Ra (Only Given Name)
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Coruscant (Former). Various (At death)

Place of Birth

Unknown (Possibly Coruscant

Date of Birth

Likely 3,709 BBY

Date of Death

3,639 BBY

Physical Description







Unknown (Indicated to be somewhat plump)

Hair Color

Bleach white (May have once been brown)

Eye Color

Dark Blue


Likely Coruscanti

Skin Color

Moderate White

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


Jedi Order (Former)


Jedi Master

Known Apprentices

Dantius Octavian & at least a dozen others including Greco the Besalisk, Hannibal the Rodian, & "Little Bro" the Zabrak.

Family Information

Unknown (Nothing is known of his family)



Relationship Information



Dantius Octavian (At death)


Several apprentices


Zygerrian slavers

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Standing knowledge of all seven lightsaber forms plus Teras Kasi & Jar'Kai


Several Light Side & possibly a couple Neutral Powers


Basic & perhaps Zygerrian

Other Skills

Ability to lead & lightsaber proficiency

Miscellaneous Information

Single traditional lightsaber designed to accommodate his vast knowledge


Ra is the only given name of a Jedi Master who would eventually oversee the training of young Dantius Octavian as well as a dozen other apprentices. Not much is known of this Jedi Master except what Dantius and the few surviving apprentices beside him have said and except for Dantius, most of it is confused. However, what is known is that he was roughly in his seventies at the time of his death and had a rather illustrious career as a Jedi Knight. Nonetheless, he fell under the clutches of Zygerrian slavers who wanted to train an army of Jedi and found the only way to do it was to capture a Jedi Master and force him to do just that.

For twenty-five years, at minimum, Ra would comply with their demands with the knowledge that there was no way he would be able to escape by himself. It is also known that Dantius fell into his care during the last four years of his life and Ra would devote himself to teaching Dantius what he knew about the lightsaber and Teras Kasi. Training Dantius to help him lead the supposed army to freedom, this Master would eventually be persuaded to sacrifice his own life in order for Dantius and three others to escape. Afterwards, the survivors split over disagreements though all admired Ra's wisdom and his maverick attitude towards the Code of the Order.

Dantius himself would even draw upon the philosophies Ra taught him when he would refine his skills with a lightsaber or even his Teras Kasi skills.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about this Jedi Knight's early life. However, it is most likely that he was taken into the Jedi Order as an infant and trained from the time he could stand in the Jedi arts. It is also likely that he graduated from Padawan to Knight, fairly early despite his philosophies eventually standing to disagree with some Jedi traditions. What is also known about him is that he had a largely secret career but was prestigious amongst his peers all the same.

It is also known that he kept up this career for at least a total of twenty-five years before running into trouble with Zygerrian slavers who hoped to have a Jedi Master in their collection that wouldn't be too missed. Spying out Ra and his secrecy, they took him and ordered him to train their more Force adept slaves into an army they could wield. Instead of outright attacking them, Ra agreed to cooperate with them to the point of training the Force-sensitives already amongst their slaves but he would serve his own purpose from there on. For the next twenty-one years, he would devote his life and his experiences to helping these Force adepts not only inherit his skills but use them for the benefit of themselves and everyone around them.

However, four years before he died, a young man came into Ra's life who he claimed had reminded him much of himself at the man's age. This young man was called Dantius Octavian, a historian of Jedi culture and philosophy who had been captured whilst conducting a lecture on Coruscant. What happened next would shape Dantius' readiness for the rest of his life in irreversible and profound ways. 

Meeting DantiusEdit

Twenty-one years after his slavery began, Ra bumped into a young man who had been captured because of his knowledge of Jedi culture and history as well as his potential for combat whether it was lightsaber or hand-to-hand. This man's name was Dantius Octavian, a survivor of his homeworld's destruction and an orphan that had survived the years despite having very nasty things done to him before. In him, Ra spied a potential successor to what he knew of the martial arts known as Teras Kasi and also observed that Dantius could conduct Force Valor if taught how. Whenever he wasn't training his other students (and when Dantius wasn't doing other tasks) Ra trained him in the best of what he knew. He taught him his skills in Ataru and Soresu as well as his expertise with the form of Teras Kasi before then asking him to master the power of Force Valor.

