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Name: Shin’zo Tal.

Race: Miralian.

Hair: Brown

Age: 34

Height: 5’6

Occupation: Republic Navy Captain

Ship name: Dauntless

Class: Hammerhead

Shin'zo Biography: 

Shin'zo Tal was born aboard a starship bound for Coruscant. He grew up in a military district of Coruscant. From an early age he'd always wanted to head for the stars, and so enrolled into the Republic Military as soon as he was legally able to. Once there he formed a fast friendship with a Zabrakian woman named Cresia. At one point during the middle of their academy years they dated for a couple of months, but it soon dissolved back into friendship as neither one of them felt much of an impact towards the other.

Soon he graduated with honours and eventually took on the rank of Captain of his own starship. He swiftly asked Cresia to be his First Officer to which she gladly accepted. They worked together for at least a decade before taking a posting near Vornu where their ship ran foul of an Imperial ambush which they only just managed to fend off. Currently the Dauntless is docked in orbit over Vornu.

First Officer:

Name: Cresia Kuruos

Race: Zabrak

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Height: 5'7

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Blue

Skin tone: Brownish red with dark (almost black) blue tattoos.

Apparel: Usually seen in her full battle armour. As has become a custom amongst the officers of the Dauntless, she also wears a trench-coat when off-duty to cover the armour. When not in armour however, she is either in Naval uniform or casual attire. Casual being a tee-top, jeans, a pair of fingerless gloves and her armours boots.

Possessions: Twin blaster pistols which she's titled Rapier and Cutlass. She is never, ever seen without either one of these pistols.

Biography: Cresia grew up in the streets of Coruscant, looking up into the stars above the daunting skyscrapers and dreaming of a better life than the one she had. Eventually she'd managed to save up enough credits from herself and her parents and entered the Republic's Military following a recruitment suggestion from a passing trooper after she'd gotten involved in yet another bar brawl over a game of cards.

There she met her soon to be friend and one time lover Shin'zo Tal. At first she thought him an idealistic twerp. But, after a few months in the same classes together, she grew close to him. Eventually they had a shot at dating one another during their academy days but that slowly turned back into just being friends. Afterwards she graduated from the marine core and joined Tal as his First Officer as well as commander of his ships marines contingent. 

Rumours did of course spread amongst the crew concerning her past relationship with the Captain, until she challenged each and every marine in her command to one on one combat. After resoundly trashing them all, they agreed that she had earned the position.



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