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Ondaatje is a Nikto warrior that currently serves as Sergeant of The Army of Pravus Axiom.

Early YearsEdit

Ondaatje belonged to the Morgukai society of the planet Kintan. His father belonged to one of the ruling families and Ondaatje was more than qualified to serve as his predecessor. He recieved top marks in all of his studies and possessed unmatched physical capabilites among his peers. At a very young age he met Tora,


As Ondaatje's father began to age, his duties as ruler began to wear on him. As the warrior reached his 36th birthday, the king announced his resignation that was to occur before the passing of the month. Of course, the Niktoans nominated Ondaatje with pride, hoping to continue the successful reign of his ancestor.


The nomination of Ondaatje angered one family in particular. The young warrior known as Theron, craved the possession of ruler. He demanded conquest and expansion for his people, instead of the traditional self sufficiency. As he felt the inevitability of Ondaatje's election, the conniving Morgukan plotted against his rival.

Theron stole Ondaatje's ceremonial warhammer which was a gift from his father. He bribed the outside guards of the kingdom with high ranking positions if they assist him in his mission. They would only have to claim that they saw Ondaatje enter the King's chambers that night. Instead, Theron intruded on his superior, murdering both the king and queen with their son's weapon.

Though motive may have been hazy, all evidence pointed towards Ondaatje. He was tried and found guilty. As Theron took the throne of the niktoan people, he gave Ondaatje a new sentence for his crime. He was to not only be exiled from the community, but also injected with a genotoxin that made reproduction impossible.


Prior to Ondaatje's exile from the Morgukai people, Theron demanded that he be injected with an expiremental Genotoxin. The chemical infects his DNA, breaking apart any strands that attempt to create offspring. In addition, the virus slowly spreads through out the warrior's blood, recoding miscellaneous chromosomes. This is predicted to cause aging at an accelerated rate and the weakening of his immune system.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Nikto warrior stands at a height of 8'2". His black eyes and dark orange skin are a trademark of his people. Horns protrude from the front of his head, as well as the sides. Multiple scars from previous battles are hidden by the long sleeves of his purple robe. His general attire usually consists of heavy armor plating, infused with cortosis alloy. His current rank within The Army of Pravus Axiom is engraved into his left shoulder pauldron.