As Dantius became stronger and stronger with the Force and more refined in his abilities, Ra sensed that the time was nearly at hand to begin the escape. So one night, Ra gathered his other apprentices and told them that within a week, they would be ready to escape at long last. Within the next four days, Dantius completed as much of his training as the old man had deemed necessary for the escape and the first efforts began. At first, their efforts seemed to be in vain but when Ra and Dantius both used Force Valor to enhance their prowess.

When they did so, it seemed as though (even with the casualties) that escape was inevitable. However, the Zygerrians brought in their vanguards and the combined strength of the Force Valor was pushed to the limit. Then, in a feat that would ensure escape for a few (at minimum): he sacrified his lightsaber to destroy the reactor core of the Zygerrian fortress and the full depth of his power and life-force to destroying enough slavers to ensure Dantius' escape. However, his spirit lingered on for a time and occasionally helped Dantius with refining his skills. 

However, whether or not he has helped any of the other apprentices (the three survivors beside Dantius who parted ways with him) remains unknown.

Personality TraitsEdit

Though not much is known about Ra's personality, Dantius has revealed bits and pieces that hinted at a wise, pragmatic man who only fought when he had a higher chance of winning than losing. It was also said that he tended to be a maverick to some of the rules of the Jedi Code and even forsook the rule of attachment in favor of the survivalist situation he was faced with whilst under the Zygerrians. Even so, he was considered wise by many of his peers in the Order and his disappearance (though somewhat overlooked by the Council) was missed by many. When he died, his remaining students (including Dantius) quarreled over where to go next after their escape from the Zygerrians had been completed.

Dantius opted to just simply find a new place to call home and settle there which would eventually lead him to the Vornu Enclave of the Jedi Order. However, the other three (including a human called Hannibal) opted to go rogue and use their skills to gain money despite Dantius' wealth and his offers to use it to assist them with getting a foothold on the galaxy. Hannibal would eventually find his way to the prison of Clyde Rev and to the death blows of Dantius' brother Hyperion but the other two disappeared without much more than a simple goodbye. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Lightsaber Image

The lightsaber that Ra designed and used throughout his life, it would remain his only weapon to the day that he died in battle against the Zygerrian slavers.

From what Dantius described of Ra's capabilities, Ra was a master of Soresu, Juyo, Ataru, Makashi. He was also an expert in Shii-Cho and Niman but a novice at Form V. Even so, he was a practicitioner of the principle behind Form V which was defend and quickly counterattack with an incredible display of offense. To compensate for his relative lack in understanding Form V itself, he carried a manual that his Form-V qualifying students could use to train themselves after learning Soresu as was a prequisite. For those who specialized in Ataru (amongst other offensive forms), such as Dantius did, he taught them how to defend with Soresu and counterattack with the offensive prowess of Ataru and repeated this for his students who specialized in Juyo and Makashi. 

He himself was a practictioner of the principle of Form V in that he defended with Soresu and quickly counterattacked with Juyo, displaying incredible ferocity whenever he was on the offense. However, his old age at the time of the liberation of Dantius meant that he wasn't strong enough to make the cut. So instead of saving himself, he sacrificed his life so that his pupils could pass on what he taught them and live freely. He was also gifted in Teras Kasi, passing his variant unto Dantius, and exercised many enhancement Force powers like Force Valor.

It was also said that he was capable of Force Blind though Dantius has said nothing to confirm or deny this. Rumor also had it that he mastered several Dark Side powers but Dantius countered this by saying that he only knew of them and that he only used the Light Side or Neutral Powers whenever he could. However, Dantius has confirmed that he was capable of casting Emerald Fire on occasion. He was also capable of several Pushes, Pulls, and could also create barriers against fire and electricity with the Force.


Ra's name comes from the Egyptian God of the same name who ruled even above Horus, the god of Justice and all that is good. Through Dantius, the god's personality shows in Dantius' awe of many things that Ra taught him during their time together.

His lightsaber design is an obvious reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi, the hilt of the lightsaber is the design of the one used by the Ewan McGregor (Episodes 1-3) adaptation of the character in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

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