes was unsucessful, and Vitriarius' spirit broke the lightsaber instructor's mind. Ahashra gained a body and Nagh's conciousness was eradicated, but the mind and soul failed to grasp one another, causing Ahashra to become a mindless husk until she was rediscovered by Sith society. 

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