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Saikosis in Temple days

Name: Chosaik'osis'naroudo Aka. Saikosis

Rank: Soldier/Diplomat (Formerly General)

Homeworld: Csilla

Saikosis in TAPA

Gender: Male

Race: Chiss

Age: 38

Height: 5'11

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Red. (sometimes glowing red in the presence of highly oxygenated atmospheres).

Skin Color: Blue

Cybernetics: At one time, cybernetic rebreathing lung implants, now has regrown cloned surgically implanted lungs

Affiliation: The Army of Pravus Axiom.

Known masters: Darth Baryn. Darth Addendu


Saikosis was born on the frozen planet Csilla in the unknown regions. Homeworld of all the Chiss race. Saikosis was born into the House Naurudo, the house which destined all inside a life of military service. In his early teens, Saikosis was entered into the military academy where he excelled at counter insurgency training. His skills were put to the test soon after he graduated the academy, facing off multiple skirmishes against the Kliknik insectoid race, and a small confrontation with a Sriruuvi. Chiss in general are cold natured people and this reflected into Saikosis personal life as well. His mind was sharp and became a competent field officer. Saikosis had a knack of thinking outside of the box to take enemies by surprise, often defeating the enemy without suffering mass casualties on both sides. Saikosis had been promoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Commander and was re-assigned from ground work into starship command. He served as a junior officer on board the CEDF cruiser "Csplar Teun", his father's ship. Saikosis was proud to have become a part of the crew. Csplar Teun had just been involved with several skirmishes against Kliknik forces and was returning to their homeworld when they were attacked by a Sith Destroyer. Cspala Teun had inadvertedly drifted too close to Rakata Prime and as a result was boarded and attacked by Sith Commandos. Making their way to the bridge the Sith Commando forces led by an Orange skinned Twilek Sith Lord, stormed onto the bridge, killed Saikosis' father and their communications officer. Saikosis in absolute rage somehow was able to send a large storage locker flying towards the Sith Lord. The sith lord was able to side step and slice the container in half. As the Sith lord Approached Saikosis, the anger he felt was intensified. The Sith Lord felt the young chiss's anger and raw ability with the force and took him prisoner, intending upon making him his apprentice.

5 years of hell: Saikosis underwent several years in an undisclosed location suffering tortures and inhumane treatment under the the Twi'lek Baryn, with the focus and intention of cultivating the rage from the normally calm and collected Chiss, speeding his training in the force. This was met with several success and several failures. He often was cared to by another "slave" force sensitive acolyte, another blue-skinned twi'lek woman known as Vahris Tor. Although it is not clear wether or not Vahris Tor and the Chiss had a more personal relationship. Whether by design, or by sheer chance of luck, Saikosis was able to escape the Twi'lek while on Korriban. Saikosis stowed away on a transport ship headed out towards Corellia. Whether this escape was planned by Darth Baryn, has not yet been determined. Vahris Tor who also attempted escape seemed to have died while in combat with Darth Baryn.

TBE Under Emperor Galaksi:

Saikosis was recruited by another Twi'lek, into Pravus Axiom under its former alias, The Black Empire. He underwent training in the Academy under Sazuba Aldron, and Broninkai. While in the academy, Saikosis participated in a game event where he showed promise, yet had learned his place and the true meaning of the Black Empire, coincidentially while in a direct confrontation with a then Sergeant Brahlis Lydeck. After graduation of the academy, Saikosis continued to perform his duties when the Empire underwent organizational changes. Saikosis' force powers continued to grow, but by this time, Saikosis' control over his force powers began to slip, as his emotions began to run unchecked.

TBE under Emperor Lydeck: "The Sith are a bunch of mindless, brutish cowards with no purpose...We are not Sith. We are the Black Empire!. Brahlis Lydeck to Saikosis ====

Saikosis continued to perform his duties as an acolyte in the Temple. Saikosis was able to help secure the capture of a Jedi Knight.

Saikosis met an untimely "death", although his body had lived out in a kolto tank for almost two months. Saikosis was revived, however his connection to the force itself had been completly severed, resulting in the resurrection of the spirit of the Sith Lord Darth Addendu. Who then was captured and is currently being held inside a sith Chalice by Baryn. Being that the chiss was a soldier at one time, Saikosis went back to his new life, supporting his comrades in arms serving them in The Army of Pravus Axiom. Due to wounds he suffered out in combat, Saikosis had to wear an internal rebreather with a detachable respirator mask in order to breath. The advantage of the new breathing apparatus, Saikosis was able to breath almost any atmosphere without the use of external tanks. In an experiment from The Director of Imperial Intelligence, Saikosis underwent a partial recloning process, which resulted in surgically reimplanting brand new cloned lungs, resulting with the removal of both the artificial lungs and respirator returning him to near normal. Saikosis continues to serve the Army of Pravus Axiom, and as a diplomat to other guilds, after stepping down from leading the Army.. He was temporarily incarcerated in an undisclosed location after his involvement with destroying the Temple on Nogotan, however it was part of a planned ruse by Vakar Sidarii, who by then secretly had moved the temple and it's acolytes to the nearby orbiting moon.

Saikosis continues to serve Pravus Axiom, although he is far colder, and more distant than he once was.

He recently has taken upon an apprentice, a fellow Chiss agent named Trask.

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