Oberon "Ripper" Tyandas
Biographical Information
Current Residence

The Dragon's Eye

Place of Birth


Date of Birth

140 ABY

Physical Description

Human (1/2 Epicanthix)




1.87 meters



Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Color



Both Arms

Chronological and Political Information


  • Head Gunner
  • Combat Specialist
Family Information

Roman Bralor


Obrie Ordo


Brienne Farr (formerly Tyandas, divorced)

Elder Siblings

Tyandas Bralor (deceased)


Tyrion Tyandas


Myrcella Romaniski

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Stava, Teräs Käsi


Galactic Basic

Miscellaneous Information
  • Knives
  • Pistols
  • Rifles

"You are a vain, greedy, cruel man! Is there anything you truly care about in this galaxy?! Does family or honor mean anything to you?! The only thing you love is your credits and yourself. You are a disgrace to Clan Bralor. How can you expect me to continue to call you "husband" after everything you have done?"
― Brienne Farr

Oberon Bralor was a half Human, half Epicanthix male of The Red Krayt Dragon Gang, who served as a heavy gunner and combat specialist aboard The Dragon's Eye. He was known as "Ripper" due to his fascinated with severing his victims heads. Before his pirating days, he was apart of Clan Bralor on Mandalore. He was the son of Roman Bralor and Obrie Ordo and brother to Tyandas Bralor. Oberon had a knack for combat and theft. He married Brienne Farr once he reached adulthood. After his brother's death in 160 ABY, Oberon was caught stealing from another member of Clan Bralor. When his clansmen tried to grab him, Oberon fled with his wife to Nar Shaddaa. Shamed and dishonored, Oberon changed his surname to Tyandas; however, he never truly abandoned his culture.

During his time, Oberon kept up his thieving ways and worked for several crime affiliated organizations as an enforcer. Once he even worked for the Black Sun. Every night, Oberon came home with blood on his hands. This blood normal belonged to some punk someone wanted to teach a lesson to. Brienne, who was always an optimist when it came to her husband, declared enough was enough. She was tired of living in dishonor and soon resented Oberon for taking her away from Mandalore. Brienne hated the fact that her child was being raised around it. She took their young son, Tyrion, and divorced Oberon, declaring that he was not the man she had hoped him to be. Heartbroken, he plunged himself into enforcing and spice. He never recovered from the loss.

In 172 ABY, Tyandas entered into a dangerous business deal that almost cost him his life. He was sent to roughen up a few rivals of Coordo Dalvinche, an infamous crime boss. These rivials belonged to the butcher, Syphious Ryn. Syphious' men captured him and took the man to their compound. He was brutally tortured, until he told Ryn everything he wanted to know about Dalvinche. During this process, both of his arms were severed. Ryn, who was always looking for new initiates, took him in. He stayed with Ryn, until the crime lord's death in 178 ABY.

Afterwards, Oberon roamed the galaxy, doing odd jobs and trying to locate his son. His attempts to find Tyrion were fruitless, so the Ripper kept on taking jobs, hoping to strike up a fortune.


Birth and Early LifeEdit

"My son! I have another son!"
― Roman Bralor yelled, showing his newborn to all members of Clan Bralor.

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Union and DeathEdit

So Long MandaloreEdit

On A Moon Called Nar ShaddaaEdit

Becoming the RipperEdit

So Long, This is GoodbyeEdit

Losing EverythingEdit

Becoming a GhostEdit

Captive with a PsychoEdit

Becoming Apart of Syphious' BandEdit

Death of a CrimelordEdit


The Red Krayt Dragon GangEdit

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Personalty and TraitsEdit




Brienne Farr (formerly Tyandas)Edit

Roman BralorEdit

Obrie OrdoEdit

Tyandas BralorEdit

Tyrion TyandasEdit


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