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Seth al Ugolio
Biographical Information
Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,666 BBY

Physical Description







194 lbs (muscle)

Hair Color


Eye Color




Skin Color

Dark Brown


Prosthetic Left Arm

Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic




Dark Jedi

Known Masters

Unknown Sith Inquistior, Hyperion Algethii (Informally & briefly)

Known Apprentices


Relationship Information



Hyperion Algethii (Briefly)




Dantius Octavian, Brison Yi, Karter, Cambul, and Ashlynn Thorin amongst others.

Skills and Abilities
Martial Styles

Shien, & Jar'Kai (Lightsaber). Echani (Other)


Force Push & Jump (for now)


Basic (Native)

Other Skills

None (For now)

Miscellaneous Information

Lightsaber and shoto with spiked blade guards


Born in the year 3,666 BBY, Seth al Ugolio's first sights were not of light and faces but of darkness and phantoms. His mother had been arrested for prostitution in months prior and sentenced to a lifetime in a prison so deep underground that the only way out was through an elevator shaft that led to the inside of a cave. He remained here until he was about 24 years old and would escape to find his homeworld had been destroyed by Sith, years prior. Escaping from the hellhole, he had difficulty finding food and making ends meet with his new independent life since he had been born and raised in a prison.

Nonetheless, he was soon under the care of a Sith Inquisitor who kept him fed in exchange for Seth undergoing the training required to use the Force for dark intent. Three years after this relationship began, the Inquisitor accidentally destroyed himself whilst conducting an unnatural ceremony and Seth was left alone, yet again. A year later, he would be traveling Yavin 4 and would stumble upon a young man called Dantius. The two fought and Seth was nearly killed in that first battle though he would escape and recover in time for another round with the young boy. 

About one to two months after the incident, he met a Chiss former officer of the Algethiius army named General Nobunaga who promised him wealth and food in exchange for service. Following him to settle a grudge that the General had with beings of the Order of the Way that were trapped on Felucia, this deal was not long-lived. A survivor of their wrath would return with Dantius, his brother Hyperion, and his friend Arek in tow. Fighting Arek, Seth threw the both of them into a raging river that both barely managed to escape from.

Even so, Seth would go on to become a nemesis of Arek, feeling that failing to destroy him was a bigger insult than failing to destroy Dantius thanks to what transpired during their duel. At present, Seth does what he can with the credits he accumulated off Nobunaga but still finds it difficult to make ends meet when Arek isn't attacking.

Birth & Imprisoned ChildhoodEdit

in 3,666 BBY, Seth al Ugolio was born the son of an incarcerated prostitute and an unknown father who had long abandoned her. Sentenced for her crimes to life in prison, Seth's mother knew that her son would never be free unless he taught himself to escape. So from the time he could stand, she honed his senses and educated him as best she could though it was up to him to refine his martial arts skill with or without her. At age four, Seth watched for the first time as his mother was raped by some of the other male prisoners and was helpless to do anything but watch.

However, soon after the event, he immersed himself in the fires of combat and did what he could to become stronger, faster, and smarter than the prisoners around him. While they used their free time to say, go out in the sun real briefly, Seth al Ugolio spent his free time lifting weights and training in Echani martial arts. At age 13, Seth witnessed as his mother was raped for the final time and was killed soon after the men were finished with her. In vengeance, Seth challenged the leader of the quad that had attacked him and her to a duel, killing him with relative ease despite his age advantage. 

Five years later, the right to go outside was taken away and the prisoners began focusing their strength towards the training that Seth had already been doing for nine years. However, it would be another two years (when Seth was 20) before Seth was ready to escape and when he was ready, he vowed to either succeed or die.

Liberation & StarvationEdit

At age 20, Seth al Ugolio decided that it was time to take his training and use it as a means to escape his prison. Because of the fact that it was an underground shaft that ran several miles into the ground then made a straight turn to the north, he would first need to escape the actual facility then run across several miles of tunnel. Once he arrived to the only means out, he would need to fight the guards for it though it was just those two guards. Supplies came in rather irregularly and when they did, the guards had to use brute force to hold back the prisoners from trampling them.

