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C. 3664 BBY

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"Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood."
―Khalil Gibran[[src]]


Sareen stand at 5'5" tall and weighs only 148Lb. She is a Crimson skinned Zabrak with emerald green eyes and no visible scars, though her body is traced with the tattoos one expects to find on a Zabrak. She generally enjoys wearing lose fitting clothing, but when combat calls she dons a light armored uniform that includes a small shield generator and a stealth field. A simple blaster is usually attached to her hip and a monofilament longsword sits in a holster on her back. On her right wrist she wears a modified kolto launcher and wrist computer combo that allows her to mix chemicals on the go.


c. 3664 BBY - Sareen Skye was born Sash Kast on a planet somewhere in the Glythe Sector of the glorious Republic. Further knowledge than that was not important, more specifically because Sash never knew where she came from.

c. 3654 BBY - Sareen's earliest memory was at the age of ten and being onboard the Dawn Shadow, a simple freighter that was being used to evacuate her family and the family of others from their home planet during the Empire's invasion into Republic Space. Sash's childhood friend Orn T'race, a green skinned Twi'lek was also aboard the freighter. During their escape, the ship came under attack by Imperial forces and was boarded. Sash, along with the other children, was taken by the Imperials.

As Such, Project Skye was born; A classified operation conducted by Imperial Intelligence to condition Alien Children to serve Imperial Interests, and effectively infiltrate the alien friendly environment of the Republic. The project was the brainchild of Lord Beltralix, a Sith Scientist who enjoyed testing the limits of his subject’s minds. He also took special pleasure in designating his projects with his former surname. Assisting him with the project was his apprentice, Alistair Skye.

Over the next few years, a mixture of drugs, some torture, immersion therapy, and consistent training in stealth, combat, and followed until Sash Kast was erased and Sareen Skye of Imperial Intelligence was born. Sareen's final test before becoming a full-fledged agent was to kill her own father, which she did without hesitation. Sareen was far from the best in her class, but she had the distinction of being one of the few to survive the training. Some subjects decided to fight their 'instructors' at every step and were executed publicly for their failure while others were simply driven insane by the conflicting personalities that devolved.

Sareen also became involved with one of her instructors, a Pureblood Sith who taught her the finer points of swordplay and consistently abused her. Sareen stayed in the relationship for fear that not doing as he desired might lead to her dismissal from the program and thereby her death.

c. 3646 BBY - Sareen is graduated from the program and officially becomes a Cypher Agent for Imperial Intelligence. Most of her assignments take her to Republic Space.

c. 3643 BBY - Sareen is approached by Falis Skye, identifying him as being one of the children that went through the program with her. He later reveals that he is Orn T'race and urges Sareen to take a closer look at the program that created her and the wrong that was done to both of them. He had somehow broken his programming and is trying to save his childhood friend. After her meeting she began to have flashbacks of her childhood, remembering her Mother and Father. The experience shook her so much that she immediately went and reported the incident to her Watcher. Falis was never seen again after that and after some observation, Skye returned to normal duty.

c. 3640 BBY - Sareen is sent to Coruscant with a mission to meet with the Black Sun Gang and secure their cooperation in disrupting a Republic SIS operation that threatens to expose Imperial operations in the region. The meeting goes according to plan, and the Gang agrees to give the Republic a proverbial black eye, however, due to issues within Imperial Intelligence Skye's handlers are unable to provide the promised funds. This does not go over well with the gang members and they decide to take their promised payment out on Sareen. After an exchange of blaster fire, a brawl, and some charred corpses, Sareen ended up with a shock collar around her neck; screaming.

Six months later, Sareen escaped captivity when the gang tried to sell her to a wealthy businessman looking for the pleasure of her Zabrak company. She pretended to play along and then stabbed the man repeatedly with her horns, stealing his ship and escaping from Coruscant. Having been betrayed by her own people, and having heard the whispers in her former profession of Nogatan and the True Empire, she sets course for Nogatan and enrolls in the Academy.

c. 3641 BBY -

  • In Sareen's first Academy assignment, she is ordered on an assignment where she must kill every member of a remote surveillance outpost. During the assignment, Sareen is caught in a building collapse. Head trauma causes the personality of Sash Kast to come to the surface. Sash tells the survivors of the station that their lives are in danger and has them flee. Sareen’s blaster is also destroyed in the collapse. She returns to the Academy and defiantly tells Ahashra that she will not be murdering people anymore.
  • Sash completes one assignment from Trase Scarden before being thrown into prison by Jericho, Lord Cidion's assistant, for being weak and of no use to the Empire. Her confinement lasted a week before Sash relinquished control and allowed Sareen to once more control her actions. As a show of her new resolve, Sareen kills the man Sash let escape from her first assignment.
  • Sareen Skye graduates the Academy and is appointed a member of Sadow Squadron under Rae Nolvi.

c. 3640 BBY -

  • The Emperor attempts to start a new tradition by holding a masquerade ball to which all Sith are invited. Skye attends, but has a small breakdown when Sash tries to take over again.
  • Skye embarks on a mission with Rae Nolvi , Reila Nolvi , and Jesck Ke'saan to secure a prototype robot from an Imperial research station. The team manages to secure their target and escape, but the other teams are not so lucky. The Temple Lord is killed, allowing her team to escape.
  • Rae Nolvi is accepted as the new Temple Lord, and takes the name Darth Avaris. Sareen is assigned to Jesck Ke'saan, but without an enemy to fight she eventually becomes bored.
  • Sareen makes the acquaintance of a woman named Dystra and the two begin a romance. Sareen convinces Dystra to run off to Balmora with her on a job to secure a cache of valuable artifacts. Dystra agrees. On the mission they trigger a security measure left behind by whoever designed the tomb and are both frozen in Carbonite. Dystra does not survive.

c. 3636 BBY -

  • Sareen is released from her Carbonite prison by other treasure hunters. Sareen kills them all and escapes with their ship to return to Nogata. She finds it much changed from the Empire she left behind and seeks out the one man that she knows will accept her back. Alistair Skye .

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