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Sindorin in his Mandalorian Armor
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"In all my years fighting in this war, I've never ever seen anything like you. I've watched hundreds, maybe thousands, of Jedi and Sith do battle and none of them even compare to you. To be honest, you terrify me."
―Kriel Strax

Sindorin is a Mandalorian warrior, and a former member and Champion of the The Champions of Mandalore Currently, he is serving as a junior officer within Pravus Axiom. He was born in 24 BTC on the outer rim world of Tattoine. A Jedi Master on a diplomatic mission to the hutts came across Sindorin as he was fleeing a group of smugglers and pirates while servicing a moisture vaporator, marking his entry into he Jedi Order. Recently though, a systematic withdrawal from the force has allowed him to retain his Mandalorian culture and traditional values. Throughout his subsequent missions and assignments both with the Republic and the Sith, Sindorin has been labeled by many of his peers to be a dangerous, cunning and mysterious individual most believe to be an unnatural opponent.



Sindorin stands at around an average height, has an athletic build with a mostly unblemished face. His hair is black and his eyes are deep brown in color. Many characterize his stature and stance as dominating or sadistic. Sindorin tends to look as if he is aloof to his peers or otherwise disconnected. This extends to his walk, and the manner in which he interacts with his environment. Most of the time, Sindorin will never bee seen without his armor though a select few have been able to catch a couple of glimpses of his bare self, but those are few and far between. He is generally fully clad in his Mandalorian armor.

Skills and TalentsEdit

Possessing a natural affinity for the Force, Sindorin has a wide variety of talents given to him by the Dark and Light sides. Along with this, Sindorin is also adept at both electronic warfare and signals processing and decryption. Before serving as a Jedi and member of the Champions of Mandalore, he was briefly involved in coding and signals interpretation for his father's fleet of binary loadlifters and moisture vaporators.

Sindorin is recognized as both an accomplished lightsaber duelist, as well as being handy with a blaster in tight situations that do not warrant the use of a lightsaber. In many situations Sindorin has managed to blend both traditional fighting styles with his use of the Dark side of the Force to great effect. A short list of his abilities include: Force Lightning, Force Grip, Force Crush, Force Push/Pull, Force Jump and Minor Sith Sorcery.

Recently however, Sindorin has begun a systematic withdrawal from his connection to the force. This wholesale rejection of the Force and it's abilities is largely due in part to his desire to become more in tune with traditional Mandalorian values. This has lead to an almost uncanny reduction in both his abilities and affinity for the force that essentially makes him unable to meditate or even draw on the most basic of Force abilities.

Armor and ClothingEdit

Eschewing the traditional armor of the average soldier, Sindorin usually wears the full battle armor of the Mandalorians. Modified with several enhancements such as a wrist plex-launcher, flamethrower and rangefinder, Sindorin's armor has been custom built over a period of many years. The overall color of the armor is generally grey. Recently, a white trim has also been seen along the sides of the helmet. While not wearing his armor, Sindorin generally wears utilitarian outfits that are both useful and comfortable. His first set of armor was given to him by former Champion of Mandalore, Triso Telex.

Weaponry and EquipmentEdit

Using an unorthodox combination of both a Beskad and a blaster pistol, Sindorin usually prefers a straightforward tactic of slash-and-fire attack. Charging straight at his enemies, he puts the Beskar he wears to good use, absorbing large amounts of fire before closing in. Some of the other equipment Sindorin possesses is a jetpack, holographic wrist display that has a wide variety of data that can be displayed at will.

"The Bakuran system produces a large amount of the repulsorlift technology for the Sith Army. We could...redistribute some of their assets with a small team."


Shortly before the Battle of Concord Dawn, Sindorin had purchased and outfitted a small corvette - class vessel of Republic origins. It was outfitted with advanced sensor and signal jamming suites as well as a modest array of blaster and turbolaser batteries. It was christened the Potemkin after a mythical vessel of ancient times that championed the rights of the people.

250px-Thranta-class warship GGW

The Mesh'la on a shakedown cruise

During the Battle of Concord Dawn, the Potemkin was destroyed, with all hands presumed death. A replacement was constructed at the Taris shipyards and rechristened the Mesh'la. The vessels remain relatively the same in terms of outfitting.


"'Well, that was fun now wasn't it. It's too bad we can't find a real challenge.'"


Sindorin's personality is most usually defined as cold, calculating and ruthless. Tending to work alone most of the time, Sindorin is often prone to risks that he would not normally take if he was working with a team. Interactions with friends and enemies serves only one purpose: to further Sindorin's goals and to advance the overall agenda of Sith Mandalorians. Along his travels however, there have been a few notable exceptions wherein Sindorin has forged a real and lasting set of friendships where he can be counted on as a loyal ally and brother. However, these friends are not gained overnight, and the bonds that exist are ones that have been developed through years of trust, missions and shared danger.

Dramatis PersonæEdit


Rynech Viatl (Friend - Former Champion of Mandalore)

Tajos-Tal (Enemy - Former Champion of Mandalore)

Triso Telex (Friend - Double Agent/Former Champion of Mandalore)

Heimdall Surtr (Enemy - Champion of Mandalore)

Aeridas (Friend - Champion of Mandalore)


The only relationship of note was the budding love that was growing between Aeridas and Sindorin before the Battle of Concord Dawn. However this relationship was cut short in part thanks to the betrayal of the champions of Mandalore, and the destruction of the Potemkin.


Throughout Sindorin's travels there has been an overarching belief that remains ever present: That the Republic is bloated and corrupt, along with the Jedi Order. This mindset has been the driving force of Sindorin's longterm mission amongst the Sith and as a Mandalorian warrior. Though he has fought at times with 3rd factions aligned with theRepublic, Sindorin has never identified himself with the Republic's military.

Most of Sindorin's personal beliefs remain shrouded in mystery, though what can be ascertained from statements and actions is that Sindorin is a Mandalorian, who does not adhere to any specific dogmatic principles, or political affiliations within the Empire.

Major CampaignsEdit