Tingel Arm


Julevian System





  • 99% Nanophage
  • 1% Safe
Points of Interest
  • Imperial Palace
  • Temple
  • Institute
  • The Maw
Native Species


Immigrated Species
  • Human
  • Nanophage
Primary Language(s)

Galactic Basic


Imperial Monarchy



Major Cities

Novus Vires (Capital)


True Empire

Nogatan has a temperate climate and standard gravity, making it a comfortable place to live for most species. Over the years, a number of defectors from the Resurgent Empire have come to Nogatan to make a new home - mostly Sith and Imperial soldiers, as well as their descendants and servants. Most of the planet is covered in forest and lake, with a vast cavernous system tunneled deep beneath the surface.

Planetary HistoryEdit

The Krull ConsortiumEdit

The Krull Consortium was a relatively isolationist group which was formed sometime on Nogatan before 3,654 BBY, lead by a charismatic Voren Krull. Based on Nogatan the Consortium thrived on the planet, establishing Novus Vires near the large water body of Lake Vires. It is unknown how long the Krull Consortium existed, or who founded it. By 3,654 BBY they had established a stable and functional governmental system and armada and had begun to look at further expanding the Krull Consortium outside of Nogatan and its moon Dagan.

The Black Empire, then based on Corellia began peace talks with a Krullian ambassador Krey'lun. Emperor Brahlis Lydeck headed up negotiations with the Consortium Ambassador to try and fashion an alliance which would benefit both parties, the Krull's ambition to expand, and the Black Empires desire to eventually establish themselves on their own planet. Negotiations were set to go for weeks, though the Krull Consortium had no intention of delivering on any negotiations.

On the first night of the negotiations, the Ambassador's aide, Krull Agent Lunxana Naalyik disabled the Balck Empire's defences, leaving them open to an attack - which Voren Krull lead in the form of orbital bombardment - a scenario that had been orchestrated by Emperor Lydeck and his Hand unknown to the Empire. Intended to destroy the Black Empire in one foul move, the Empire instead regrouped after the devastation on their Corellian fortress, and began an attack on the Krull homeworld. Not before, however, the Krull had completely destroyed the Black Empire's foothold on Corellia, and captured all of the Black Empire's Force Sensitives, including Hand of the Emperor Vakar Sadarii.

Lead by Sergeant Pollux Troy, a small team was assembled to infiltrate the compounds on Nogatan and retrieve the captured Force Sensitives. The operation was a success, the compound was taken without problem and the Force Sensitives recovered, earning Pollux Troy a promotion to the rank of general.

Now with the Consortium's strike against them, the Black Empire regathered its strength,now having a justifiable reason to strike down the Krull Consortium. Using a clever rouse, high ranking officials of the Black Empire were able to enter into Voren Krull's chambers on Nogatan. Pollux Troy, amongst these using the rouse, was discovered to be Voren's son, eventually killing the Krullian leader and setting the stage for the Black Empire victory. Nogatan was taken with many casualties, but as the Emperor had foreseen, the Black Empire now had within their grasps more power and wealth than ever before.


Though the taking of Nogatan was a great victory for the Black Empire, the Sith were not content. Within the heirachy of the Empire, dissent began to spread, as those loyal to Brahlis Lydeck began to plot against him and his government. Within the space of three years, the former Hand of the Emperor Vakar Sadarii, presumed dead after the defeat of the Krull Consortium in 3,654 BBY, resurfaced in 3,651 BBY and began to take the throne from Lydeck. Convincing a number of his loyal subjects to betray him, Emperor Lydeck was overthrown by his own Imperial Guard - whom announce him to be dead, and give the throne to Vakar.

Many of the Black Empire are quick to accept the new Emperor - seeing Lydeck's death as a weakness, however others deeply loyal to Lydeck fight back against Vakar, starting a civil war within the Empire. General Troy and Winter Tel'ana are amongst those loyal to Lydeck, using their presumed death's as a way to fight against Vakar efficiently. Strife on Nogatan continued for the better part of a year, before Lydeck resurfaced. Somehow managing to avoid death in the uprising, Lydeck managed to confront Vakar - killing him and ceasing the throne once more. For reasons unknown, Pollux Troy is killed however on Lydeck's orders.

Continued TreacheryEdit

After Vakar's death, the Black Empire began to once again stablise with Lydeck at the throne. In 3,648 BBY it is revealed that Vakar avoided death by using Essense Transfer, allowing him to enter a new host. In this new body he returned, and quickly assumed a position within Lydeck's Council as the Temple Lord, replacing the . Belhom, seeking a position as the leader of the Imperial Army.