Nonetheless, when Seth first escaped, he did despite being challenged along the way by several of the tougher groups of prisoners that awaited him. Killing many of these men and living others with lasting or permanent injuries, Seth made certain to even use one man's corpse to break down the flimsy door between him and the tunnel. Making his way toward the tunnel, with several others following, he smashed the guards down with relative ease. Then he took the elevator and managed to get just high enough for none of the other prisoners to be able to reach him.

Using tools that he stole off the guards, he then broke the machinery on top and watched as the elevator crashed, breaking beyond repair when it reached the bottom. The other prisoners would soon meet their end by a combination of starvation and fighting each other to survive but Seth's troubles were just starting. In the world outside the cave above, he noticed an ashened, destroyed world rid of any life except for a man with a shuttle to get him off. Taking it in exchange for killing the poor man, Seth left his homeworld and decided to begin a new life in the galaxy.

But because he had been born in a prison and had been more focused on learning how to escape than on how to make money, he became incapable of finding a lasting job. He even had trouble just getting enough credits for a meal during one night as the chances of starving the next were magnificent. However, a Sith Inquisitor who had gone rogue would change things for him in a fashion that would see his circumstances improving though not by too much. Nonetheless, this Inquisitor sheltered him from the worst of it whilst training him until he finally managed to make Seth proficient on the Force powers and a Master of both Shii-Cho and Shien.

After that, he killed himself whilst conducting a ceremony that (ironically enough) was meant to expand his life. Seth was on his own yet again and he still needed surviving supplies despite still starving. However, during his year-long adventure, he eventually traversed Yavin 4 and chose to raid the temples that were still untouched. The third one he'd raid would prove to be far too costly for him not in cash but in pride and dignity.

Meeting DantiusEdit

Coming to the Temple of Yavin 4 that Lord Crassus had called home for a time, Seth decided to venture in and look for a profit. However, he was stopped by a young human who would later introduce himself as Dantius Octavian during the course of the duel. The two fought ferociously with Seth eager to not starve anymore and Dantius to find out who he truly was. But when combined with his Force Valor skill, Dantius' Ataru and Soresu skills proved more than a match for Seth's own Shien and Shii-Cho skills.

In the end, Seth left with a stroke and a severed left arm whilst Dantius continued into the Temple alone. Eventually escaping to Manaan, Seth stole the services of the doctors at a nearby hospital and had his arm replaced. After that, he killed them all so that he wouldn't leave much of a trace and became a wanted man. Nonetheless, it was long after his encounter with Dantius that he would meet a man who had an enemy in Dantius like him.

A man in armor that ran from his head to his feet and a golden skull mask and had also recently had a brush with death at the boy's hand. And it was this same man who had had a brush with death at the hands of Dantius in the Hapes Cluster not long ago.

Mercenary of NobunagaEdit

On the run from local authorities after replacing his severed left arm, Seth came upon General Nobunaga who promised him wealth great enough to assure he'd never starve again. He also promised Seth a possible chance at vengeance against Dantius for what had occurred between them on Yavin 4. Vowing never to give up in his quest for revenge or in his dream to kill one of the Jedi Order (for allegedly forsaking him and his mother), Seth agreed. Their first task was to fly to Felucia and undo the last remnants of the Order of the Way who had sealed Nobunaga away, a century before.

Though the remainder of the Order put up a terrific fight, they were no match for the combined might of Nobunaga and Seth though only one member survived: the leader known as Rama. Shortly after his escape, Nobunaga also set Seth on the task of recruiting natives to join their cause and destroy the Jedi when they inevitably came for them. Seth succeeded at this in part by doing whatever he needed to do from fighting chieftains to besting rancors. When the Jedi came with Rama returning, Nobunaga assigned Seth to watch for the Jedi Guardian known as Arek.

After Rama willingly went to fight off the natives that Seth had recruited, Arek, Dantius, and Hyperion suck through the sewage only to be greeted by Seth when they came out. While Dantius and Hyperion went on to deal with Nobunaga, Seth remained at his post and fought off Arek until their duel came to a near standstill. At this point, Arek would have killed Seth with the Dark Side of the Force had Seth not decided to ram into him directly and throw them both into an awaiting river. However, Seth's efforts proved in vain for not only did he fail to kill the Guardian but he also would soon ifnd out that the brothers Arek was with had succeeded in destroying Nobunaga at long last, via his spirit.

