Sarin Skirata
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  • Alo'rad
  • Beroya
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Nar Haaska


144 ABY

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Clan Skirata: BSCA

Biography of a HunterEdit

There have always been stories of poor sobs who start on the lowest levels of scum that can ever exist. This story is no different. For this one relates most specifically on one who was born on the slums of Nar Haaska-an insignificant little worm who caught the compassion of one of the most feared warriors in all the galaxy. A story of man who went from being a rat, to an icon of a Mandalorian. Here, we shall learn just who Sarin was before the hated bounty hunter of today. Here is where his story shall be made known of how one's can pushed to the limits and beyond and forge a cold-blooded killer.

As before, Sarin was born in the slums of Nar Haaska and if anyone knows anything about that place it is hard to imagine there being a worse place. His mother-of whom he lost contact with at the age of five-was nothing more than prostitute for all the scum bags that came to the haven of the criminal world. A part of space where the worst of the worst came to get away from politics and just live a life of freedom. That part of space would fall upon the Hutts. A disgusting alien race that resembled a massive worm and whose reputation was as fual as their odor. Sarin didn't have much of a child hood as he had to live off of what he could find and continually fight with the other local youth just to survive. His whole life was bent on conflict and who had the stronger will to fight for what was theirs. He spent his twelve years of brutality just looking forward to seeing next day but overtime it just didn't come to be enough anymore. He wanted more. He wanted to be a somebody, somebody who would be feared and respected.

His chance would come just a year later when a bounty hunter in heavy armor caught notice of the youth having a brawl with several others. Caught between a Trendo and his thugs, Sarin fought ruthlessly to be allowed to keep his share of the steal from a rather wealthy bypasser. The bounty hunter-being a Mandalorian of clan Skirata-took watch from the shadows. He had been on-route toward the Hutt cartels upon the planet to get some assitance for a civil war brewing between the clans but during his little strole he ran into the rat. He had to admit the kid had spirit but in the end he would be left bruised, humiliated and soaked from the pouring rain. The Mandalorian would take on the sight for awhile until he finally came out not to assist the kid but to merely ask him who he was. Thus, the beginnings of a mutual alliance would begin.

Sarin would later be mentored by the Mandalorian in the arts of war and martial skill. Trained in the ways of the Mandalorians and basking within their culture as he would later be taken to Mandalore-home of the feared warriors and the birthplace of an ideal that sung throughout the ages. Here, he would become the very embodiment of what he sought to be and with each job he took on with his mentor, the more skilled he became at espionage, stealing, killing and hunting. His mentor taught him to show no mercy upon those that crossed their paths, especially other bounty hunters or Mandalorians. To show weakness was not their way and to allow weakness to seap into your soul was a taint upon you and your clan. The clan always came first and nothing else.

When the time came for his christening as full member of the Skirata Clan, his mentor bestowed upon him a buy'ce marked with the symbol of his people. It was at that moment that he became a full Mandalorian and his legend would begin. For the years to come he would hunt, kill, steal and take anything that would aid in his clans cause but over time the old clan leader would fall old and die. A new one would rise and take on the title as Al'verd. But the ideals that this commander shared were not any that Sarin would take idily. The new leader vyde for control over all the clans, to take on the role as Mandalore but most of all...he sought to purge the great leaders of their people. Sarin had learned that vying for power was not against the Mandalorian way, but to risk loosing their culture was not the way. For killing the elders of their people would do just that and so he would take it upon himself to slay the threat. Eventually causing him to leave his people for he desired not to take the position of Al'verd. He knew that the same would eventually wash over him-infecting his mind and clouding his judgement. A true warrior could never allow that to happen and so he fled to Hutt Space where he could take on the duty of being a bounty hunter and through his exile he became plagued with torment of abandoning those that truly mattered and in the end he would find some relief in the use of spice.

Years would weigh on and with it his addiction became almost certain. His mentor would attempt to seek him out after having taken on the title of Al'verd, but ashamed of what he was now, Sarin did not respond to his offers of return. Instead, he went on to become a ruthless bounty hunter with a very extensive reputation in Hutt Space. Other bounty hunters bestowed upon him a nickname that struck fear into whoever he was after, "Reaper"




-Kon'rk-Class fighter/transport



-HF-Gruber: Modeled after the EE-3 of the Galactic Civil War, this newer version is modified to the exact tastes of their owner. A pair of these can always be found upon Sarin whenever he is anywhere, or in any place. These weapons of war are deadly sights to behold-especially at close range.

-WESTAR 36: Another construct that usurped their predecessors of the past. Modified with advanced alloys and capable of using an array plasma-no restrictions. Capable of rapid fire and a good range of up to 90 meters. A pair of these are always hosltered upon the bounty hunter's thigh-holsters.

-SVO: Taken from some friends in Wild Space-this weapon has a range of up to 1500 meters. Firing exremely charged rounds of alloid bullets. Allowing for the rounds to pierce through most metals it encounters.

-Beskar'gam: Holds standard rockets, darts, thermal detonators, concussion grenades, electro-net, and enough explovies to lay waste to an entire palace.

-C3-A1 (http://images1.wikia.../e/e0/C-3PX.jpg)

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