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Sigrun Telsh is an imperial agent working for the Empire. She is smart, hardened and charismatic. And nothing (repeat nothing) will deter her from aspiring to be something greater. Currently she is a cipher and looking for her big break.


Sigrun is 5"7 with a slim, athletic build. She has dark skin and chestnut eyes. Her hair is black, wavy and thick. She generally wears it up in braids. Her dress however is rather practical, dark blue medium armour with sturdy boots. Although it depends on the mission and whether or not she needs to disguise herself.


Sigrun was born in 3662 BBY on the planet Agamar. She lived peacefully there with her family until a surprise attack from slavers destroyed her farm. They took her off world and sold her off to a ruthless pirate called Grusk, a Barabel. At first she was one of the many labourers who did mundane chores like cleaning, cooking etc until he stumbled upon her rerouting the security system so she could escape later that day. She had been closely watching him over the last couple weeks, his schedule and how he worked the security system so she could find out a way to escape. Instead of killing her he decided to keep her as a personal spy but at a price. An associate he suspected had betrayed him would be meeting him in Tatooine. Her job was to search the associate's apartment for evidence whilst he was meeting Grusk and not get caught. Otherwise he would pour acid down her throat. Afraid of his wrath she managed to find the evidence and other juicy information about other crime bosses he could hold for ransom. And to her surprise she enjoyed it, planting the seed for the future.

Grusk, Sigrun's former master.

She spent many years with Grusk learning many things from pistol work to slicing, even piloting. She was a well trained spy but she hungered for something greater and Grusk held her on a tight leash. He had imbedded a transmitter in her so if she went off world without him it would explode, thus killing her. One day when she was twenty years old she met a bounty hunter called Luvak on a shuttle ride. She was alone and on her way to Grusk after deploying information to another associate. Luvak was charming, intelligent and handsome. They spent the whole time chatting to each other. And despite her better judgement she revealed her situation with Grusk and that she wanted out. Luvak told her that he knew of someone who could take out transmitters for a hefty price and that he could take her to him. For the first time in a long time she felt truly excited. They swapped details on how to contact each other through a secure link. When the shuttle ride reached their destination she quickly kissed him and much to her surprise he kissed her back. After that they departed ways and kept in contact over the next couple months.

After acquiring enough funds (from Grusk's account without him knowing) Sigrun arranged with Luvak to meet on Nar Shaddaa with Heska Noorumi, the doctor who could take the transmitter out. Grusk was meeting with the exchange there anyway. When they reached Nar Shadaa Sigrun lied to Grusk that she was feeling sick and couldn't help him with his meeting. Despite annoyed he let her stay on the ship. After he left she sneaked out and went to Doctor Heska's place. There the transmitter was removed and she ran away with Luvak offworld. For many months afterwards they moved from planet to planet, enjoying the...pleasantries of each other's company.
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Luvak, Sigrun's lover.

But despite the freedom she felt going from place to place with Luvak whilst he completed his contracts insufferable. She wanted to use her skills for something. She wanted to be great and not be only known as the bounty hunter's mistress. Luvak realised her misery and tried to console her to no effect.

"You are smart, beautiful and talented. I know you will find your path, whatever it is. You have the drive for it. I believe in you." -Luvak

Their life together was cut short though, whilst on Coruscant they were ambushed by Grusk. He trapped her with a stun net and shot Luvak in the head. For her betrayal he thought the death of her loved one wasn't enough and sent her to the Crucible. There she was enslaved once again and put in the duelling pits. Fuelled with rage she managed to kill every one of her opponents. She surmised that it only brought her closer to killing Grusk with her bare hands. One day. One day. Soon.

For many weeks she lived on barely anything battling each day. She was hoping that her abilities would interest one of the patrons. Then she could finally get out of there. One day her wish came true. An imperial agent recognised her talents and asked for her to meet him. He made her an offer, the second time in her life an option between life and death. He needed her to interrogate someone, if she got the information she would be freed and recruited into the empire. If not...well.

That someone was a merchant who claimed he did not know anything. He had a wife, children. And she cracked him, made him spill with brutal techniques. She needed to stay alive, she needed to kill Grusk. The interrogation changed her. It had to. Otherwise she would break down. She needed to be strong, ruthless...

Joining The EmpireEdit

It did not take her long after her recruitment to reach the rank of Cipher. She enjoys her contracts, relishes them and she is determined to climb further. But there is one niggling thought: Grusk. When there is a big enough break between contracts she will find him and she will kill him.


Sigrun is generally regarded as intelligent, hardened and charismatic. She loves playing by stealth, always quick with new ideas to overcome a situation where she might be detected. But she can be selfish, and somewhat unstable when it comes to the final kill up close. Unstable because she has developed a habit to spill acid on her victims to get a reaction. Her favorite part being spilling it down their throat thus killing them. It gives her some sort of power, reminding her of Grusk's hold over her. 


Sigrun's inventory normally looks like this: medpacs, stun cuffs, stun net, personal datapad, computer spikes, comlink, homing beacon, sting beam, long ranged blaster rifle and a flask of acid. She hopes to get a disrupter one day, only to make her more deadlier. 

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