Reick Vikar
Reick Vikar
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  • Fighter Pilot
  • Armada
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Brown (short)

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Sea Blue

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Old Republic


True Empire

Biographical IntelEdit

:Accessing Database of Military Strategy:

---Armada under the True Empire---

:Data Retrieved:

---Captain, Vikar---

Name: Reick Vikar

Age: 27

Weight: 173 lb.

Vikar was born on the planet Yvain, birthed to a noble family. His father Sulas Vikar, was a well known fighter pilot for the empire. Through his youth Reick learned to love the skies, often flying with his father on joy rides. While in a private academy, instead of focusing on his studies he would sneak away to the military base and hijack a figher from the hangers. His father would of course always be called to deal with the trouble maker. He admired his son for loving to fly and upon his graduation from the academy enlisted him into the Imperial Air Force. In the beginnings his instructors noticed he was extremely skilled, only to discover that the boy was force sensitive. Upon learning this, they contacted the Sith. Finding interest they came to speak with Reick, of whom did not wish to become a Sith but remain a pilot like his father and father before him.

Reick learned to become to keep his recklessness down after a mission gone wrong, in which he lost two of his friends. Ever since then he has stayed focused when work is to be done and never letting his guard down during a dog fight. For 10 years he nobly piloted and fought in the name of the Empire vowing to make his family proud ever since the passing of his father only 5 years ago. During the Rakata Invasion, Vikar battled numerous forces above the skies of Nogatan. Severly outmatched he held his own with the small team he had and eventually regained control of the skies for the Empire.

Currently, he serves in the Imperial flight team called, Mynocks, an newly formed squad of pilots put together after the Rakata incident.

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-Imperial pilot uniform
-Silver Family pendant (worn around the neck)
-Black leather Fighter Pilot jacket (was once his fathers)

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