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Nuria Weaver is a reasonably competent Zabrak Jedi Padawan, hailing from a family of carpet merchants on Telos IV.


Nuria is a fit young woman, but by genetic predisposition, has a perpetually 'soft' figure that nothing short of abject starvation alters.  She wears the tan and brown robes of a typical Jedi, but is often met with scepticism, when first making her profession known.  Nuria's facial tattoos are her strongest tie to her extensive family on Telos IV - a Zabrak affectation, despite being of the third generation born in relative comfort away from Iridonia.  Her complexion is humanlike, and she has striking grey eyes.  When on missions, she often wears a very utilitarian combat suit instead of robes, and ties her dark hair up.


Very kind in nature, Nuria has grown into a well-contented individual able to maintain her composure in emotionally trying situations, in contrast with her anxious, somewhat repressed personality as a Jedi hopeful.

As a child, she was taught to deal with her problems by ignoring them - a quirk of her large, tense family that insisted on projecting a united, happy front for the customers - and it took a fair amount of patience to change her habits.  Because suffering in silence was not a helpful strategy for someone trying to avoid sliding into resentment and brooding, and dark side thinking, Nuria's instructors took training her out of it very seriously.

Now an adult, Nuria's cheerful exterior is genuine, and she has mastered her instinctive hesitancy over admitting concern or sadness.  Her self-confidence, while not infallible, is very much improved, and she channels her insecurities into constructive practice.  She enjoys training, but not life or death combat; however, she feels her misgivings over lethal force make her a better Jedi, and provide a vital gauge of whether it is truly necessary.


One of twelve children to the long established Weavers of Telos, Nuria lived with her family until she was noticed by the Jedi Order when she was six.  Their shop sold exotic carpets, tapestries, and other textiles, both importing and making items by hand.  Money was not desperately tight, but Nuria was brought up to share her possessions, and her parents' attention without much complaint.  Two main issues were discovered, when she was selected for training.  One, Nuria had adopted the family tradition of coping with conflicts by pretending there was nothing wrong, until you believed it.  The second was that she lacked the typical self-assuredness of most Zabrak; and even getting her to admit as much was extremely difficult.

Leaving her family was a struggle, and she was extremely homesick for a time - however, she was excited by the chance to do something else with her life, especially something that set her apart from her siblings.  She maintains annual contact with the clan, and thinks fondly of them.

Once settled as a Jedi, Nuria calmed down somewhat, and stopped putting on such a desperate happy face for everyone else.  She adapted very easily to the frugal lifestyle at the Temple, and enjoyed the classes.  A major step for overcoming her disinclination to rock the boat was the construction of her lightsaber pike - a unique weapon that took her years to acclimatize to.


The Weaver ClanEdit

Nuria's family is locally renowned on Telos for their extensive carpet and fabric shop, and for the unfailingly upbeat proprietors; an outward farce they have maintained past the point of reason.  When she left as a child, Nuria had no real grasp of the clan's situation, but she has come to understand that there are layers to the dynamic.  Above all, the family is very close knit and loving, but their dogged refusal to air grudges has caused a lot of private suffering.  Tension remains between the four oldest sons of Eileeth Weaver, and the woman who replaced their mother after her death from illness.  "Usurper" wasn't something they could easily take back, however much they regretted the hurt it caused.  Nuria is seventh of the second wife's children, and was too young to take sides.  She sympathizes with the resentment that has never been settled to anyone's satisfaction, but accepts that as a Jedi, she cannot be involved beyond keeping the peace during her rare visits in the flesh.

Skills and EquipmentEdit

Lightsaber PikeEdit

Nuria has achieved reasonable competence with her unconventional saber, and continues to put many hours into mastering it.  It is long enough to be used as a walking stick, but is kept on her belt; to keep from tripping on it, she often walks with one hand on the pommel, like a classic metal blade.  The shaft is imbued with cortosis, so is resistant to lightsaber strikes (but will not cause them to short out), and the emitter end projects a blue blade about 70cm in length.

Weaving, Knitting, Manipulating Thread...Edit

Nuria is a deft hand at several handicrafts, and usually has something on her modest loom.  Her education was incomplete when she left Telos, and the vast majority of her creations have been table runners.


  • Born 3660BBY

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