Natasi Nerys is the sniper in service of Imperial Army. She is the daughter Marrika Nerys and the neice Namari Nerys, she is the second cousin of Kiara Nerys and Sorche Starka.


As a child, she was small and slender with round cheeks and almond shaped eyes.


Natasi Nerys

As an adult, she is an attractive young woman with a slender and fairly muscular build. She has almond shaped brown eyes and long dark brown hair that was pulled back in a long braid with red highlights. She has a scar the goes vertical on the corner of her mouth

Biography Edit

Natasi was born and raised on Faber, her mother was Marrika Nerys and Jak Shar. She is a Faberian/Kiffar hybrid, she doesn't have any markings on her face because she wasn't raised by her father's people. When her mother was killed during a visit to Coruscant during the Sacking of Coruscant, she was sent to her aunt, Namari Nerys because her father was also dead but he was killed during a civil war on an unnamed planet.

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When her mother died, Natasi inherited her Jha'dur companion, Nyx.

Armor and equipmentEdit

As a child, she carried a silver circular, flute-like instrument that has decorated with a diamond pattern, which she plays a soft and soothing melody which is actually a lullaby sung by her people and most likely it was sang to her before her mother.

As an adult, she carried twin hand blasters. The knuckle plate of the armor featured a retractable vibroblade used for close quarter combat and covert encounters. The armor provides minimal coverage but maximum mobility. She has black face mask that has a built in vocoder. The mask only covers her face while the hood covers the rest of her head. She also benefited from her armor's gauntlets, the left of which was equipped with a hologram projector and the right had a built in wrist comlink that combines standard audio comlink functions with a screen for video transmissions and data displays. Her clothing consisted of a carapace-like armor that hugged her skin and covered every bit of it, including her hands, painted in dark ebony, with white stripes down the front side, a zipper running all the way up to secure herself, and thick hardened black boots.

Personality and traitsEdit

Natasi is like her mother and aunt in personality, though she tends to act more like her mother.

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