Shandre Bex
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth


Date of Birth

3,652 BBY

Physical Description





1.65 m


130 lbs

Hair Color

Redish Pink

Eye Color


Skin Color


Chronological and Political Information

Old Republic


Jedi Order on Vornu

Known Masters

Giran Antur

Family Information

Ollus Bex


Yara Bex

Relationship Information

Karin Karnok

Skills and Abilities
  • Empathy
  • Limited Telepathic Ability
  • High Pheromone Count
  • Honesty
  • Helping Others
  • Defending the Innocent
  • Unwarranted Hostility
  • Bullying
  • Avarice
Miscellaneous Information

Training Saber

"She's a remarkable girl, shame she'll never be that good of a Jedi."
―Jedi Knight Devlin Quark said about Shandre upon bringing her to Vornu.

Shandre Bex was a Zeltron female who served in the Jedi Order on Vornu. She was born Zeltros to Ollus and Yara Bex. At the age of four, she was found by Delvin Quark, a Jedi Master visiting Zeltros on official Jedi business. She was taken to Tython and presented to the Jedi Council. Upon their first meeting, the masters of the Order sensed Shandre's great affinity in the Force. However, being a member of the Zeltron species, the Council was worried about her ability to control emotions. They came to the conclusion that they would not train her, but referred her to Vornu.

Quark took her Vornu and it was assumed that he would be her master, but the Jedi Master had no desire to attach himself with a potential failure. Shandre was left alone on Vornu as a youngling, who struggled with control. She feared no master would take her as their padawan until a Kiffar named Giran Antur stepped up to the challenge.


Early LifeEdit

"Your parents were criminals, Shandre. Bad people. If you know whats good for you, you'll forget them."
―Master Quark

Shandre Bex was born 3,650 BBY in the month of Kelona to Ollus and Yara Bex. Her parents worked for a crime lord in a casino on Zeltros. Their job was to influence travelers and tourists to gamble until they had nothing left. When Shandre was born, their lifestyles did not change, instead they received promotions. Shandre cannot remember much about her parents, except for simple things like what they smelled like or what they wore. However, she does remember the day a Republic Task Force infiltrated the casino, searching for the crime boss her parents worked for.

Leading the task force was Jedi Master Delvin Quark. Quark had been raised by the Order and nurtured into a warrior by war. He was a tough looking man, whose presence intimidated all he encountered. Republic generals respected him and his consul, while the Order worried about his cold nature. War had changed him. He gave no one the benefit of the doubt and rarely spared those he was told to take out. When he stormed the casino, he ordered the death of the crime lord's associates and employees, including Shandre's parents. Apparently the crime lord had been financing a doomsday weapon for a radical terrorist group known as the Liberators.

Shandre had been hiding under a table when the squad killed her family. She feared she would be next, but Quark found her first. He sensed her Force sensitivity upon looking at young girl. Instead of adding her to the body count, he picked her up and carried her out of the building, away from her home and towards Tython. There the Jedi would decide what to do with her.


"Zeltrons do not make good Jedi, Shandre. Far too emotional. I highly doubt you'll amount to much. You will most likely fall to the dark side...or worse, you'll fall in love."
―Quark to Shandre upon telling her he will not be her master.

When she arrived on Tython, she was enchanted by the beautiful surroundings. Tython was the polar opposite of Zeltros and she loved it. Shandre declared to Quark that she could be happy here, Quark retorted, "You are not meant to be happy, you are meant to learn". Shandre did not quite comprehend, given she was so young, but she nodded, believing what the master said.


Jedi Master Quark

She received an audience with the Jedi Council. They asked her questions she didn't quite understand. They also asked her simple things like how old she was and who her parents were. She charmed them, just like any Zeltron child would. They all liked her, she could feel it. Shandre truly believed she would become a Jedi and that Quark would be her master, but she would receive her training on Tython. After hours of discussing it, the Jedi Masters decided, given Shandre's species and affinity with the Force, training here on Tython would not be ideal. Instead, they told Quark to take her to Vornu.

Upon their arrival, they were greeted by small welcoming party. Shandre was taken away to be introduced to the other younglings and Quark discussed the young Zeltron with the one of the Order's masters. Shandre was heartbroken when Master Quark told her that he refused to train her, claiming he had no desire to tie his name to a potential failure. When he left Vornu, the young girl felt truly alone for the first time.

Among the younglings, Shandre had problems with controlling her natural empathy and limited telepathic abilities. Her innate powers were only amplified by her connection to the Force. She would sometimes, unintentionally, force her will upon others by thrusting her feelings upon them. The masters were concerned about Shandre and her influence upon her peers, so they kept her isolated from the others until they were confident she could control herself.

She was often lonely and covered shroud of fear and doubt. She was worried that she would never find a master. She was worried she would be sent away. So, the young Zeltron emerged herself into her studies, trying to prove that she could be a Jedi.

At some point...a Kiffar named Giran Antur would take her as his padawan.

Under the Guidance of GiranEdit



Padawan (Vornu)

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