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Niya Venorryn
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Jedi Temple on Vornu

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3657 BBY

Physical Description






Hair Color

Silver-white, Long

Eye Color

Pale emerald

Skin Color

Very pale

Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic


Jedi Order



Known Masters

Ellina Kast, Xaja Taerich

Family Information

Rhiok Venorryn


Daria Venorryn


Rahniya Venorryn

Relationship Information



Azrael Than, Karter

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Form III: Soresu




Force Heal

Force Confusion

Force Throw

Comprehend Speech


Galactic Basic

Other Skills

Lightsaber Proficiency

Etiquette Proficiency

Miscellaneous Information

Very old green lightsaber

"There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."
―JRR Tolkien

Niya Venorryn was a Jedi Padawan trained on Vornu. She was a diplomat and a healer, serving with the Jedi order to spread peace throughout the Galaxy.


Niya Venorryn was born an aristocrat, the only child of wealthy and influential parents on the planet Thustra. Spoiled from birth, she grew up believing the galaxy revolved around her. Arrogant and incredibly vain, a little flattery would go a long way for her. She knew how to get her own way from an early age, with Daddy's credits, honey-sweet words, and crocodile tears. If that didn't work, she was infamous for her temper. Able to throw a tantrum on the spot, anyone who denied her soon faced her wrath. Obsessed with outward appearances, Niya always kept up with the latest fashions and was known for wearing opulent outfits for every occasion, with no regard for practicality.

Despite her selfish tendencies, Niya had a tender heart. She was ruled by her compassion as often as her temper, and would come to the aid of innocent lives. She had a rather naieve worldview, believing that there was good in everyone, and that no one was beyond redemption. She had a strong sense of family bonds and would remain fiercely loyal and possessive of those she deemed worthy of her affection. 

Niya was strong in the Force, manifesting telepathic abilities since early childhood. She grew to be very sensitive to the emotions of those around her, whch often made it difficult for her to concentrate while using the Force, but also gave her a manipulative edge when it came to getting what she wanted. She later discovered an aptitude for Healing, but struggled to develop it due to the pain she would feel from her patients. 

Niya was always a peacemaker, believing that diplomatic words (and a little nudge from the Force) could solve any disagreement better than violence. Bloodshed was an unnecessary evil, and she would do almost anything to prevent it. She did not handle pain well. Her skills in combat were few and she carried a lightsaber more for it's symbolic representation of justice than for it's use as a weapon. However, when faced with no other options, Niya would fight fiercely to defend her life and the lives of those she cared about.

Niya did not like change, and it often took her a while to adapt to unfamiliar situations. She developed a dislike for missions, and often found herself wishing she was back home rather than in some dirty street on a strange planet. Her passion for peace and belief in the power of redemption were often what kept her going, even when her latest outfit was ruined.


A Time of InnocenceEdit

 Niya grew up as the only daughter of wealthy aristocratic parents on the planet Thustra. From an early age, she was taught how to look and act in order to make a grand impression and captivate the attention of everyone in the room. She was the darling of the aristocratic social circles, put on display and flattered by everyone she encountered so they could gain favour with her parents. She developed a reputation for vanity and a passionate temper, and was known to sulk and throw fabulous Tantrums when frustrated, insulted, or denied. Raised by an army of private tutors, she received an extensive education. However, the content of her studies was highly censored by her well-meaning parents, resulting in a limited and naive view of the wider galaxy and the "ways of the world". 

At the age of four, Niya began to exhibit force sensitivity. She discovered that if she concentrated hard enough, she could sway the decisions of others in her favour and convince them to see things from her point of view. She had no idea of the significance of such an ability, but used it to her advantage and became very good at manipulating others to get what she wanted. When her parents discovered this, they made her promise to keep it a secret, as they were worried it might negatively affect their political connections. 

A Time of SecretsEdit

On her eleventh birthday, Niya was introduced to her reclusive grandmother, Rahnia. After her elaborate party, her parents took her aside and told her she would be taking "history lessons" with her grandmother, the true nature of which must be kept secret. Every day from then on she spent two hours in the evening learning from Rahnia. The lessons were filled with tales of mysterious Jedi that enchanted Niya and captured her imagination. One day she asked her if the tales she was told were true. Rahnia regarded her with a piercing look and an appraising eye as Niya waited expectantly for an answer. After a moment, she told her granddaughter that all the tales were indeed true, and were pieces from her own past as a Jedi knight. From then on, Niya began to dream of one day following in her grandmothers' footsteps. She grew in her knowledge of the Force, learned the Jedi Code by heart, practiced in secret in her room. Rahnia instilled in her a worldview of peace and negotiation, and taught her to abhor violence and evil. 

A Time of ChangeEdit

Four years later, political unrest threw Niya's homeworld into chaos.  A year passed, and Niya turned sixteen. Her father rose to an influential role in the monarchy. Niya was kept mostly oblivious to the details of what was happening, being sheltered and closely guarded by her well-meaning parents. One night, an assassination attempt nearly succeeded in taking Niya's life, devastating her family. Her father decided it was necessary to send Niya away for her own safety. Rahnia had heard rumors of an Enclave, a safe haven for Jedi to train in the force, and encouraged Niya to seek it out. within an hour, she found herself saying farewell to her family and boarding a ship, with only one large suitcase in tow and no servants to carry it for her, and a vague description of her destination. After many long days and dead ends, Niya arrives at the Enclave rather shaken, but with her chin up and only two chipped fingernails.

