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Rho'zha Nine
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3,661 BBY

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234 lbs__N

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Ninth of NineEdit

Rho'zha or better known as Experiment 9 in the eye's of his creator and the mans employer. Although they were just slave traders and part of the hutt cartel trading scheme. He still was born and raised as nothing more than a body guard trained and taught that the only purpose in life was to protect the target. Whomever thought a feline's loyalty would match that of the canine genetics had ill conceived intent. Rho born to be a warrior, the experimentation upon his genetic code only managed to alter the amount of tails he had. And made it so her site was diminished but sense of hearing improved.Rho woke up to the world in a bacta tube staring down an ingenious old doctor who had been experimenting for years before him. Krell (More information on him  in family tree). Waking up in the bacta liquid, his eyes opened for the first time, but shockingly nothing was their just bright lights emitting from what seemed to be everything. Attached to his arms, abs and legs were iv tubes. Nourishment was not the lead ingredients to all of them most were a steroid of types in hope of creating the powerful feline body guard.

Over joyed by his success he had to test his subjects reflexes and coordination. Drained of the bacta fluid and opened up to the outside world the doctor hoped that he would successfully stand upon his own two feet. Experiment 9 was his affiliation as he stumbled down onto all four began to walk, He couldn't see any of the obstacles around him, but the doctors location was pristine in his mind every inch of his being was right before him he smelt the decrepit man. However there was more then just smell helping guide his mind on his surrounding. A sixth sense that he would come to know as the force. Old man ranted to himself of how big of a success and big shot he was and how this experiment before him would make him riches beyond all compared. That was when Rho swiped his claw across the man's jugular leaving a pool of blood as he left his home. Unknowing of many things in this world he ran through the streets of Naboo in hopes of starting his life off on the right track. What that was only the heaven's would know.

Street WalkerEdit

Living on the streets of Naboo Experiment 9 began to understand the ways of the world around him. However none of the scents were the same as him, most were the same species as the slain doctor but the rest were an odd conglomeration. Some known as Rodian, others Togruta. this was a strange world wasn't there any creature like himself. As a matter of fact, what type of species was I anyway. Wishing he had forced the answers from Krell. Experiment 9 continued along his path of self enlightenment. Hoping he would find out what he would grow up to be. Slumping it out in the slums Rho made a few acquaintances, one was a drug dealer. Two were just bums like himself and the last was woman. She was a owner of a small restaurant often taking in the people off the streets and feeding them whatever she could afford and still making a living. Nomi Ming. Sweetest woman one could have the pleasure in meeting. Nomi Ming was the first person besides his fellow street walkers that treated him like a real person. He began working with her in the restaurant as a waiter. He became pretty good at it despite his blindness. Between the force and his sense of smell he began to make pictures in his mind of all the different objects location and smelling the random elements (customers). Weaving and ducking through them he began to be known as "Waiter Nine the Blind". Making himself into a sort of celebrity in this corner of Naboo. Eventually when he had earned enough credits though he decided he had to go. The memories of the scientist still haunted him, as well as the driving inspiration of finding another one of his own kind. The only good bye he made was to Nomi asking, "Keep the business running, I promise I will come back some day." 

Peronal InfoEdit


Rho'zha while a kin to other feline species, He sees himself as nothing but a disgrace. His eyes which were one of the strongest senses they had specially at night was useless at all times. He growled a bit to himself as he first walked about in his new life till he gained the confidence to face the world.


  • Edges
    • Keen Sense: One of your senses is amplified.
    • Cautious: Unlikely to find yourself in danger or caught unawares.
    • Selfless: You will take nothing for yourself while another does without; and your life for another is a worthy toll.
  • Flaws
    • Deadened Sense: You've lost the use of one of your senses. Blind
    • Reliance: An addiction or craving forces you to maintain the habit and you are helpless to resist. Smoking Rekka.
    • Glass Ceiling: Everyone is out to get you, and most importantly, keep you down.

Family TreeEdit


Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Creator: Dr. Krell

Dr Krell

Dr. Krell

Back Story

The man used to be well known among his employers. Mostly in producing hard working guards and slaves as well as woman. However, like a true scientist he wished to pass the bounds of creation and began manipulating the samples he was given by his hutt employer. The eight examples before him provide much sample data in constructing a real force sensitive warrior capable of using more sabers and fighting in low viability areas based solely upon his sense of smell and hearing. With that said Dr. Krell never imagined that the test subject, a cathar, with multiple deformities would bring his operations to a bloody end.  Dr. Krell was a normal human man who had lived out his years with a wife and two kids which had never learned his secret position among the hutt cartel. Many beautiful specimen's and horrendous monstrosities were created in the trial runs The first was suppose to be an inhumanly flexible twi'lek hopefully capable of wowing audiences around the planets. This one just ended up as a pool of jelly incapable of human function from the start of it's life. The second experiment of manipulating the physical appearance and capabilities was a togruta and then a human. Both in attempts to succeed where the twi'lek failed. While they couldn't tie themselves up like a pretzel using their own appendages the hutt's were quite pleased. Especially since that was the only thing the girls would ever have known. Then next five though were all various species from Rodian to human and finally cathar. Krell had the dream of creating a being that was force sensitive and capable of wielding more sabers then the a normal being could. Instead of creating more appendages like arms that have intricate mechanisms and inner workings that he never dreamed of duplicating he instead tried to make a tail that was under control of the owner. Being a biological scientist he refused to imagine any type of robotic creations to enhance his subjects all fell flat. That was when Rho was born.


Experiments: (Coming Soon) 

Number 1:

  • Experiment:  Dancing Damsel
  • Result: Failure (jelly)
  • Species: Twi'lek

Number 2:

  • Experiment: Dancing Damsel
  • Result: Semi-Success
  • Species: Togruta

Number 3:

  • Experiment: Trained Tigger
  • Result: Success
  • Species: Rodian

Number 4:

  • Experiment: Body Bouncer
  • Result: Failure
  • Species: Human

Number 5:

  • Experiment: Perfect Leader
  • Result: Failure
  • Species: Human

Number 6:

  • Experiment: Comrade Commando
  • Result: Failure
  • Species: Chiss

Number 7:

  • Experiment: Natural Weapon
  • Result: Success
  • Species: Cathar

Number 8:

  • Experiment: Armored Arsenal
  • Result: Failure
  • Species: Aqualish

Number 9:

  • Experiment: Number Nine
  • Result: Fatal Success
  • Species: Cathar


Store owner: Nomi Ming

Nomi ming

Nomi Ming

Back Story

Nomi Ming was an ordinary woman, cliche but true. She grew up with her three sisters, and parents. They were reasonable well off but nothing like and ambassador or government official they were merely part of a store front selling and buying various goods Ming was a product of to caring and generous parents willing to give up anything they could just to help those around them. The good Samaritans of Naboo. Through her kindness Rho transition into modern society was made simpler.

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