Reila Valenidine-Nolvi
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Novus Vires, Nogatan

Place of Birth


Physical Description







120 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


True Empire


Overseer of the Research Center

Speaking Style: Refined, formal, authoritative. Reila speaks very much like a high lady of Alderaan.

Religion: Herself. Has been building every droid, cyborg, and brainwashing every experiment to believe her to be a Goddess manifested into human form. Family Background/Lineage: Reila's parents were scientists. As such, it was expected that Reila would be just as intelligent, if not more so, then her parents. While this assumption proved true, her parents never got to discover that, as one day after being chewed out by their boss for lack of results, the two decided that their research was just too important, and, hoping Reila would forgive them one day, more or less sold her to Maryanne Nolvi, their bosses wife. Reila never saw her parents again.

The next few years were spent within the Nolvi Manor, where Maryanne frequently enjoyed molding Reila to be her perfect little daughter, as Rae, her trueborn and now Reila's older sister, was far too strong willed to control. Despite that Reila was always living in Rae's shadow. She had all the friends, she went to all the fancy parties, she had all the suitors, and all the power. Her new father was, for lack of a better word, cold with her. His attention was usually spent grooming Rae for inheriting his business and never gave Reila so much as a glance unless she was directly addressing him or in the way. Through Rae's influence, Reila began breaking away from being completely obedient to having some actual will, but it wasn't until the day that Rae, now Darth Avaris, murdered their childhood friend Gabe, that Reila's chains were finally broken.

Current/Former Occupations: Tried to be a bounty hunter like Rae, but while she could shoot a gun just as well, she found she didn't really care for stomping around the galaxy like some common thug. When Rae was made a Squad Leader, Reila was off to Nogatan, unable to tolerate Maryanne any longer. After she having passed through the Academy and assigned to Sadow Squad, the one Rae was leading, Reila just sort of floated around before eventually securing the resources she needed from Rae to build her Droid, Grey, and discovered what she really wanted to do. Create stuff. After the dreaded Dead Air mission and the Invasion of Nogatan by Rakata scum, Reila finally got her wish to 'create stuff'. She researched and developed weapons and armor for a while until the last head of the Research Center vanished. Reila, having since assumed a more dominant personality, decided that the best course of action for the Center was for her to reach out and take it. She's taken the Research Center, Nolvi Industries, and several other businesses, increasing her fortune ever more. She's also gotten herself involved with organized criminals, further increasing her wealth.

Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Being an intellectual Reila has a knack for all things scientific and technological. She's also a fairly good shot with a pistol and has a variety of different skills due to growing up in Rae's shadow.

Languages: Basic, Binary

General Personality Type: Calm and collected most of the time, Reila tries to adhere to acting very much the Alderaan Lady. She's also quite jealous of everything Rae has, but has spent years surpressing her envious feelings and instead opts to find ways she can effectively "one up" her elder sister without actually coming across as such. Used to play the submissive type when her sister was around, but now is a lot more direct and bullheaded, cruel, and coniving and very egotistical. She looks down on almost everyone that she considers beneath her and unworthy of her time.

Mental Disturbances: While desprately seeking to step out of Rae's shadow, Reila is also constantly seeking her approval. Being that she was effectively sold by her own parents, Reila does not trust pretty much anyone that hasn't lost an arm or a leg proving themselves. Has both an inferiority and superiority complex, dealing with Rae dependent. This dual nature has finally caused Reila to crack after Avaris had murdered Gabe. In the span of a single night her submissive personality had completely vanished to be replaced with a more dominate one that's oddly reminicsent of how Rae used to act.

Temperment: Very egotistical. Reila firmly believes that she is above just about everyone and acts like it too.

Bad Habits / Vices: Becoming more and more indulgent to her own desires, Reila now sports fine clothing, jewelry, and the like. She will do what she wants, when she wants. Talks down to most people unless you're useful to her or clear authority above her.

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