But not all hope was lost for Nobunaga's spirit told of a plan he had for Seth that invovled first escaping of Felucia and then begining something new.

Making a New Enemy & Another EscapeEdit

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After Nobunaga's death, Seth decided to don one of the disguises that the General gave him so that no one he didn't want recognizing him wouldn't. This was one of his more frequented ones.

During his time on Felucia, Seth al Ugolio came face to face with the man who would become an even bigger nemesis to him than Dantius had ever been. This man's name was Arek and the two dueled ferociously in the hallways of what had lately been the Order of the Way's last fortress. However, just when Arek was about to win, Seth gave into hate once more. Using all his stamina and speed, he cast them both into the flowing river not far from the fortress.

While he escaped with minor injuries, Arek had been knocked fully unconscious and dragged far downriver. After Nobunaga was slain, Dantius sensed Arek's need and his focus on finding his friend allowed both Hyperion and Seth to escape. Even so, the spirit of Nobunaga sent Seth on a new path: to become a mercenary who took out more difficult targets. His first was a Zabrak Dark Jedi on Manaan and the next was a fellow Weequay known only as "the Defiler".

However, after the Defiler was defeated, Nobunaga conducted Tear Knowledge on Seth and took out all his private memories including the rape and death of his mother. Two days later, Seth demanded to know why and Nobunaga simply told him that it was to ensure control over Seth. Angered, Seth engaged the spirit of his former benefactor in combat. Despite Nobunaga's usage of illusions, Memory Walk, and teleportation, Seth finally defeated him but not before Nobunaga told him to find Dantius' brother Hyperion.

Curious to know why Nobunaga would say that, Seth decided that there was no harm in finding out. What he would uncover was a lot more than he could handle though it led to a final destination that meant settling down permanently.

Alliance With HyperionEdit

After triumphing over Nobunaga, Seth decided to find out why it was that Nobunaga would recommend him allying with one of the men who killed the General. He decided to start the search by using the information compiled about Hyperion by his brother Dantius to find associates who might know Hyperion's location. The first contact that he checked happened to be Hyperion's former employer, Kublai the Hutt. Under the pretence of searching for the sake of obtaining the bounty, Seth asked the Hutt if he knew where he could be found.

Kublai confessed that he had heard about a fight between Hyperion and a massive Trandoshan Sith Neophyte on Tatooine. He had also heard about how the fight had ended at the hand of an mysterious smuggler who captured them both and took them from Tatooine. Deciding to look for clues on Tatooine, Seth thanked the Hutt for his cooperation in the "arrest" of Hyperion Algethii. But the Hutt wasn't done with him yet: as it turned out, Hyperion had been his finest agent and news of someone hunting him triggered him to violence.

Seth overcame the guards in the station and even killed a man by reflecting his own jetpack missile at him. Though he didn't know it, he was being followed by the Hutt's mistress known only as Morgana who would be angered by his actions. Angered greatly enough that is, to kill him in a punishing volley of Force Lightning which proved that she had intended to aid Seth's quest to find Hyperion. However, he continued on and eventually found Hyperion on Manaan.

Briefly dueling with him (more so Hyperion could test his skills than anything), Seth confirmed his intention and persuaded Hyperion that an alliance was in both their interests. Pretending to being turning him into Dantius, he prepared an ambush for the younger Human man. As soon as Dantius arrived to Tatooine, he relied on Hyperion's telepathy for the signal to attack and when Hyperion gave it, he knocked out the Togruta. After that, he and Hyperion continued their assault on Dantius and took him down before he could do anything significant to them.

Aside from holding Dantius back and punching him sometimes, Seth had little influence in the beating. But when the Togruta came back, he didn't hold back anything. Even so, she managed to burn the right side of his face, just above his eye so that he wasn't blinded before the end. However, he quickly withdrew when Hyperion lost his right arm to Dantius in the course of the duel and Dantius himself decided to leave. Rather than continuing the fight, Seth wisely went to make quick repairs on the ship and pilot it to the nearest medbay.

After ensurign that the doctors would not turn in Hyperion and him, he brought up the problem of low credits and low fuel on their ship. Having already discovered a shipyard that had a great amount of credits that they could rob from and could also commandeer a new ship for their use. With this plot of theirs set in motion, they waited until security in the targeted facility was at an all-time low before they made their move. But when they did make their move, their attack was both ferocious and merciless, forcing those who wanted to live to make a retreat and leave the credits for their taking.