By 3,647 BBY tensions between the Army and Temple reach a critical high, as Vakar moves the Temple to Nogatan's moon of Dagan. Trase Scarden, member of the Army, releases a disease on the general populace of Nogatan, turning the majority of Humans into mindless beasts. Vakar refuses to lend aid to those left on Nogatan, instead remaining in his new Temple on Dagan letting the Imperial Army deal with the problem. In her anger, Belhom retaliates on Vakar and the Temple directly, firing the Army's orbital cannon at the moon, punching a hole large enough to create a lake on the side she deemed the "Army's territory".

As this is happening, a group of Jedi arrive in hyperspace in the Nogatan system, and take over Dagan with little resistance. Vakar gives up the moon without any fight, instead fleeing to Korriban while the Jedi launch an attack on Nogatan from their moon. The Jedi are repelled, but not without serious casualties to the Black Empire. Vakar escapes, never to be heard from again.

The Black Empire is forced to rebuild once again, with Vakar gone, Lydeck decides to finally replace the vacant Hand position, and he chooses Dash Thanos as his new apprentice. The Temple is once again established on Nogatan, with a new Temple Lord named. Trihilus is raised to the rank of Academy Commander, though through secret ties to Dash Thanos. Dash, with his secret apprentice Hesina Velenti and a number of Sith loyal to him betray Lydeck, exiling both him and his wife Belhom. This time was not entirely stable for Nogatan, as petty squabbles and instability wreck havoc on Nogatan society.

True EmpireEdit

By 3,644 BBY the Black Empire once again went into a period of civil war. Many of the high ranking officials within the Empire turn out to be agents of the false Emperor Vitaite, including Hesina Valenti. The Black Empire splits into two seperate factions, those loyal to Nogatan and those who return to the resurgent Empire, and those who believe that Vitaite's rule was insanity. Emperor Dash Thanos attempts to leave with those returning to Korriban, but instead is murdered by the clone body of Pollux Troy, now named Trajan. Cideon is elevated to the rank of Academy Commander as Trihilus is murdered by his own hands. Adonis Thade, renamed Tyberius and Cideon become the first two Darth's of the newly branded "True Empire" under the rule of Emperor Pollux Trajan.

Darth Siren, the Temple Lord in the year 3,641 BBY releases an unknown chemical in the Temple and affects numerous underlings. Her apprentice, Ahashra Vitriarius, gathers the infected and leads them against the deranged Temple Lord. A cure is produced and distributed amongst the infected and together, the group is able to defeat Siren. She is spared by Ahashra, who proclaims herself the new Temple Lord and takes the name Darth Abraxas.

The Emperor attempts to start a new tradition by holding a masquerade ball to which all Sith are invited in 3,640 BBY. Days later, Darth Abraxas is killed on Tatooine. Upon hearing of the Temple Lord's passing from Rae Nolvi, Darth Cideon renames his apprentice "Darth Avaris" and promises her Abraxas' position on the Council.

Rakatan ResurgenceEdit



Novus ViresEdit

The city-capital of the planet Nogatan, Novus Vires serves as the seat of the True Empire, and the heart of Imperial Command. The actual architectural compounds of the Empire are interwoven into the metropolitan city itself, which was originally seized from the Krull Consortium after their utter destruction. The integration of Imperial facilities within the city itself is comparable to that of Kaas City, albeit on a lesser militaristic scale. The city is accessible via the planet's orbital customs and information hub, Ebonfire Station, and protected by hyper-advanced defense systems and specialized fleet that monitor all incoming and outgoing starship traffic.

Novus Vires remains the densest area by population on the planet, with most of the planet's two billion plus inhabitants living within the confines of the sprawling metropolis. Covering an area of nearly one hundred square miles, Novus Vires serves as the focal point for trade, commerce and politics within the Empire. Criminal syndicates and gangs have a strong presence in the city, due in equal parts thanks to the Empire's working contracts with various smugglers, bounty hunters and slavers; as well as annexed criminal enterprises providing a steady stream of income to the city through Imperial regulated and taxed prostitution, spice-production and protection rackets. In exchange for eighty-five percent of all profits, the True Empire allows these syndicates to run brothels and sell narcotics legally in all cities on Imperial-controlled worlds, as well as tolerates the extortion of citizens of any non-capital city who are not under the personal protection of Imperial officials.

Following the destruction of the Legion HQ, and the resulting epidemic, Novus Vires was enclosed inside large, shielded walls that protect the entire city from the deteriorating conditions beyond the gates. As the plague spreads, transforming being and beast into vicious monstrosities, more and more of the planet's cities fall to the disease, leaving Novus Vires the last safe place on the otherwise doomed planet.

