Rylena Sarkin
Biographical Information
Place of Birth

Etti IV

Date of Birth

3,655 BBY

Physical Description







120 lbs.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Skin Color

Pale Blue

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic



Relationship Information

Gane Norvak

Skills and Abilities

Ettian, Galactic Basic


Life Before Nar ShaddaaEdit

Rylena was born into riches. The only daughter of a wealthy Etti businessman and his wife, she had everything handed to her. But it wasn't enough. She longed for adventure, rather than the lazy, pampered lifestyle her father bestowed upon her. The only adventure she ever had was whenever she got the chance to pilot her swoop bike on Etti IV's swoop track. Rylena was one of the best drivers on the planet, breaking her own records as she raced. Her father would not allow her to sign to a swoop team, however, saying "Ladies of wealth should not lower themselves to such a lowly sport."

One day, having had enough of her fathers seemingly pompous attitude, she stowed away on a freighter headed for Nar Shaddaa.

On Nar ShaddaaEdit

Rylena lived for a year on Nar Shaddaa, trying to get signed to a swoop team. When she wasn't busy looking, she was begging on the streets. At nights, she slept in the Refugee Sector. It was a long year, but she eventually ran into a Zabrak who was looking for a swoop driver. He had just lost his in a fatal accident, and needed to get one before the next race. Rylena volunteered immediately, and the Zabrak had her take a test run on the track. She finished within the top five best times on the Nar Shaddaa swoop track, a feat that the Zabrak was most impressed with.

After the trial run, the Zabrak had her sign a contract, after which he offered to take her back home. She told him that she had no home, and had been living on the streets. The Zabrak, in shock, immediately went and bought her a small apartment near the track, complete with all the furnishings she would need. Rylena was ever grateful to the Zabrak, and proud to be part of the Norvak Swoop team.

A Death and A New BeginningEdit

A few years passed, with Rylena consistently breaking track records as Gane Norvak's swoop driver. Then one day, she got a call that would change her life. Gane was dead, strapped to an operating table on some far off planet. With no boss to work for, Rylena took over the swoop team as the owner, unsure what was in store for her future.

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