The First Proxima



Non Canon


Holy Lightsaber--metamorphic weapon and combat database


Cambul (Non-Canon)


Destroying extremely powerful Force Entities immune to conventional tactics and Force Powers


Destroyed--another one is currently being forged.


Forcibly dissolves any living tissue coming into contact with its blade into the Force

Known Users

Cambul (Forger) Mathes Colunga, Felony Serano (Non Canon)

"Its a weapon of the Light Side, not of the Dark"

Proxima is an extremely powerful and holy lightsaber, made for the express purpose of killing Force Abominations like Darth Sangraal. Its blade will kill whatever it touches on contact, even should it be a simple grazing wound.


Its likely Proxima was forged by the Cambul of 11-99, after repeated desperation measures against Force Entities such as Darth Sangraal barely yielded success. Before Proxima's existance, ordinary men and women usually destroyed such beings through sheer luck or environmental factors.

Its is unclear how it is forged but evidently a great amount of power goes into it: Rare items powered by the Force are a necessity to create it. It utilizes Projection Lightsaber Technology (Meaning it can generate a blade without the need for a hilt. the blade can be freely touched by the user without fear of injury. For all others the blade is instantly lethal)


Proxima can only be used once for as long as it is worn. Should the wielder take the gauntlet off it will never function again. Thus Proxima passes from user to user, depending on who is worthy. Should someone fall to the Dark Side or utilize hatred while wearing it, Proxima will usually kill them. Its a sentient weapon and is aware of the users mental state at all times: One must be pure of heart or otherwise so entrenched in the light the weapon can otherwise find no fault in their usage. Its likely that the only reason Proxima fell off Mathes, rather than killing him, was that his betrayal of his mission was motivated by love, not lust for power or rage.

When Proxima kills someone, it leaves behind a small tree in their place: Depending on how powerful in the Force they are, the size of the tree can vary: With Sangraal, her tree was the height of a skyscraper.


Proxima grants the user the combat knowledge and fighting style of everyone who used it previously, allowing its blade to morph into whatever shape the user desired (While still being clearly composed of lightsaber energy) Mathes discovered a standard saber function, armor mode, cannon mode, and a hammer and scythe mode before it fell off him. Any killed by it are dissolved into the Force, screaming.

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