The Imperial PalaceEdit

The Imperial Palace is located at the center of Novus Vires, and exists as more of a reinforced fortress than a typical chateau. Despite its name, it does not function like a palace in the traditional sense, but rather is run like a military headquarters where politics, strategy and law find their home. The Dark Council maintain personal residences within the Palace, as of course does the Emperor himself, in addition to several important points of interest located throughout including the Throne Room, the Imperial Court, the Grand Atrium, and the Convocation Chamber. Many of the Emperor's personal servants, such as the Royal Guard, have personal quarters located within, complete with private amenities such as meditation chambers, training facilities and private libraries.

The TempleEdit

Perhaps no other structure in Novus Vires is as historic or infamous as the Temple. Once an integral part of the Empire's military, the Temple produced six separate Temple Lord's of varied ruthlessness and cruelty, who along with their appointed minions, oversaw the training of the Empire's finest Sith for well over a decade. After the reformation of the Empire following the Rakata's attacks, the Temple lost most of its importance, its hundreds of surrounding buildings having been renovated into permanent housing units for the city's growing population. Nonetheless, it remains a popular destination amongst the Sith due to its remaining facilities such as the Imperial Vault, Bar 9 and the Maw.

The CitadelEdit

When the Rakata attacked, the Imperial Legion took the brunt of the damage. In a desperate attempt to thwart the attackers, the Legion HQ - located outside the city at a safe enough distance - was bombarded from orbit by the Imperial military, taking countless enemy forces who had captured the facility with it. The destruction of the facility's particle-fusion generators resulted in a highly toxic, radioactive leak which contaminated Lake Vires and numerous wildlife exposed to the fallout. Experimental implants, built along side the generators as a means towards self-sustaining sources of energy in robotics and cybernetics, reacted negatively to the radiation, resulting in severe cases of bandorium poisoning which polluted the blood, mutating the cells and creating a contagion. The infected frenzied, attempting to find help in Novus Vires, but were either turned away or executed to prevent the spread of the disease into the city. Unable to penetrate the military perimeter set up around the capital, the infected spread out in other directions, looking for shelter in, and eventually infecting the populations of, all the other surrounding cities.

The Citadel is the Empire's response to the crisis. Rebuilt from the ruins of the Legion's HQ, it stands as a lone bastion in a sea of rubble and scrap metal. Stationed inside are numerous recovery teams tasked with capturing as many of the infected as possible, and exterminating the rest. Imprisoned specimens are brought back to the Citadel under the pretense of finding a cure, when in reality teams of scientists run endless experiments in the attempt to engineer the virus so as to produce weapons for the Empire. Special defense teams also monitor the shielded perimeter, making sure nobody gets in or out without the proper Imperial pass codes.

The InstituteEdit

The Institute of Advanced Learning is as close to a university as the Sith can come. Massive statues of four Dark Lords of the Sith - Dathka Graush; Naga Sadow; Freedon Nadd; and Exar Kun - have been raised outside its doors in honor of the old Masters, and as recognition of their various accomplishments despite differing methodologies and beliefs. Located within are numerous facilities accessible by all Sith in the pursuit of greater knowledge and power, as well as for those who simply want to perfect the abilities already possessed. The Institute remains one of the most popular destinations for young and inexperienced Acolytes, as well as Apprentices who seek more than what their Masters are willing to impart upon them.

The Research CenterEdit

Far beneath the city of Novus Vires is the Research Center, a high-security laboratory complex spanning a large portion of the city. It is here that scientists, researchers, doctors and alchemists may conduct various experiments using live test subjects of their choosing. Facilities accomodate most types of research, with well-stocked equipment and materials available for use, though some may still choose to conduct their own research in private. Nonetheless, the Research Facility is an impressive complex which attracts many a curious mind, and is testament to the power of science.

The Ebonfire StationEdit

The primary customs hub of the Imperial Capital, nobody enters or leaves Nogatan without dealing with Ebonfire Station. Defectors, refugees, conscripts and visitors must first pass through the mandatory processes and interviews, while imports, exports and recognized citizens need only transmit the proper authentication codes to the Station officers to be granted access. The Nogatan Defense fleet work with Ebonfire to provide safety to the planet's population, and often use its recreational facilities when off-duty.

The GlavesEdit

The attack on Nogatan by the Remnant Empire brought to light some glaring holes in the planet's security, and made obvious just how vulnerable the Imperial Capital was to attack. Among the post-war defense initiatives introduced, the Glaives exist as superweapons in the form of massive ship-mounted railguns based on earlier orbital cannon designs utilized by the former Legion. Decommissioned assault cruisers fitted with the gargantuan weapons, the Glaives are capable of punching holes through capital ships, and are outfitted with hyperdrives should mobility be required.

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