Nahia Xav
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Life Before VornuEdit

To know her story, you must first understand the ways of the Falleen. They are a race that believes they are better than all others, a race full of pride and strength. On their planet, they have a feudal-like system where noble houses rule over those that are lower in status, those of the upper class dealing with the politics of their planet, their people.

Once well respected, Nahia's father brought back a Hapan woman. It was a strange match, yet both appeared happy, appeared to love one another. A being could speculate that the Falleen's pheremones came into play, but that wasn't the case for the feelings they held for one another were true. Unfortunately, those in society did not take kindly to the Hapan, to the marriage of the two, to the birth of their halfling child. Nahia's family was shunned, constantly tormented, the man's status torn away. Yet because they had each other, they managed to live on and be happy.

But happiness never lasts.

An evening that Nahia would love to forget, a group of men that couldn't stand to be brought down by one of their own, seen as less than the best of all races, attacked their home. Her mother was brutally murdered before her eyes, her father unable to protect the Hapan woman. Struck with grief and fury, he attempted to take the whole group out by himself, his lifeless body crumpling beside her mother's, their hands touching. Their death was bittersweet in the end.

With no one to protect her, Nahia was taken and used as a slave, a whore; she had the unrivaled beauty of the Hapan, yet the appearance of the Falleen people. For years she put up with such treatment, the mental, physical, and sexual abuse that went along with her "career".

When drunk, men and women alike talk, even to someone as despised as herself. One of the warlords was planning an attack on the planet of Vornu, such a thing being crippling to the Jedi and those of the Republic that resided there - the Sith were too dangerous, for any survivors would come hunt their race down, killing every last one. Jedi weren't like that, he had said. The way the man spoke, it sounded as though he were doing it for fun, and the mentioning of death brought back memories of her parents and the evening they were taken from her, and she from her home. Furious, she grasped the nearest object, a small decorative metal statue, and began bashing him over the head while covering his mouth with her hand, ignoring him biting down to get her to let go so he could call for help. His drunken stupor allowed for her to easily overpower him, not to mention it had been a surprise that she struck him. Covered in green sticky blood, the woman stumbled away from him, panic beginning to rise up inside her. She would be killed if she didn't escape, but most importantly she had to warn the Jedi of the man's plans, for surely his followers would continue on once they elected a new leader.

Dawn gave light to the new day, allowing her to make her way to one of the hangar bays on the planet - Hapans were practically blind at night, and she had inherited that trait. Getting onto a ship was easy enough with the guards not noticing her, and those that did being bombarded with her pheromones so that she could manipulate their minds enough to allow her to pass without a warning call being shouted. Starting up the ship was another issue, and after pressing enough buttons, she managed to figure things out well enough to set coordinates for Vornu.

Nahia was now the number one wanted criminal on the planet, and thus the Falleen chose to send their best warriors after her, to bring her back alive so that she could be tortured by all the Falleen that she dishonored.


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