A Time of LearningEdit

At the Enclave on Vornu, Niya studied under the guidance of Ellina Kast. The 16-year-old gained a deeper understanding of meditation and her connection to the Force. She also experienced her first combat training in the lightsaber form Soresu. She recieved her first scar, a tiny mark on her upper left arm where she singed herself with a practice saber. She learned that sometimes learning is difficult, and you have to keep trying, even when you drop your lightsaber on the ground. Ellina also introduced Niya to a new wardrobe concept: Practical clothes. Niya recieved a simple tunic and leggings in which she was to practice her forms. Although she reluctantly accepted this, she never wore anything less than a frivolous dress when in public. 

One of her proudest moments was the day Niya graduated from the Enclave. From then on, when she introduced herself, it was no longer just "Niya Venorryn." It was "Niya Venorryn, Jedi Padawan." Shortly after graduating, Niya met with Arkanus Serren in his office and joined the Jedi Order.

A Time of TestingEdit

Niya's first mission as a part of the Order on Vornu was to locate and rescue Xaja Taerich. Their team traveled to Tattooine where Niya was paired up with Karter to search for clues. Niya was nearly captured by slavers when Karter came to her aid, dealing violently with the slavers, much to Niya's disapproval. The team encountered Korin Taerich and his crew and found one of Xaja's lightsabers. The team returned to Vornu to inform the Council of their findings and regroup, but before they could continue the next steps in their mission, Xaja was rescued by a different team. This mission was the beginning of Niya's long dislike of missions that ruined her outfits, and the planet Tattooine. 

Niya's second mission was an investigation. There had been stories of Jedi murdering innocents with strange lightsabers. Niya was paired up with Karter again, much to her displeasure, and they were sent to Coruscant to find out the truth. After following clues through the undercity, they managed to acquire the strange lightsaber. They encountered the murderer in a transit station and fought to capture him until he escaped on an incoming transport. Before the culprit escaped, Karter was able to determine that the murderer was with Czerka Corporation. The two of them, having come to respect each other's abilities, sent the murder weapon in for analysis and contacted the authorities and Arkanus to prepare for the next leg of the mission. 

A Time of ConnectionEdit

Upon Xaja's return to Vornu after capticity, Niya was among those who welcomed her back. They got off to a rough start, neither thinking very highly of the other. But a connection had been formed through the Force that would bind them together despite what they thought of each other. 

Niya and Xaja encountered each other again in the Temple Medbay. After a cold beginning, the two warmed to each other and through the prompting of the Force, Niya asked Xaja to be her Master. Their friendship solidified, and an apprenticeship began.

While seeking further medical training in Damphi, Niya encountered Azrael Than. He had been injured in a speeder accident and was unconscious. Her master Xaja arrived and sought to aid him as well. Niya connected telepathically with him in order to help, and was caught off guard when a painful jolt was sent through her mind. She blamed him for it and left the medbay terrified. Xaja tried to talk some sense into her and succeeded, but Niya was still wary and developed a strong dislike for Azrael.

Niya was with Xaja when her twins were born, and they immediately melted her heart.

Niya encountered Azrael again the day after the babies were born, right after he had asked Xaja to be his master. She was furious. It took some convincing from Xaja to calm her down before she reluctantly accepted Azrael as her brother-padawan. He spoke of a mission to rescue a Jedi friend, and Niya offered to help. Xaja commissioned her to keep an eye on Azrael and report to her in case anything reckless happened. 

Niya decided to join Azrael and Lorn Kenau after spying on them and discovering their intent to visit Azrael's friend Rhotta Tecla on Corellia.

A Time of Growing UpEdit


19-year-old Niya

On Niya's 19th birthday, she returned to her home on Thustra to attend an extravagant party in her honor. Xaja and fellow padawan Azrael were invited to accompany her.


"I am Niya Venorryn, Jedi Padawan."
"How dare you!" 
"I fight in the hope that one day there will be no more need to die in wars."
"It is incredibly rude to display such terrible manners in the presence of a lady."
"If everyone used their own problems as an excuse to not help someone in need, we would all die."
"I'm a Sephi. I have a long life to live and I'd like to keep it that way."

Behind the ScenesEdit

What's in a Name?Edit

  • "Niya" was taken from the Gaelic "Nia" which meant radience, brightness. It is a reflection of her innocence, her happy childhood, and her purity in the Light Side.
  • "Venorryn" is a modified version of a result from a random name generator.
  • Niya's father's name, "Rhiok" is a derivitive of the Old Briton "Ri" meaning king. It represents his wealth and ambitious nature, and also his kingly generousity toward his daughter.
  • Niya's mother's name, "Daria" comes from the Ukranian "Darya" meaning wealthy. This is her defining trait. She was born wealthy, and married into more wealth. She is a shallow character, interested in material comfort.
  • Niya's grandmother's name, "Rahniya" was created by adding a prefix to Niya's name. Niya is said to be named after her.
  • Niya's name can be traced through the females in her family: Rahniya - Daria - Niya.
  • Rahniya is Rhiok's mother. 


  • Niya's green eyes, green-coloured speech, and green lightsaber are a reflection of her writer's favourite colour. 
  • If Niya were an animal, she would be a pegacorn.

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