Service to MorganaEdit

"What has been done to me can't be undone. The best I can do is avenge what has been done to me." "Maybe so but do not be so sure that the way you go about delivering your revenge is the only way to do it."

-Seth and Morgana during their first conversation.

More coming soon

Personality TraitsEdit

Seth's Armor Design

The second suit that Nobunaga had left Seth. It would be one of about two-three disguises that Seth alternated between to keep his enemies off his trail.

Because of the circumstances of his birth, Seth al Ugolio was given no formal education despite displaying incredible signs of intelligence in his ability to quickly process whatever information his mother gave him and retain it for years. He was also a stubbornly ambitious young child particularly after his mother was raped and killed by four male prisoners that had taken an interest in her shortly after his birth. This came in handy when he vowed vengeance against them and trained himself in the Echani martial arts via manuals he found in the prison library. However, because of his lack of formal education, he had no ability to count money, read, write, or conduct any other essential life skills.

Thus, when he escaped, he would often face starvation and end up taking odd jobs in order to have three meals in one night. Nonetheless, he had help in this when the Sith Inquisitor took him in after discovering his connection to the Force, part of the apprenticeship being to teach Seth the skills he lacked. But even as he gained knowledge in these skills, it was still very easy to provoke him to vengeance as Dantius would find out in their encounter on Yavin 4. He was often quiet, calculating, and even a tad reclusive except whenever forced to combat as Dantius and Arek both saw. 

But even with all this said, Seth is still maturing and progressing towards the final goal of being a productive member of society and it is only a matter of time before his temper no longer gets the best of him. Amongst the skills he has already learned is the knowledge of when to disguise himself from the public. He knew that his involvement with Nobunaga would put his enemies on a vigilance for him and would regularly change suits to throw off his foes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Seth al Ugolio's Lightsaber

The Lightsaber of Seth's choice, it was handed down to him from his Sith Inquisitor Master after the former had perished in an accident. His shoto's hilt is about half the size of this with the blade being average length for a shoto.

Though (like Dantius) he started learning about his abilities in the Force at an incredibly late age, Seth proved to have a talent for many Neutral, Light, and Dark Side powers. Amongst his most prominent abilities were Malacia (a Light Side Power), Lightning (Dark Side), and Force Leap (Neutral). He was also gifted in mastering the forms Shien and Shii-Cho, using the former as his first line of attack and defend. When push came to shove, he fell back on his Shii-Cho knowledge and was often unstoppable to many who faced him.

Dantius and Arek were the two people who beat him (amongst all the opponents he had faced) and lived to do it again later on. It is also likely that Seth is more powerful than he seems partly due to the fact that he proved capable of single-handedly defeating the spirit of General Nobunaga, a feat performed by a select few. However, like his mentality, his abilities are maturing into something more though his enemies would prefer not to find out what it is just yet. 

Timeline (Threads)Edit

Greater Galaxy

1. Shards of the Past, Blade of the Future (Violent introduction to Dantius)

2. Preparing For The Next Round (Vow for Revenge)

3. A Salvageable Victory (Meeting Nobunaga and going to Felucia)

4. The Calvary Has Arrived! (Minor appearance)

---4.5 Making A New Enemy (Finding an enemy in Arek)

5.A Friend In Need (Beginning the Escape From Felucia)

6. Your Eyes Can Deceive You (The Escape succeeds & Nobunaga's spirit returns)

7. The Drifter's Life (Bounty Hunting career begins)

8. The Next Bounty (An interesting challenge)

9. A Final Descent (Obliterating Nobunaga's spirit)

10. Finding A New Life (Formal introduction to Hyperion)

11.The Tables Turn (The alliance captures Dantius

12. Patching Up (Saving Hyperion)

13. The Next Battle (A collaborative raid)

14. Paradise Is A Weakling's Delusion (The Next Target)


To Be Announced


Seth's original name was supposed to be Sobek al Ugolio but due to the existence of a member who already went by the name Sobek, Seth's creator felt it best to change the name to its present status.

Ugolio is a nod toward the entity known as Ugoliant who is first mentioned in The Lord of the Rings but plays a supporting role in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Simarillion.

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