Rhotta Tecla
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3657 BBY

Physical Description







120 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

The Old Republic





Family Information




Relationship Information

Xeros Agni


Azrael Than

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Form I:Shii-Cho

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Elevation
  • Aid

Galactic Basic

Other Skills
  • Artifice
  • Piloting
Miscellaneous Information

Gold Bladed Lightsaber

Theme Song

Before I Leave This World-Ivan Torrent


Rhotta will often be found wearing her brown and black jumpsuit that allows her better movement than jedi tunic and pants, or at least she thinks so. Over top of her jumpsuit she will often be wearing a brown Jedi Robe. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is not very tall, standing at 5' 9".


Rhotta is very protective over those close to her and willing to sacrifice herself if it means the well being of someone she cares for. She is very determined when she sets her mind to something and often found to push through no matter how dire her circumstance. Rhotta is also very personable and hard to dislike.


The Dathomirian WayEdit

Rhotta's childhood is shrouded in mystery for the most part. What is known is that her parents, whoever they were, were not native to the planet and most likely could not leave. Her parents were not around when a Jedi Master had stumbled upon a cave that was most obviously a dwelling. Sensing that the girl was Force-sensitive, the Master waited for her parents return, but they didn't seem to be around at all, and the girl was moving about taking care of herself. Deciding that a young girl should not be alone, nevermind on Dathomir, the Master took the girl back with him to Tython. Rhotta was four year's old.

The Jedi and the Friends That FollowEdit

Rhotta was generally well liked by the Jedi, received with open arms. Being taught the way of the Jedi was all Roh could actually recall, Dathomir being just a shadow she had forgotten. Having lessons on Force use, and lessons in saber combat, Roh took to training with much enthusiasm and vigor. Although she handled a lightsaber well, she took more interest in creating the weapon than actually using it.

Eventually, Roh had discovered an interesting friendship with an Azrael Than, a young human the same age as her who worked in the archives. Although she was liked by most, she only truely found friendship with the young boy who appeared in the archives mysteriously around the time they were both nine. Their friendship grew, and they learnt a lot from each other. Passing on some of her training to Az, who she called Azy, he learnt from her about lightsabers; how to manage them in combat as well as how to maintain them. On the other side of things, Az was able to pass on to her some of the book knowledge he had gained from his time in the archives. Together they slowly became more than they would have been apart.

A Dangerous Mission, A Dark DiscoveryEdit

Having learnt lot's, Roh was being given more and more freedom within the Temple, as well as some freedom outside. Eventually Roh was given her own mission, around the time she was sixteen, that involved a dangerous attempt to infiltrate Nogatan. Being sent mysterious instructions and coordinates, the young Jedi said farewell only to Az, and left. Using all of the skills she had learned she was able to fly a fighter to the planet and land on the surface, barely escaping with he life into the cave system of the planet.

Living off of the land, barely surviving, Roh eventually made an attempt to complete her mission. She managed to infiltrate the city of Novus Vires and into the Imperial Palace, disguised as an Imperial Security Guard. The ruse was quickly up as a Security Guard asked her for I.D. and she escaped into a lift. She was quickly captured and taken to a secret torture chamber by Xeros Agni, the Sith she was sent to kill.

Roh was held captive by Xeros, but never actually hurt. Upon giving up and feeling defeated, Roh had muttered under her breath Azrael's name, catching the attention of Xeros. Unknowingly Roh had mentioned the one name that would keep her alive. Xeros, as it turned out, was the childhood rival of Azrael, who was born and raised on Nogatan. Wanting to keep her alive, Xeros had begun to spar with Roh, and ask her questions of her friend. The two were in an intresting situation, considering she was his captive, but he had taken a liking to her and actually opened up to her himself.

Slowly the change began, and when there was an invasion on Nogatan, the two escaped on a transport that Xeros had acquired with his money and influence. The two ran off to Corellia where they lived in a rural house as lovers. Escaping the evil of the Empire, and the righteousness of the Republic, the two lived  together happily away from all of the politics and fighting. Over time they began to run out of credits, and odd jobs were not able to keep them going, in an act of desperation, Rhotta attempted to make contact with Azrael to come to their rescue, unbeknownst to Xeros.


3641 BBY

All Alone

3657 BBY

Two Is Better Than One

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